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On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2013

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2013

By Editor (1/21/13)

On MLK, Jr. day, as Barack Obama invokes King's legacy at his second inauguration, while presiding over the very system and issues that King gave his life fighting against, it seems appropriate to post this panel discussion that Dennis Loo participated in at UCLA on October 25, 2012 entitled: "Inside Out: Social Justice, Activism, and the 2012 Vote."

The video begins with short introductions, folowed by the four individual panelists presenting opening remarks, Q & A with the panel moderator and finally, Q & A with the audience. Dennis Loo's opening remarks appear at about the 10:46 mark. There is a very definite contrast in content and approach between his remarks and that of his fellow panelists. There is some interesting discussion and debate that ensues after the initial remarks.


As a side note on Obama's inauguration, at one of yesterday's parties in D.C., Lupe Fiasco, the rapper, performed, but after daring to criticize Obama, he can be seen in this video escorted off the stage before he finishes his set, by men in dark suits. Oh the joys of free speech and the U.S. that celebrates it. You're free to extol the virtues of the system, but say somethings outloud that are uncomfortably true, look out for the men in dark suits to come escort you away, just as you're free to be a black man and be president, as long as what you do serves the existing powers that be.

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