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Man Tell Tale 'O

Man Tell Tale ‘O

By Dennis Loo (1/23/13)


Man Tell Tale ‘O

‘Bout girlfriend who die oh

Who he met Online - O

So sad a story he tell, oh

But turns out she no exist – oh!

So Man Tell Tall Tale ‘O

That he might win Heisman Trophy – Oh!

“What would you do?” says Man Tell Tale ‘O

To Katie who tells tales for living oh

For rich and famous people - a big 0


Now Tour de France Winner

Seven times Oh

Been telling tall tales so long oh

Bully people right and left tho

Now comes clean ‘bout EPO

Steroids and other Illegal Stuff - o


Now in theatres as we speak o

There’s a movie named O Dark Thirty 0

That’s tells so many lies Oh

About torture and CIA as heroes o

Who should be tried as war criminals, No?

Yet might win more awards from Oscars – the Big O


Now who’s the biggest hoax’o

Man Tell Tale ‘O

Lance Armstrong EPO faker O

Or 0 Dark Thirty O?

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