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God's Answer to the Global Warming Doubters

God's Answer to the Global Warming Doubters

By Dennis Loo (10/30/12)

Politicians, Pundits and Preachers to God: "Global warming doesn't exist."

God: "Hurricane Sandy."

I'm an atheist. But if I wasn't, I'd say that Hurricane Sandy was God's answer to those who deny global warming. A message meant both for those who claim that global warming is a fraud and for those like Obama who say that global warming exists, but refuse to do anything significant to mitigate it.

Empirical realities such as the fact that warmer oceans produce more frequent and more powerful hurricanes have a way of reasserting themselves. Pretending empirical realities don't exist will only produce more disasters like Sandy. There is more truth in a single second of the winds and storms of Sandy then in all the hours of Presidential debates.

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