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Why Trump Remains Despite His Outrageous Unfitness

Why Trump Remains Despite His Outrageous Unfitness

By Dennis Loo (6/6/17)

Nearly everyday, and some days there is more than one story a day, brings fresh revelations that spark disbelief, shock, and umbrage from most of the world about Trump's antediluvian attitudes and the wrecking ball he's using on the world.

He's stupifyingly worse than anyone foresaw. Several sequences of his events lead you to not believe anyone could be that stupid and that reckless, but yet there it is: he did tweet that, he did say that, and he did that ... that unbelievable thing. 

Not even a normal young child would do some things he has done. He picks fights with people he shouldn't and then when he's told (I would assume someone tells him no he shouldn't sometimes) he shouldn't, he doubles and triples down. He says things that contradict his own message and his own interests if he thinks it benefits his fragile ego.

Feuding with London's Mayor at this time no one would do, it's unthinkable, but Trump is doing it. His cabinet and Ivanka should resign immediately to show this is utterly unacceptable behavior. But then they defend their boss as best they can, no matter what kind of pretzel they must stretch themselves into to do so. That makes them accomplices. Several others, however, such as the number two person at the US Chinese embassy, are resigning in protest, and his administration is having a hard time recruiting people. Who wants to join a sinking ship after all?

Whether this is due in part to some brain malfunction of Trump's, such as small strokes, we may never know, but what IS clear is that he is still here in office and doing unheard of damage right and left, in so short a period. While some within his party verbally complain, they are nevertheless letting him stay: in the most powerful office in the world, spewing out his nonsense words, picking arguments by his almost daily diatribes, and making awful decisions. How can this be? With him remaining with his finger on the nuclear trigger, he could very well get pissed off enough to end the world. 

The question is not Trump himself, since his sins and ignorance were all there for all to see for a long time. 

You can talk about impeachment all you like but it's past time he and neck deep is s*** goeth Pence must be removed. Look at all the damage they've already done! Yet the rulers of this country stand by and let it all happen. 

And that, and they, are to blame, not Trump himself, for he is worse than King Joffrey of GOT, it is those who let him remain who are at fault.

This system gave rise to Trump and this system is to blame for not getting rid of him forthwith. How long will he be allowed to do more damage?

Conservatives like the Freedom Caucus want him to further their anti-people agenda. Paul Ryan long ago made his pact with the devil. The GOP is made up of the most spineless and/or aggressively bad assault types anyone has ever seen. And if you're still a Trump supporter after all that has happened, I'm sorry but you're not paying the necessary attention or you're excusing the inexcusable.

This system offers us up Trump. The world, beginning with those right here, need to put an end to his and especially our misery. I am emphatically not talking about the existing channels providing a solution. I am talking about the people from below taking their independent political action in buildling for and eventually creating an uprising against this system.


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