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A Case for Removing Trump: Reasons Why Literacy Matters


A Case for Removing Trump: Reasons Why Literacy Matters

By Dennis Loo (2/15/17)


For the nation and planet’s sake, and for his own sake, we need to relieve Trump from his duties as POTUS. The man is clearly not happy in the job and didn’t want it in the first place. He did not expect to win the nomination or the election. What he really wanted originally was a better deal from NBC for The Apprentice. We need do him and ourselves a favor by getting him back where he belongs as a reali-TV star.


After watching David Pakman’s two recent episodes of February 2, 2017 and February 6, 2017 on Trump’s low literacy rate, initially raised by Samantha Bee’s show Full Frontal on October 31, 2016, Trump’s peculiar behavior is even better explained by his low literacy than by his narcissism, as extreme as the narcissism is. (You should watch these shows before you continue.) His narcissism can, in fact, be at least partially explained by his reading problems since empathy, the ability to put you in someone else’s shoes, is what reading helps develop.


I am a university professor and what I have to say next is informed by that experience. I am also very interested in and apply in practice in my teaching and in other aspects of my life my evolving understanding of how we become critical thinkers. The upshot of this is this: how we learn, what we learn, and how we end up making decisions, are all bound together.


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What is the Effect of Trump's Denials About Russia?

What is the Effect of Trump's Denials About Russia?

By Dennis Loo (1/12/17)

Trump's political theater meets the political establishment. Who will win out? On the one hand, the political establishment largely wants to get along and accomodate to the new President-Elect, even if some of that is obviously wishful thinking (Tom Brokaw take note). On the other hand, Trump is going to be himself, including making public denials that he knows are false. Whether he knows the difference between truth and falsehood is, however, an open question. It seems from the record that he will say whatever he thinks will work for him in the short-run, let facts take a backseat.

He got this far in business and got the surprising result of winning the election. But a Trump twitter storm cannot cancel out certain facts permanently. Donald Trump, Jr., already in 2008, said on the record that the Trump businesses are getting a disproportionate share of Russian money. Trump made no secret of his admiration of authoritarian leaders, including Putin in particular, and repeatedly called for Russia to hack Clinton. Trump helped Russia with Ukraine by first his denial that Russia was even in Ukraine and then later raising skepticism towards NATO. Trump has already played the fool for Russia. He has already shown what he will do on behalf of Russia because it's already been going on. 

Iowa and the rest of Trump-land is not paying any attention to the allegations of the dossier against Trump, but that is temporary. The combination of grassroots' efforts to prevent him from taking power and his ties to Russia (even if a video of him with prostitutes never surfaces) is going to probably going to sink this man. 

Making Russian Oligarchs Great Again

Making Russian Oligarchs Great Again

By Dennis Loo (1/11/17)

The unfolding scandal involving the former MI-6 operative’s highly disturbing report on Trump and his team is the subject of this commentary.

As a preface to this, some pertinent general observations:

While surely Trump can be called out for and convicted of treason, I don’t share the perspective of US leaders and their rivalry with the Russians. What Trump and his team are, however, up to, is collusion that is mutually profitable to Trump and his business partners. It is from that vantage point, not nationalism that Trump, his family and camp, and his Russian oligarchs, are primarily proceeding from.

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Elaine Brower 2

Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12