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A Response to Gram Slattery's "The Last Maoists of Cambridge"

A Response to Gram Slattery's "The Last Maoists of Cambridge"

By Dennis Loo (6/26/14)

It's been four months since I last posted an article here. I have had some health issues. What prompts me breaking my lengthy silence is an article that appears this month at the Harvard Political Review entitled "The Last Maoists of Cambridge." A month ago, the author, Gram Slattery, while preparing his article, approached me via email. He wanted to know why I was one of those who signed a statement in support of people engaging the works of Bob Avakian. This was a full page ad that ran in The New York Review of Books in 2008 entitled: "Dangerous times demand courageous voices. Bob Avakian is such a voice." It was signed by a very long list of academics, celebrities/artists such as Chuck D and film director David Zeiger, and California Poet Laureate Al Young. Slattery wanted to know why I put my name to that list. I was happy to answer his questions and did so via phone and email. 

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American Sniper and Twisting People's Impressionable Minds

American Sniper and Twisting People's Impressionable Minds

By Dennis Loo (2/22/15)

Author's note: Tonight is the Academy Awards and the film American Sniper is up for possible Oscars. It's remarkable that such a stupid film that celebrates an American soldier for killing scores of people in Iraq and in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, could be so lauded. But then again, the fundamental lie that this film is based upon - that the US had and has a right to invade, occupy, and kill the people of Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 - mirrors the lie that was told to the nation by the Bush Regime and the mass media.

So even though that lie has been made public since the invasion (a lie that some of us tried to warn people about before the invasion, but mass media refused to give that information to the country), many people still can't think straight enough to realize that American Sniper is about a killer who deserves condemnation, not praise. All you would have to do to wake some of these impressionable people up, however, is to ask them a simple question: What the hell is the US doing in Iraq in the first place? How would you feel as an American if Iraq's army had invaded us fourteen years ago, after claiming that because we had weapons of mass destruction that we were a threat to them and that they had to invade and kill over a million Americans to prevent the "greater evil?" How would you feel if an Iraqi Sniper killed scores of Americans while occupying America who openly wished he had killed more American "savages"? Would you think this guy's story deserved an Academy Award? Or would you want to call him the Iraqi Psychopath? And what would you be doing towards the Iraqi invaders if they were the occupying and marauding foreign army in our streets?

In dishonor of tonight's expected touting of this war crime of a movie, I am reprinting an analysis that I posted on January 8, 2010 after the Nigerian student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab unsuccessfully tried to blow up his boxer briefs on a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit on Xmas Day, 2010. It brings up the truth about this big lie called the "war on terror" and how it actually creates anti-state terrorists such as ISIL.

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Police and "One Story"

Police and "One Story"

By Dennis Loo (1/8/15)

In an Atlantic Magazine article entitled "The NYPD Officers Who See Racial Bias in the NYPD," dated January 7, 2015, and reposted by here, the author Conor Friedersdorf quotes from a retired black police officer's testimony citing his superior's advice to him about minority suspects,

"They are fucking animals. You make sure if you have to shoot, you shoot them in the head. That way there’s one story."

People should remember this when they hear the "one story" told by police officers and vigilantes like George Zimmerman, relating their sole accounts of why they just had to shot to death their black or brown victims, making certain there are not surviving victims to tell a radically different story.

The Atlantic story goes on to cite another black officer's description of his superiors' attitudes, and much else, as well:

[I]n raids in black neighborhoods, his superiors “didn’t care if it was kids in there, they didn’t care if it was women in there, naked women... They treated them as if they had no rights whatsoever. It was disgusting." One can either credit these allegations, or believe that three [black] NYPD officers conspired to lie under oath.

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