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The Difference Between a System in Crisis and the People in Crisis

The Difference Between a System in Crisis and the People in Crisis

By Dennis Loo (8/26/17)

It might be useful for me to further elaborate on two of the points I made in the last paragraph of my “An Open Letter to the NO! Campaign.” These two points concern the difference between a system being in political crisis, which this one surely is, and the people being in crisis.

The two processes obviously overlap; some aspects of what is going on is certainly increased people’s suffering. 

But there is a significant difference between these two. If you fail to see that difference and select as your focus the secondary aspect (people and the planet are suffering) of a process rather than the primary aspect (there is a political crisis gripping the system due primarily to a credibility problem), than you are making a consequential error. 

Contradictions are often like that: complicated and of varying degrees in them, where there is some (or a lot) of different strands. But if you are to extract from that bunch what is primary in them, then you can make sense of it as a whole and effect the overall process thereby. You can have, in other words, a transformative effect and bring into being something hidden to most eyes previously.

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An Open Letter to the NO! Campaign

An Open Letter to the NO! Campaign

By Dennis Loo (8/19/17)

I am reluctant to criticize my friends at the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP, USA) but I do so in the hope that they will correct a mistaken campaign.

They are, after all, the best hope overall – the only hope for an organized force in this country - to lead a movement to overthrow this despicable government and the necessary steps that must be taken, now and after.  And when I speak of the government I mean not only Trump, but his vice-president Pence, and this government as a whole based on its plundering the planet and exploiting people, here and abroad. The RCP is the only organized force that I know of even entertaining, and working for, the people to take the stage of history. Everybody else seems committed to some version of riding the bourgeoisie’s coattails, where the people’s role is at most as spectators, not as participants, genuinely engaged.

Thus, I make these and similar remarks not without a lot of consideration since I have learned so much from the RCP over the years, have worked with many of them through decades in various roles, including most recently as a World Can’t Wait’s Steering Committee member, have great respect for what they do, the sacrifices they always make to do what they do, and have become what I am in no small degree because of Bob Avakian’s works in particular.

It is not easy to do what they do. To declare openly that you are a revolutionary communist alone is hard and most groups don’t even dare to do that, let alone all that entails in living up to that! It’s in the spirit of agreement that I raise this criticism.

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No One to Blame But Himself

No One to Blame But Himself

By Dennis Loo (7/30/17)

Trump keeps firing people, headed by White House Chief of Staff Reince Preibus, forced out Sean Spicer, throws an ongoing fit about loyalist Jeff Sessions (who was Trump's other cred with the Establishment besides Preibus), previously fired Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, James Comey, and a bunch of lesser known figures who were Preibus allies, and so far failed to fill a record number of junior and senior ranks of appointees. Who takes Spicer's place? Overall in charge is a foul-mouthed hedge fund manager nicknamed "The Mooch."

But the one individual most responsible for them doing what they were doing, even those such as Jared (who testified behind closed doors), Donald Jr., and Spicer, whose one unforgivable sin was being made fun of by a woman on SNL, was to do their best to mimic and follow his lead, is Donald Sr., who wavers, says self-contradictory things always, has no filter. and even interrupts himself. That's who needs to be fired because he's the leader and sets the tone of this Brat Pack. He is loyal back to no one when it comes down to either him or anyone else. That is why he keeps on trying to figure out whether or not he personally is being investigated. The answer is of course you are Donald, everyone else was either following your lead (e.g., Russia) or too principled to do your bidding. Look how AG Jeff Sessions did and does, a Trump loyalist through and through, and Rod Rosenstein, who go from friends when Trump needs to get rid of Comey, to foe, when they are standing in the way of firing Mueller. How could Sessions tell Trump ahead of time that he would be eventually forced to recuse himself on Russia when at the time Sessions, Kushner, Donald Jr., Flynn, and others, including Trump himself, had all been hiding from public view their extensive contacts with Russia and Putin, before, during and after the election? 

When you irritate to the point that they feel the need to issue public apologies for your speeches, the Boy Scouts of America and the police, who by god will he piss off next? What's left? Oh, I almost forgot: even the military and ICE and its head Sessions are at least divided about you. 

We know that Trump has a very thin skin and that he is a misogynist. What SNL should do is select a female to play Trump and SNL may play a role in unseating Trump. The man can't stand to be mocked by a woman. 

Elaine Brower 2

Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12