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What Politicians and Media Don't Want You to Know

What Politicians and Media Don't Want You to Know

By Dennis Loo (7/21/16)

There's a lot of hopeful talk right now by Trump, and his followers, about how he is going to provide Americans jobs, especially manufacturing ones (as long as they're not Mexicans! Tell that to California whose economy depends on Mexican labor!)

Clinton, for her part, speaks of a working partnership between businesses and employees and of narrowing the huge gap between the rich and the rest. Wall Street is sophisticated enough to know that Clinton doesn't really intend to bridge these gaps, and only must say this now because the Democrats are supposed to sound to the left of the GOP. 

Trump says further that he is going to reverse globalization's trends in trade agreements that have gutted Main Street. He promises to "Make America Great (and Safe) Again." Clinton promises to do this non-divisively, unlike her very divisive opponent. 

Trump's unexpected win of the Republican nomination that took the GOP establishment and all of the pundits completely by surprise (and their mostly outright hostility, except the bootlicker Christie) and brought a record number in their party to vote for him, and Sanders, who was also expected to be soundly defeated, almost upended Clinton, who's been shooting for the presidency since at least her Wellesley years.

Let's be clear: no one, no matter what their real intentions are, can within the political system undo or even really modify what the economic system's logic drives it to do. As long as America is a superpower and an Empire, only comparable to the Roman Empire at its peak, it can only operate as Empires and superpowers do, which means that wars and globalization will continue under either Clinton or Trump. Police violence against blacks - next to Native Americans the most negatively impacted by these policies - will not end as long as this system remains. Jobs will continue disappearing to where labor is cheapest because it is fundamental to businesses' bottom line. Customer service will overall get worse as corporate America gets bigger and cares less and less about us. Student and credit card debt will continue to soar. And so on ad nauseum. 

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How Melania Trump’s Plagiarism Happened

How Melania Trump’s Plagiarism Happened

By Dennis Loo (7/19/16)

As a professor, I have seen more than a few examples of the plagiarism that Melania Trump was guilty of last night.

This is probably what happened and is the least convoluted explanation possible. Whichever speechwriter drafted her speech had to have knowingly copied and pasted the portion of Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech used and intended to later on revise it so that where it came from was no longer apparent. After copying and pasting it, however, s/he forgot what s/he copied verbatim and then failed to extensively revise their copying Michelle.

No one in the Trump camp was smart or aware enough to spot the plagiarism and certainly Melania, who claimed to Matt Lauer that she wrote this speech herself – obviously not true and no one of that prominence giving a speech of that significance is going to write it all by themselves anyway – wasn’t aware that she was restating what Michelle had said.

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Politicians' Promises and What They're Worth

Politicians' Promises and What They're Worth

By Dennis Loo (7/18/16)

The GOP Convention started today and the Democrats are going to have their's next week. Watching some of the GOP convention footage is so laughable and so awful it's like watching a car accident involving numerous vehicles happen in slow motion with clowns in a circus ring.

In light of the deluge of promises that both Trump and Clinton have made and will make, I thought it might be useful to cite just a few of the outright lies told by our incumbent, who has made a fetish of promises and breaking them, while rhetorically claiming to keep his promises. Unlike Clinton and Trump who both have record high unfavorability ratings, making it the first time in US history that both candidates are more unpopular than they are popular, Obama came into office and got re-elected with higher approval ratings than disapproval. Yet consider what he has actually done compared to the empty promises that "we are going to win so big" (Trump) and that we will "do it together" (Clinton).

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Elaine Brower 2

Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12