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Ruling Class Fight Breaks Out Over Trump

Ruling Class Fight Breaks Out Over Trump

This is part two of "Media‘s Role and Trump/Pence‘s Prospects"

By Dennis Loo (3/21/18)

John Brennan, who was CIA Director under Obama and personally helped kill thousands (including hundreds of children) through Obama's drone kill list, tweeted Trump, in a war of words within the ruling class.

There is an opening by the unfolding Trump scandals that the Left could take advantage of if they recognize the opportunity and are not barking up the wrong tree. Left to itself, however, this increasingly bitter intra-ruling class fight, will only result in Trump’s replacement, and a settling down from this scandalous regime.

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Media's Role and Trump/Pence's Prospects

Media’s Role and Trump/Pence's Prospects

By Dennis Loo (4/16/18)

This article is partially suggested by Trump calling the mainstream media (MSM) “an enemy of the people.” This has forced media, reluctantly I should say, into being more objective than they usually are, and more openly oppositional, than is their wont. Normally the MSM work more in concert with the White House, Congress, and the US Supreme Court, than they do so openly opposed to the utterances of those institutions, but by being called as the enemy so adamantly and often, and Trump et al so far out of step with easily verifiable facts so much, they have been shoved into a position they are not used to. One has only to go back to the New York Times’ Judith Miller’s case and Bush’s phony and illegal rush to war on Iraq to see this, or their fawning role re: Obama, to understand this.

With the notable exception of Fox News and people like Rush Limbaugh, who live in an alternative universe, driven mainly by resentment and a (unwarranted) sense of persecution, and not by facts, are having their day and have had their day … for yet awhile. But when people like Flynn start testifying, whether that is before a Congressional Committee or not, the right-wing’s news media filter will fall away, at least for some, because Flynn et al’s testimony become live news events in their own right, and less subject to the right-wing’s spin.

It is that where facts bump against the fabricated reality, and one side or the other’s going to prevail and I’m going to tell you why it has come to this. Trump himself has set himself up to take such a big fall by calling so many things “fake news” and denying so many obvious things, such as his and his family’s long and deep history with Russia. As I have said time and again, eventually he will no longer be able to deny his playing into Putin’s hands. Because what is really at stake here is the US’ continued role as the sole imperialist superpower and it can’t be that with Trump or even Pence in charge. The Empire doesn’t just run itself, and Trump in particular cannot administer it because to administer it requires highly developed bureaucracies, and bureaucracies run on written documents. Trump is pre-literate and his style is chaotic because he doesn’t read and probably has never read a whole book his entire adult life. Literacy is one of humankind’s great achievements, and we are working with someone so antediluvian because he doesn’t read and can’t.

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"Kicking and Screaming" Part 3

“Kicking and Screaming” Part 3

By Dennis Loo (3/4/18)

I am subject as anyone to wondering why there are people who continue to stick with Trump, despite the evidence (or because of) his overt racism, extreme sexism, and incompetence, but the reason I have stressed that in the last analysis he will be forced to resign (probably this year), and Pence should follow not long after, is because the Russia thing will not and cannot be overlooked.

The RCP is barking up the wrong tree on this, I am afraid, as I have written, but the triumph of facts over manufactured reality will ultimately win out on this, if only because the US and Russia are rivals, and regardless of what Trump does, he cannot alter reality and what has happened.

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Elaine Brower 2

Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12