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How an Innocent Person Acts

How an Innocent Person Acts

By Dennis Loo (6/15/17)

Trump would want to get to the bottom of Russia and his administration's investigation, if he weren't so heavily personally involved. He would be upset, not solicitous, at a good and loyal friend like Mike Flynn misleading him and VP Pence. He wouldn't have been trying to get Flynn off and telling Comey, NIA Director Coats, and NSA head Rogers to lay off. He would have cut off his ties with Flynn, not trying to rescue him. This would be a case of putting the country's interests above his own sense of loyalty, hard as it is for someone like Trump to do, but what you expect from a POTUS.

Instead of wanting to get to the bottom of it and protecting the US from Putin, and how extensively Russia has actually penetrated, the degree of which no one knows except Putin, Trump calls it a "witch hunt" and fires those who dare to look into it. The very fact that he poo poos the very idea and wants it called off completely tells you what you what you should know. If Trump weren't so fake tanned orange, his embarrassment would show more clearly. Alan Dershowitz thinks POTUS has a perfect right to fire these people. I suppose he will be defending it too when Trump fires Mueller. But then, if he does that, then all hell will break loose for Trump. Little suspect, his little mind, that foresees no consequences, and is usually surprised at the blowback.

Do you think all those who voted for you are that stupid? Some of them - 40% - didn't like Hillary more than you. Maybe the rule of law isn't uppermost in their minds, but obstruction of justice and especially when the inevitable tales of business involvement start to roll out, there won't be anywhere the clown and his fellow clowns can hide.

Understanding Right-Wing Defenses of Trump

Understanding Right-Wing Defenses of Trump

By Dennis Loo (6/11/17)

There's good news and bad news.

First, the bad news: media and ideological segregation have never been more pronounced with what we see as ads and what we're supposedly interested in popping up on the web without our involvement or permission. Never has it been so easy to avoid that which you don't already agree with and encounter only that which the vast majority around you steadfastly agree with. You can hear only that which you already believe. You have to go out of your way to hear anything different a lot or even know that something else even exists. While this balkinization of reality applies most strongly to the Right since gullibity and insularity is central to their mission, there are some on the Left who argue fociferously that certain words and phrases are by themselves wrong and that the very act of hearing what you don't agree with should best be avoided. Fortunately, there are some programs (e.g., Media Matters) that give you unvarnished versions of the Right because they genuinely feel that you should know what those you don't necessarily agree with are saying. 

Trump voters, while eroding somewhat (how could they not?) due to numerous, almost uncountable scandals, the like of which we have never seen in any generation, remain mostly loyal to him so far basically because they are credulous and because they take their pointers from the right-wing echo chamber. Trump got elected this same way. Such a stupendously incompetant, fascist, treasonous ignoramus could never have gotten the nomination, let alone be elected, albeit with three million votes less than Hillary and because Hillary and her people didn't take Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania seriously or correctly. She was too busy raising more money to pay attention and is a core part of why the DNC deserted the white and ethnic working class when Obama took Goldman Sachs et al's side against the people during his $13 Trillion bail-out. Moreover, even though Trump is discrediting right-wing policies by his awful behavior, the Right will remain a force for the foreseeable future, no doubt continuing their characterization beyond the eventual Trump and Pence resignations as unjustified actions by the so-called "deep state," feuling resentment and stoking violence, even more than they are now doing.

Second, the good news: the majority of people and the truth are against Trump and his camp. What scenario did you or do you envision, where the two forces, especially truth and facts are so one-sided, so clear and so vital? Remember that Limbaugh and the Right started complaining about "fake news" when Limbaugh saw that the middle and the Left were about to charge the Right for exactly that, trading in fake news? Anyone with any concern about facts is appalled at the Right's tenuous relationship with it, like the ex-wives of Trump and Gingrich. 

How far will the Right get with their insistence that the Trump camp's ties to Russia, extensive and years in the making, is a "witch hunt" and "fake news?" 

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Comey's Distrust of Trump and the Woman Question

Comey's Distrust of Trump and the Woman Question

By Dennis Loo (6/9/17)

"Don't leave me alone in the room with him." Comey to Sessions.

"You know, we had that thing." Trump to Comey shortly before Trump decides that Comey won't be his buddy.

Donald Jr. sounds like his dad, and they both sound like sexual predators: "If you didn't want it, why didn't you fight more / tell more people?!"

In Trump Jr.'s own words:

Elaine Brower 2

Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12