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Why Trump’s Election is So Upsetting - and What Can Be Done

Why Trump’s Election is So Upsetting -  and What Can Be Done

By Dennis Loo (11/17/16)

People sense on a visceral level that a person who did almost everything it is possible to do wrong, did just that during the campaign, who had to change campaign teams three times because he ran into so many scandals and difficulty, who is morally corrupt in the worst possible way, makes fun of babies, immigrants, disabled people et al and dares to do this in front of large crowds, oozes bigotry, xenophobia, misogyny, and fear and loathing at almost everyone who is not named Donald J. Trump (unless he wants to sexually assault them or fail to pay them for work they did), who is spectacularly ill-informed, stupid, and who is too dumb and lacking in the most elemental self-awareness to even dimly understand what he doesn’t know, whose team and he did not expect to win, who violates just about everything decent and proper, who makes up facts to serve his purposes at the drop of a hat, and who seems the least meritorious person possible, should not be rewarded with the POTUS.

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"Common Ground?" Trump's POTUS

"Common Ground?" Trump's POTUS

By Dennis Loo (11/10/16)

I watched much of NBC's coverage last night regarding how Trump needs to act not as candidate but as president and how he needs to bring the country together. Obama said we are not Democrats and Republicans but Americans.

For those who are hoping to put lipstick on a pig, I have a question: how do you seek to find common ground with someone who's convinced and whose whole career to date is based on seeing others of a different race, religion, ethnicity, gender, nationality, and values as not just different but wrong, a threat, and inferior?

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"Who are You to Say?" Reprise

"Who are You to Say?" Reprise

By Dennis Loo (10/18/16)

I am republishing an article of mine that dates from a little over two years ago. It covers in depth certain key questions that are posed by this election and by these times. Some of these questions are timeless and some are more particular but if you are in any way dissatisfied with the level of public discourse now and even with the heightened level that key questions are analyzed and addressed in whatever arena (e.g., particpating and attending or presenting at a university, studying from a book of philosophy...) you may be in, this article devotes concentrated analysis to these issues. You will want to spend time mulling over these questions and reread very thoroughly sections of this piece to savor what is there because if you are an open-minded person and you sincerely want to figure out what's going on and what to do about it, then this was written with you in mind. Pay close attention to what is said and how it is said because the message and how the message is delivered are all important and apply to many different things.

For example, its discussion of the necessary and inevitable connection between freedom and necessity has major implications. Its discussion of the relationship between leadership, the led, and the true nature of group life bears close attention:

"If material reality exists, then distinctions must be made between different interpretations or understandings of what exists or else material reality (e.g., the greenhouse effect caused by burning fossil fuels) will slap you in the face, regardless of whether you want to recognize it or not. The question of material reality may be understood to include importantly within it the question of what is necessity relative to freedom. If you act as if there are no necessities and refuse to take necessities into account (e.g., global warming and ice caps melting due to it), then you are less free, not more free."

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Elaine Brower 2

Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12