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Dialectics Precede and Are Primary Over Materialism

Dialectics Precede and Are Primary Over Materialism

By Dennis Loo (12-11-17)

I have mentioned this before, and proceeded on that basis, but I am now making two points about this topic that I have not made previously so explicitly: dialectics make materialism possible, and are overall therefore more important than materialism, though materialism (in the philosophical, not commonsense meaning) is nevertheless indispensable; I shall be soon making a point here about different levels (e.g., individuals and the systems they are part of) and their relationship to each other. But first, the first point.

Matter in motion (materialism) does not predate dialectics, and here is why: you can only know of the existence of matter in motion, and even before consciousness, there must be a way of distinguishing different, contrasting things, always, because otherwise existence itself is impossible without it. Perhaps a better way of saying this is that there must have always been dialectics and existence and any other state is utterly impossible. Even if there was at one point a Big Bang, there had to have been something before that. Why do I say that?

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Trump as POTUS: the Consequences

Trump as POTUS: The Consequences

By Dennis Loo (10/29/17)

What difference does it make that Trump now occupies the most powerful position in the world? Some say (or perhaps hope) that it doesn’t matter because the office can tolerate an incompetent, as others around him will make up for his shortcomings. But this is dangerous, think what he said to nuclear weapons-possessing North Korean leader Kim alone. Think how much political inexperience surrounds him, with Jared Kushner the poster child for this, wearing his flak jacket while posing for pictures.

Trump’s inexperience is precisely why many voted for him. People expected he would learn something on the job, but no such luck, and still some remain faithful to him, so they find his inexperience refreshing: politically incorrect and saying what he really thinks. This his loyalists point to, but has anyone then asked them in response: "But he doesn’t just say something frank, he says things that are wrong."

This would be like having a really bad QB in the NFL surrounded by Hall of Famers, or a very bad pitcher in the World Series to start the game for you. You would be shellacked, no matter how good those around you might be, because none of them is allowed to outshine or make up for the main guy. His unquenchable ego is why a record number of people have been fired or quit under Trump.

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To Trump Supporters (and Those Who Aren't)

To Trump Supporters (and Those Who Aren’t)

By Dennis Loo (10/18/17)

I address this to Trump supporters but I am under no illusion that most of them will read this. It is too long for their taste anyway. Others, however, who no longer support Trump, or never supported him, will read me and when they get into discussions, or try to, with Trump loyalists, it is to them that I am mainly speaking. Because sooner or later, these questions come up and it is worth discussing them here and better understanding where we are and what future – if he doesn’t get us into a nuclear war first – is possible.

A further note – there is a lot of very important and novel arguments made here. Take your time and savor this.

In talking to those who still support Trump, one of the things that stands out is their view of media's role. "Why," they say, "do most of the media wish for the president to fail? Why are they so critical of him?"

When Trump declared war on the media and called them very early on “an enemy of the American people” and “fake news,” that was sort of a clue.

In other words, the mainstream media have been in Trump’s sites to be targeted and blamed in the first place, so they never had a chance in his book unless they swallowed at face value everything Trump and his people threw their way, contradictory though they be. That is what Fox does.

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Elaine Brower 2

Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12