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10 Years of an Unjust War and Occupation

March 19th Anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq pic of mass funeral of Iraqis killed protesting the US invasion

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0 # RandyB 2013-03-23 23:40
For context, here's what those protesters were reacting to:

Protesters on the previous day were attacked by Iraqi soldiers who were responding with gunfire after having had rocks thrown at them. They're upset because the Iraq Army under Saddam would have been killing Shiites, not Sunnis.

People used to say that the insurgency would end when the U.S. leaves. I don't think they really believed that.
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0 # Dennis Loo 2013-03-24 14:15
Even the CIA warned the White House that if it invaded Iraq that it would unleash a storm of sectarian violence. Bush et al ignored this and moved to get rid of the top leadership in the CIA and install their own yes men. What the CIA (and others of us) had warned about was, of course, true. The US invasion brought into Iraq al-Q forces who were previously entirely absent since Hussein despised and ordered killed any al-Q forces.

Don't know who you're referring to as saying that the insurgency would end if and when the US leaves. I certainly think such a notion is stupid.
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