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Eric Garner's Killer Cop Goes Free

Eric Garner's Killer Cop Goes Free

By Dennis Loo (12/3/14)

So in spite of the fact that the NYPD officer who killed Eric Garner did so with an illegal chokehold (by the NYPD's own standards) and despite the fact that the official coroner's report ruled Eric's death a "homicide," the grand jury has found no cause to indict Eric's murderer, Daniel Pantaleo. Grand juries are the instrument of prosecutors, so this decision is really the prosecutor's decision not to find any reason to try Pantaleo.

Can there be any more obvious case of someone who has been unjustly killed by a police officer? Can there be any more reason to indict an officer for murder? Eric Garner was subjected to Pantaleo's chokehold for the "crime" of selling cigarettes in the streets. Eric Garner's real crime in the eyes of this system, however, was the crime of being black. And hence, he could be murdered by those licensed killers who wear badges, without any consequences.

As I wrote in my last article here about the grand jury and prosecutor's failure to indict Michael Brown's killer, Darren Wilson:

It says something extremely important that the entire edifice of the American political system, from the black President of the United States, to St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch (who in his twenty-three years as prosecutor has never once prosecuted a police shooting), to cops like Darren Wilson and all his brethern wearing "I am Darren Wilson" bracelets, stands foursquare against black people who every 28 hours are victims of another police murder in the USA. Not only does this entire edifice of the American political system fail to punish cops (and vigilantes) who kill blacks, but they direct the armed might of the state against those who dare to stand up in protest of these murders. Not only do authorities routinely murder black people, in other words, but they are determined to crush with violence the outrage against these killings and to turn around and blame those who speak out against this as criminals and the perpetrators of "senseless violence." Who are the biggest and worst perpetrators of violence? Who are the liars? Who are the biggest criminals of all? What kind of system deserves respect that does this over and over and over again, not as some kind of accident or error, but deliberately as part of its very nature? How can anyone with a conscience not say that such a system needs to be done away with as soon as possible?

Let those who think that this society is the best of all possible worlds explain why in this best of all possible worlds, every 28 hours another black person must die at the hands of the police, and those licensed killers are not even punished or even subjected hardly ever to a trial, let alone ever convicted, and the victims of their rampage are instead treated as the perpetrators of their own deaths? This is simply indefensible, all by itself, let alone all of the other horrid things that go on with the blessing and as a direct product of this system.

Tell me again, please, why anyone with a conscience and who is horrified by the deaths of innocents at the hand of this system, should want anything else than to end this murderous system? To those who think that putting cameras on cops will somehow solve anything, remember how much of a difference having the whole assault upon Rodney King on videotape made in convicting the cops who mercilessly beat Rodney. Not a thing!

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Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12