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Trump, Pence: How to Best Take Them On - Part 5

Trump, Pence: How to Best Take Them On - Part 5

By Dennis Loo (6/30/17)

In no particular order, these are some of the pitfalls that we can avoid:

Setting an Example

When we make mistakes: we correct them and make a sincere public apology. Not everyone will do this, but we need to set an example. At times everyone errs. Many of us are smart enough to realize that we aren't the best at everything, and we can learn from others and from the experience. In fact, humility is a hallmark of being smart, whereas arrogance - e.g., repeating many times that we are the very best in the world at ... - is a sure sign that we aren't smart enough to realize our own human limitations. The smarter you are, in fact, the more humble you are, because you realize that there is so much more to find out. 

When I was eighteen or so, I thought that I knew a lot more than I knew at the time. 

To paraphrase Hemingway here: if you're 18 and think you know more than you do, then you haven't yet lived enough. If you're forty and still think you know everything you need to, then you've got no head. 

Setting an example is especially needed when POTUS is a thug, a hothead, a madman, and wants journalists beaten up or worse.

The Democratic Spirit (small 'd')

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Trump, Pence: How to Best Take Them On - Part 4

Trump, Pence: How to Best Take Them On - Part 4

By Dennis Loo (6/29/17)

As I wrote last time, there are three basic truths that apply here, if you want to actually do something, and not just vent.

Not that venting is wrong necessarily, but it will only get your frustrations out, and we want to win.

Not win in the way that Trump means it, but actually triumph. If that is what you want to do, then listen up:

Like anything else worth doing - such as winning an NBA championship, winning a Grand Slam in tennis, or ending up defeating your rivals in debate, or any other arena, at any level, you have to make sacrifices and you have to want to win more than your rivals. Hasn't this always been true - that those things worth doing, require sacrifices and tremendous effort? What is easy and requires little to no risk is correspondingly not worth much.

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Easy Fix for Health Care

Easy Fix for Health Care

By Dennis Loo (6-26-17)

You won't hear any of this from Congress, or mainstream media, or right-wing media, still less the White House: the insurance companies (HMOs) don't do anything except act as middle-men and are not needed. They only siphon off profits for themselves, like giant ticks. Health care should cost, and would cost, far less and for everyone, sick or healthy. Obamacare (the ACA) was originally a Heritage Foundation idea that Gov. Mitt Romney adopted for Massachusetts and then in order to become a "viable" (read: expensive) presidential candidates, Obama and Hillary made a pact with the HMOs not to offer a single-payer or a government option.

The Republicans are in a fix because they have been promising a better plan than Obamacare for years, but they can't deliver on their twin goals: enriching their friends in the insurance industry further but keeping enough healthy people in to make any insurance plan cost-effective. They just can't do it. The point I started from bears repeating: what we hear and what we don't hear from authorities is key to their decrepit system surviving. It is a form of governance and a mode of exercising power. It is nothing less. And the only way to break through that is for enough people making what isn't doscussed by authorities part of the whole discourse. You always start a social movement with small numbers and you have to be willing to start with those smaller forces with an aim in your strategy to grow larger. It is hard, but the only realistic alternative.

Elaine Brower 2

Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12