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Trump, Pence: How to Best Take Them On

Trump and Pence: How Best to Take Them On? 

By Dennis Loo (6/21/17)

As I wrote two days ago about his support starting finally to erode significantly: "Trump supporters thought Trump was at least a bully for them. What they are beginning to see he's just a bully, period."

"Sometimes you need a bully to deal with another bully," as one Trump voter stated before the election. "He might kill us all, but I am voting for him," another said.

In other words, not all Trump voters were completely oblivious to Trump's flaws before they voted for him. Given a choice between Hillary (which 40% of Trump voters hated with a passion) and an "outsider" like Trump, given how badly neoliberal policies have been to most of us, given that especially Trump voters are less likely to do anything political but vote, and given the DNC and Hillary's inability to understand the 99%'s plight, Trump's election, while tough to swallow, makes some sense. 

The take-away message overall is not that Trump voters are too gullible (or bigoted or anti-immigrant or otherwise "deplorable") or mainly a fascist core (although a fair number of them are that). The main take-away is that neoliberal policies have driven many to desperate measures, including Trump's election. We ought to distinguish between those who make up Trump's die hard fans who are very extreme and who will go down with the ship from his less-tied-to supporters. That is not to say that we could simply ignore Trump, Pence and their biggest and harshest support, for they will and are doing a lot of damage including murdering people. But we should also not exaggerate their role either.

As those of who read this site know - because I've placed so much emphasis on it - the driving out of office of Trump and Pence must not be allowed to occur confined to the actions of the Democrats, some GOP-Democratic combination, or some other exclusively hybrid action on the part of the ruling class (e.g., the IC). The independent actions of the public must come into play or else this Trump episode will be merely a very bad stumble and end up with a result that we like equally not at all - and that led to his election in the first place. This will not do, for us or the planet. Imagine if Hillary had been elected. We would still be confronting the problem of saving the planet and a host of issues she would be mainly - if that! - paying only rhetorical attention to.

The fact is that so many are alienated from the PTB is overall, though fraught with difficulty; a good, not a bad thing, and a necessary pre-condition for revolutionary changes. There are and there will be as part of this numerous forces in the field, including fascist forces. But to argue that Trump is consolidating power, as my friends of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) are, is odd and very uncharacteristically one-sided. 

Anyone can see that there are more than enough reasons to convict (or least oust) Trump and Pence from office. Most Americans will not and do not think of Putin as a buddy. The idea that Trump and Pence are proceeding from a position of strength rather than strategic weakness is surpassingly strange. Trump can't even get his own staff to stop knifing each other in the back, let alone Trump having any real significant institutional support. 

Plus there are inherent problems that occur when you organize people around a coalition against fascism. That isn't to say you necessarily then avoid that, but it should give you pause and due consideration because of its complexities. I could, for the sake of illustration, ask this: what difference would revolutionaries be taking against the White House if the POTUS were Clinton? The answer is that they would still be waging a fight against capitalism-imperialism in either case and mainly so, right?

 To be continued ...