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Will Trump Never Go? Part 2

Will Trump Never Go? Part 2

By Dennis Loo (7/19/17)

In Part 1 of this series I began discussing immigration and focused on Thomas Edsall's view. That ends with him, correctly I think, forseeing the decline of the parties and Right and Left as we know them, and offering up as a possible strategy, incorrectly I will argue, for the Left of stressing instead of diversity, what keeps us together as a nation. As part of that strategy, he proposes tightening up borders and paths to legal citizenship, an issue that has emerged as a central and volatile one in much of the First World. 

There are several problems with Edsall's analysis and advocacy here.

First, it must be said as a matter of principle, that national borders are artificial and in some cases, highly arbitrary, linked to the rise of capitalism. No one is an illegal. We are all human beings.

Second, as I briefly alluded to last time, global warming is behind much of the emigration (Syria being one notable example) and as such, refugees are fleeing a problem - global warming - created by the First World in the first place, so complaining about a consequence of a problem you created in the first place and are chiefly contributing to is bad form.

Third, Edsall, as useful as his work in general is, and I learn a great deal reading his very studied columns, nevertheless, his frame of reference is too small. He is trying to adopt a program for the "Left" by which he means something like the Democratic Liberal Left, rather than the genuine Left (outside of the major parties), adopting as a platform a more closed door to immigration than opening up the doors.

While I am not advocating the total abolition of all borders immediately, the Left (in whatever incarnation) adopting what amounts to fear-based policies adopted by neoliberalism and the deindustrialization where manufacturing jobs are largely being exported to the Third World, thus leaving behind a lot of the traditional working class in the First World, is a bad idea. Edsall and Beinart are trying to graft a Right strategy onto a Left strategy and it won't work. Obama schtick of "hope" and "change" was wearing thin. What hope and what change that actually meant something?

Edsall has his finger on a real dilemma, however, because the First World working class is aroused about this issue and an answer to it has to be given. 

We have much to discuss and this will be continued in part 3.

Part 3 is here.


Will Trump Never Go?

Will Trump Never Go? Will This Nightmare Ever End?

By Dennis Loo (7/19/17)

Although he has the lowest rating of any POTUS in seventy years (and the lowest rated POTUS ever in the first six months of office), Trump annoyingly still hangs onto the support of most of his loyal base, seemingly unable to do anything that will jar many of them loose. Even if Donald was to publicly rape and whip Melania, a lot of his supporters would probably cheer. It apparently does not matter to them that the GOP health bill, if it ever passes, will knock 22-23 million people off the rolls, most of them Trump fans, according to the non-partisan CBO. Many of them pay scant attention to the news, a fact which many of them are proud of. And they mostly show little ability to reason anyway, they being attracted most of all to a strong man who says he will fix it all. 

Let me give you a thought, that I plan further elaborating upon later. It is this: even though if he has not an ounce of care for anybody but himself, and his most loyal fans clearly don't know how to think - nearly all their reasons why they see him as they do, seem idiosyncratic and irrelevant rationales, dismal reading fare, with the one thread that they mostly have in common is conforming to authority and that Trump says out loud what they are thinking, but have too much sense themselves normally to say. He is emotionally one of theirs. 

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Trump Doesn't Even Realize It's Over

Trump Doesn't Even Realize It's Over

By Dennis Loo (7/13/17)

Trump and his closest advisers are so dumb that they will have to be escorted out of the White House by guards because they won't get it that they've been ousted, even when it's official. "Wait," you can almost hear Trump say, "I was elected. Did you see the big crowds at my inauguration?"

The jig is already up, only they don't realize it yet. 

Let me use an analogy:

Monty Python's black knight encounters King Arthur of Camelot and won't let him by. The king is forced to fight the black knight, cutting off each of his arms, first the left, then the right, and then both legs in succession, but the black knight keeps on fighting despite this, calling them all flesh wounds, even though he has lost his limbs and is spurting blood all over the place. The black knight is Trump. 


If it's possible, Donald Jr. is even dumber than his dad. Except that I didn't think it's possible to be stupider than Donald Sr.

The anti-intellectual streak in American culture, where Donald Jr. gets a softball interview with Sean Hannity, and still admits that he may have met with other Russians (!) is like a serial murderer planting a big sign in his backyard saying "DON'T LOOK HERE FOR DEAD BODIES!" It's like Donald Sr. saying to Netanyahu when visiting the Israelis - before the cameras - that he didn't tell the Russians it was the Israelis that gave him the information about laptops on airplanes. Wait, he did that!

None of the rules such as ethics rules or the emoluments clause or the separation of powers rule or not picking fights with the mother of a slain soldier all assume that when you get caught red-handed that you have enough sense to own up to it, and not act as if facts don't matter. This Trump crowd is another thing altogether. Anti-intellectualism has met its nadir in Trump.

This is akin to Trump's statements during the campaign that beginning with his first day as POTUS, conflict between black and brown people and the cops WILL END (because the police will get their way totally) and he has a secret plan (which is still to be revealed) to get rid of ISIS. As if things are so simple, and resistance did not exist. Apparently, in Trumpville, resistance is a foreign concept, not the way of the world.

NBC is now reporting that there was another Russian, a person suspected of and probably involved in counter-intelligence, at this "fruitless" meeting with Donald Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort. 

So, according to POTUS, most people would consort with and buddy up with adversary nations against domestic opponents. Sure, Donald.

We await the next shocking revelation that will top what has already been revealed. We won't wait long. Pure shame won't drive these people from office. The GOP has already proved itself a "nothing burger." First, they were saying no evidence has been revealed and now that indisputable evidence is provided, they say it does not matter. The actions of the people must be brought to bear.


Elaine Brower 2

Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12