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Why Trump’s Election is So Upsetting - and What Can Be Done

Why Trump’s Election is So Upsetting -  and What Can Be Done

By Dennis Loo (11/17/16)

People sense on a visceral level that a person who did almost everything it is possible to do wrong, did just that during the campaign, who had to change campaign teams three times because he ran into so many scandals and difficulty, who is morally corrupt in the worst possible way, makes fun of babies, immigrants, disabled people et al and dares to do this in front of large crowds, oozes bigotry, xenophobia, misogyny, and fear and loathing at almost everyone who is not named Donald J. Trump (unless he wants to sexually assault them or fail to pay them for work they did), who is spectacularly ill-informed, stupid, and who is too dumb and lacking in the most elemental self-awareness to even dimly understand what he doesn’t know, whose team and he did not expect to win, who violates just about everything decent and proper, who makes up facts to serve his purposes at the drop of a hat, and who seems the least meritorious person possible, should not be rewarded with the POTUS.

Donald J. Trump violates everything parents tend to teach their children about ethics and good behavior and being empathetic towards others. He turns everything upside down. It's as if nothing makes sense anymore. He makes the world chaotic.

You should be humiliated for what he did, not awarded the most powerful office in the world. I don’t believe the GOP establishment engineered his victory because most of the GOP establishment tried to distance themselves from this morally unfit individual and said so publicly.

But what his shocking win shows is not the stupidity of those who voted for him, even if some of the 18% of the eligible electorate who voted for him did so because of stupidity and bigotry. Here is a place where making distinctions between primary and secondary factors matters tremendously. What Trump’s win shows us more than anything is the dramatic degree of dissatisfaction with neoliberal policies and also a backlash against Obama’s winning the White House specifically and the changes to the mores of American culture more generally that some people find so threatening.

Those who voted for Trump are finding out or will soon find out what a disaster he and his team of reactionary ideologues are. If they continue, however, to see political power in the black and white realm of you only have a choice to vote or not, and the two parties are your only choice, then they will learn little or nothing. They are likely to blame themselves where the blame is elsewhere.

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