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Trump and His Inner Circle Crumbling

Trump and His Inner Circle Crumbling

By Dennis Loo  (3/2/17)

Sen. Jeff Sessions, in keeping with his other Trump team members, believes that truth is what you say it is, not actual independently verifiable events. When he swears on a Bible that he won't lie, wouldn't possibly, or else the Bible would catch on fire, we can believe him, right?  I mean lying to the House and Senate in confirmation hearings doesn't mean you committed perjury, correct?

And when Trump himself declares that he has “full confidence” in so-and-so, such as Michael Flynn or Jeff Sessions, that is a sign that so-and-so is in trouble and about to resign.

This must also mean that trouble for his cabinet doesn't mean trouble in his administration or for the country or the world. Disorder in the White House does not translate into disorder from their policies.

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Are Media An "Enemy of the People"?

Are Media An "Enemy of the People"?

By Dennis Loo (2/26/17)

Trump and his White House are claiming that media are an "enemy of the American people," that Trump's choice of words are deliberate and dead serious, that blocking certain members of the mainstream news from his "news" conferences is appropriate, and that boycotting the funfest White House Correspondents Dinner is also. It seems appropriate that several different dimensions to this be addressed.

First of all, why is Trump trying to eliminate views and facts he doesn't like from even being considered? It's one thing to disagree, but another thing altogether to say no one should dare to say things that differ from what I (POTUS) say and that their doing so makes them an "enemy of the state" and justifies physically barring them from press "briefings." What state are you trying to establish then? One in which dissent per se is criminalized? Yes, indeed, that's what they are doing. 

Moreover, doesn't this look exactly like a form of political correctness turned inside-out? Isn't he saying that we should deal with contrasting views from our own by banishing them!? Doesn't that make the infamous critic of political correctness a full-on hypocrite?

Second, the Trump camp's efforts to make people who disagree with them "shut up," besides the fact that the effort to do so is fascist - it is the very definition of fascist and I am using the word not as an insult but scientifically - and not just partisanship bickering, as some are seeing it as, reflects strategic weakness on their part, not strength. Trump and his Trumpists are saying that we will tell you what's true and what isn't, no matter what your eyes may tell you, and you will believe it and like it, because we say so. If what you say is true, then your attitude towards those who might disagree with you is not to censor them but to actively invite debate and free discussion. For truth emerges through contention and lies proliferate in darkness. Lies or mistakes cannot stand close examination and will wilt and die from debate and discussion. I say it's strategic weakness on their part because if your ideas are so good, then you don't have to try to eliminate contrary ideas and challenges to your ideas, because good ideas will stand up before a challenge and are in fact improved by challenge, not harmed or weakened. The attempt to rid the society of contending ideas and facts (which is like ridding us of smoke from a fire) shows weakness and fear that your ideas are not, in fact, so strong since you must bully away those other ideas and facts, rather than invite them in. 

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Trump versus the Intelligence Community

Trump versus the Intelligence Community

By Dennis Loo (2/24/17)

Keith Olbermann in his February 22, 2017 broadcast of his show “The Resistance” takes what we know from the public record about the intelligence community (IC) and its relationship with Trump and goes on to infer some conclusions based upon that. To summarize his argument in its briefest form: the IC is slowly killing the Trump presidency but Trump is too stupid to see the writing on the wall.

For his part, Trump and his camp do realize that they have a difficult - to say the least - relationship to the IC and are trying to reduce the IC’s significance, including by reducing its numbers and its role. In a New York Times’ February 17, 2017 article, for example, some of the back-and-forth is detailed and Rep. King, a reliable ally of the more reactionary elements in power, is quoted:

“Representative Steve King, Republican of Iowa, said in a recent interview that some officials in the intelligence community were trustworthy but ‘not all.’ ‘People there need to be rooted out,’ Mr. King said.” Sounds like McCarthyism, doesn’t it?

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Elaine Brower 2

Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12