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Government Officials Are Gangsters with Far More Power

Government Officials Are Gangsters with Far More Power

By Y. (9/14/12)

Gang members are said to be dangerous killers, usually part of a minority group, poor, and uneducated, but people fail to describe them as organized or symbols of defiance against the broken system in place. Gang members are actually very organized, from hierarchies all the way down to their subculture. They manage to all be on the same page as far as who their enemy is; many gangs distinguish themselves by choosing colors that will represent who they are, and most if not all will create a subculture that revolves around unwritten rules that everyone must abide by.

Our government is no different. As a country we have clearly established who our friends are (NATO) and who is not, we distinguish ourselves by colors, red, white and blue, and we have social norms that structure and limit our behavior. Organization is key, and has played an important role in giving gang members the power they have over other gangs and even their own community.

The public has more power than it gives itself credit for. Let’s remember the Civil Rights Movement, the Rodney King riots, and more recently the Occupy movement. What do they have in common? To a certain extent they were organized, but most importantly, people had reached a limit. This is apparent more now than ever. Tuesday night U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in Benghazi, Libya. Some say that this was the result of a controversial film; others are linking it to Al Qaeda as a revenge attack for the death of Abu Yaya al-Libi. Whichever the reason, people are demonstrating and rioting. In Chicago the teachers’ strike is leaving 350,000 students out of class. Teachers are concerned with the measures that Rahm Emanuel wants to institute, changing evaluations of teachers and linking it strongly to student achievement – without taking into consideration the far more powerful factor of poverty and racial segregation - and provisions dealing with laid off teachers. As Greg Palast just noted at OpEd News:

In a school with some of the poorest kids in Chicago, one English teacher--I won't use her name--who'd been cemented into the school system for over a decade, wouldn't do a damn thing to lift test scores, yet had an annual salary level of close to $70,000 a year.  Under Chicago's new rules holding teachers accountable and allowing charter schools to compete, this seniority-bloated teacher was finally fired by the principal.

In a nearby neighborhood, a charter school, part of the city system, had complete freedom to hire.  No teachers' union interference. The charter school was able to bring in an innovative English teacher with advanced degrees and a national reputation in her field - for $29,000 a year less than was paid to the fired teacher.

You've guessed it by now:  It's the same teacher. It's Back to School Time!  Time for the editorialists and the Tea Party, the GOP and Barack Obama's Education Secretary Arne Duncan to rip into the people who dare teach in public schools.

Emanuel, as Palast notes, is out to bust the teachers’ union. Under the evaluation system in place now as many as 6,000 teachers can lose their jobs.

A tolerable state for people in the U.S and outside has passed and gone. In California three banks have been robbed within a few weeks. People are hitting rock bottom and some use crime to demonstrate how fed up they are. In the most recent bank robbery car pursuit, robbers were throwing cash out the backseat and people rushed to catch it. For a moment by-standers didn’t see them as criminals, but as idols who challenged the rules and mocked security.


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