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On What Basis An Anti-Establishment Coalition?

On What Basis An Anti-Establishment Coalition?

By Dennis Loo (7/2/16)

“I don’t care if … [Trump’s] racist!” he shouted at a [bar] room by then nearly empty but for us. “If you’ll just bring back one [expletive] steel mill!”

(From “Donald Trump, American Preacher,” by Jeff Sharlet, The New York Times Magazine, April 12, 2016)

The preceding quote from a Trump supporter captures the essence of Trump's wide appeal. Trump's racism and sexism are not what mainly characterizes his attractiveness to his legions. He would be dead in the water were he not pitching an economic populist line. He has no shortage of followers who are knuckle draggers, but this would not be a mass following without the anti-globalization appeal.

David Brooks predicted yesterday at The New York Times that an open/closed political alignment is coming and that Trump’s popularity is a harbinger of that world political shift.

It’s certainly possible, indeed, very likely that Brooks’ prediction will come true, irrespective of whether or not Trump wins the coming election – a highly unlikely scenario - although who, including Trump himself, could have foreseen his decisive Republican primary victories?

Probably Hillary Clinton will win but no matter who does, pro-globalization elites will prevail for a while, a few more years, even under a Trump presidency because he is incapable of transforming the entire bureaucratic/institutional edifice that has been building for so many decades, even if Trump sincerely wanted to. Can you imagine a narcissist’s narcissist as he is, applying his painstaking and determined, complicated and protracted efforts, to lead a mass movement to do that? He’d have to replace the institutions from top to bottom and have the people capable of taking over…

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David Brooks, Jessica Williams, and Political Alignments

David Brooks, Jessica Williams, and Political Alignments

By Dennis Loo (7/1/16)

In today’s New York Times David Brooks predicts a future American political alignment that he calls “open/closed,” as in trade walls:

I personally doubt that Trump will be able to pull off a right-left populist coalition. His views on women and minorities are unacceptable to nearly everybody on the left. There’s no evidence that he’s winning over many Sanders voters or downscale progressives.

But where Trump fails, somebody else will succeed. And that’s where he’s substantively revolutionary. The old size-of-government question [the GOP’s small government rhetoric v. the Democrat’s big government] was growing increasingly archaic and obsolete. In country after country the main battle lines of debate are evolving toward the open/closed framework.

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The Difference Between the Way Things Are and Where the Public Is At

The Difference Between the Way Things Are and Where the Public Is At

By Dennis Loo (6/26/16)

I am going to cover a few complex things here so you will probably need to read this several times.

To begin with, the two elements that I cite in the title tend to be confounded as one and the same thing in most people’s minds: the situation in the nation or world is viewed by most people as the way it is because public opinion is the way it is.

These are in fact two separate things and not that closely related to each other.

The objective situation – e.g., the reigning public policies in the various nations and the dominant economic system of capitalism – are not a result of most of the public wanting these to be in command.

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Elaine Brower 2

Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12