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The UK Votes to Leave the EU: Draw the Appropriate Conclusions

The UK Votes to Leave the EU: Draw the Appropriate Conclusions

By Dennis Loo (6/24/16)

As almost everyone who reads or listens to the news knows, the UK voted yesterday to leave the European Union (EU). The pound is taking a pounding. PM John Cameron was caught by surprise, thinking when he scheduled this referendum on the EU that he wouldn’t face a populist revolt.

All across the world political elites see their neoliberalist policies increasingly unpopular as the injustice and unfairness of them become clearer and clearer to anyone outside the top 5% income and asset bracket of the people. It’s even clear to those inside the top tier, but most of them are happy about it rather than alarmed.

If you consider Trump’s popularity and you add in Bernie Sanders’ falling short of beating Hillary Clinton by only some 1.5 million primary voters in total, you have two candidates, one the GOP’s putative nominee, the other an almost nominee, but both of them only nominally affiliated with their respective parties.

Assuming the GOP’s fractured leadership fails to block Trump at the GOP Convention, we will have two official nominees who both have higher unfavorability ratings than anyone who has ever run for the American Presidency.

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“Respectable” Fascists v. Overt Fascists: the GOP and Trump

“Respectable” Fascists v. Overt Fascists: the GOP and Trump

By Dennis Loo (6/12//16)

Everyone who’s been paying any attention at all to the GOP’s leadership and major donors’ divided reaction to Trump’s unconcealed racism, sexism, anti-immigrant and all-around general belligerent idiocies knows that the GOP leadership is trying desperately to put daylight between Trump and themselves.

It’s no secret, however, to anyone older than a child, that the GOP, even without Trump, is known for its racism, sexism, anti-immigrant, homophobia, and xenophobia. The GOP is famous for its contempt for due process, its saber rattling and love of violence.

So what is animating the GOP’s antipathy for their standard bearer? It’s not Trump’s bigotry but that he isn’t being coy or coded in his language. “No one,” as Trump can be easily imagined to say, “is as good as I am in being a bigot. No one is more of a xenophobe, no one is as contemptuous of women, hostile to minorities and immigrants and more of a Christian fascist and anti-civil liberties person than I am!” He’s taking the GOP “respectable” fascism et al and letting it all hang out, revealing nakedly how odious those views are.

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New Ball vs. Old Ball: Warriors Go 3-1 on the Cavs

New Ball vs. Old Ball: Warriors Go 3-1 on the Cavs

By Dennis Loo (6/11/16)

The Cleveland Cavaliers are taking a lot of heat for their third and fourth quarter woes in last night's Game Four of the NBA Finals against the Warriors, but it's not really their fault.

When you're tired - which is what the Warriors will do to you - you make mistakes, lose focus, and revert to old habits.

Unless you come out more aggressive than the defending NBA Champions and establish a big lead on them, and the Warriors in turn have their worst game of the season (see Game 3), you can't beat the math of 3-pointers vs. 2-pointers. The Warriors' ability to switch on just about everybody in defense and their Game 4 aggressiveness, relentless ball movement, and spreading the floor with made threes from multiple players (Curry, Thompson, Green, Iguodala, Barnes, even Speights in some games), and the spark that Varejao has consistently given them off the bench, along with Shaun Livingstone providing point duties and reliable twos, cannot be beat unless you have the best game of your season (see Game 3) and the Warriors are far off their best. 

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