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Too Much Beach Volleyball on NBC?

Too Much Beach Volleyball on NBC?

By Dennis Loo (8/8/12)

I remember back sometime in the 1980s when I was watching the Olympics, I kept pleading with the TV, to no avail, to show us some volleyball (in a gym). A fascinating and exciting sport.

This was before BEACH VOLLEYBALL made its appearance as an Olympic sport, and before Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor were barely born. This was before Misty May became Misty May-Treanor.

And it was before Kerri and Misty turned the world upside down and became the darlings of NBC coverage.

BEACH VOLLEYBALL is NBC's version of SI's Swimsuit issue. You know, an excuse to show more female skin. And to show the U.S. dominance in such a very important sport.

What would happen, god forbid, if the unthinkable were to occur and Kerri and Misty were to ... lose?

NBC might have to actually show us more of the wide world of sports!

I don't have anything personally against Kerri and Misty, although it was kind of distressing to see Kerri blissfully hobnobbing with Torturer-in-Chief George W. Bush in the stands a few years ago.

I am sick to death of watching them both though and hearing the NBC announcers say, "And today, we have more BEACH VOLLEYBALL!"

How about some wrestling, archery, fencing, ping-pong, weight-lifting, long jump, you know, those other sports?

The world of sports isn't defined by what Americans are all so great at. I mean, if we're getting so many medals, that must mean that we're great. And if the Chinese are beating the U.S. in the medal count, well that just means that they're cheating.

Now, if only Michael Phelps would take up BEACH VOLLEYBALL, then NBC wouldn't have to show us anything else at all.

Then they could rename themselves BVN: BEACH VOLLEYBALL Network.


0 # Wilike 2012-08-09 06:01
There is way too much sand volleyball. This is an incredibly boring sport. Why so much coverage??? Serve, set, spike, ad infinitum. Swimsuit edition? These women are not that beautiful, kind of dumpy when compared to track athletes.
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0 # Dennis Loo 2012-08-09 14:33
Hi Wilike:

I agree that two person beach volleyball's not my idea of a gripping sport to watch. Far from it! And my point about the comparison to SI's swimsuit edition wasn't that these athletes are the most gorgeous but that for NBC it's a skin show in part. I do agree, though, that the Track and Field athletes are amazing physical specimens though!
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0 # Dee 2012-08-09 21:47
Right on! Way too much beach volleyball. It is right up there as the most televisedd Olympic "sport". This must piss off real volleyball players. Can't the beachers make the real team? I love soccer but I do not want to see beach soccer (very popular throughout the world). Anything in sand ...forget about it. It is all about the bikinins.
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0 # Kitkat 2012-08-10 04:49
Sick to death of pecially beach volleyball. If I hear the names Misty May and Kerri Walsh Jennings one more time I may lose it.If NBC wants to show bikini clad women at least feature some nice looking women. And what is up with their holding hands during the interviews? As one friend remarked as we tuned in to watch... that's what drunk people play when we are at the beach!
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0 # Rique Alfaro 2012-08-10 08:57
Beach volleyball is not a sport. It is merely a pinic game. The 'Kissy/Teary' duo are good athletes but not great ones. The large majority of atheletes on the various nations' volley ball teams could kick thier buts. The NBC Olympics was a 11 day indulgence for two gringas...the "greatest of all time"... since immense perversion of the Olympics.
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0 # Christine Lopez 2014-06-09 04:04
Beach volley ball is a difficult sport. there are only two players that are playing the game and they are playing for a long time Misty May and Kerri Walsh are amazing they win almost all of there games. I'm not sure but I think Volleyball requires six players. NBC should have given equal air time for each sport.
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