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People Board Their Homes as Romney and Ryan Preen for the RNC

People Board Their Homes as Romney and Ryan Preen for the RNC

By Y. (8/29/12)

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to announce that Y is going to be writing a regular short commentary on Wednesdays and Fridays for This is her second article. Her first can be found here. Her article prompts us to ask: what is worse, a tropical storm/hurricane or the RNC?

In a busy city like Los Angeles, people mobilize themselves and others on catchphrases like “time is money” or “the show must go on.” Almost everyone has learned to adapt to the fast pace of their times. We have given time a monetary value, and if we waste time, it also seems like we have wasted or bypassed the opportunity to make any profit. In part this has to do with objectives. Everyone is running on a different agenda/objective. Think of the game Monopoly, the goal is to monopolize all the property and in order to do so, one will have to develop a plan/agenda that will lead to the final objective, in this case, monopolization of all property. This game is not far from reality. The invasion of Iraq is just one of various examples. The U.S. government and mass media had to accuse Iraq of WMD possession in order to legitimize the U.S. invasion. This kind of legitimization is aggressive and not to mention ridiculous. The Bush Administration failed to consider how this would affect everything else, for example, the innocent women and children that would pay and are paying the price, the economic toll this would have on the entire country there and here. These issues might not have been overlooked, but simply were ignored because at stake was a bigger agenda. The objective was to invade Iraq at any cost, rationalizations and explanations were secondary and would mutate as time went on, with each one as illegitimate as the one before it.

There seems to be a humongous gap between the people and government officials. Let’s go back as far as August 29, 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. The failure to adequately prepare for such a storm and the excruciatingly slow, almost non-existent, response after the storm was criminal and unacceptable. Although Isaac does not pose as big a threat as Katrina, almost every effort is being done to successfully execute the National Republican Convention taking place in Tampa, Florida. Party Chair Lenny Curry announced that the Republican Party of Florida will be “ directing storm response donations online to the American Red Cross” in what he called “ a show of solidarity with citizens affected by Issac.” Donations to the American Red Cross are almost like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. Meanwhile, the GOP’s refusal to even acknowledge the grave dangers to the planet of global warming is like handing more bullets to the gunman responsible for the bullet wound in the first place. Curry then states that depending on the impact of the storm there would be room to alter the convention proceedings but at the end of the day “the show must go on.” Is the ghost of Katrina haunting the Gulf Coast again and will this affect the RNC? Can we justify statements like “ the show must go on” on the sole basis that the elections are so close and politicians have prioritized their business first?

The disparity between the people and government officials and the corporations they represent is enormous. The needs of the people are not being met. Why? Mitt Romney along with Paul Ryan are on a time crunch, elections are around the corner. Their agenda is far different from those who are boarding up their homes. Government and corporate officials live in a completely different world, detached from the reality of the rest of us. The disconnect between those on the bottom and those on top who jockey for power has draped a curtain that reveals the struggles of those at the bottom just enough so that those on top might sometimes acknowledge some of those problems, yet never get around to fixing them – or even, truth be told, engage in polices that make those problems far worse.

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