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Todd Akin, We Wish You Were As Smart as a Uterus Too

Todd Akin, We Wish You Were As Smart as a Uterus Too

By Dennis Loo (8/19/12)

Missouri Republican Representative Todd Akin, GOP Candidate for one of the U.S. Senate seats, showed what calibre of thinking an up and coming GOP candidate for the world's "most exclusive club" is capable of, extending the logic of the Republican Party's prioritizing the "personhood" of the fetus and uterus over that of their host, a female's body and that female's own autonomous personhood, to its logical, completely irrational end:

“From what I understand, there’s nothing that the uterus doesn’t know,” Rep. Akin told a reporter on KTVI-TV. “It’s almost like Spider-Man’s ‘spidey sense,’ if you will, except the tingling goes on down in the lady parts.”

Rep. Akin said that given the uterus’ extraordinary powers of detection, the female reproductive system should be America’s secret weapon in the war on terror.

“If we posted a uterus at every airport and a bunch of them along the border, I would just love to see an evildoer get past defenses like that,” he said. “Not gonna happen, folks. Nothing fools a uterus.”

Rep. Akin closed his interview with what he called “the highest praise and respect” for the female reproductive system.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I was as smart as a uterus,” he said.

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