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Why Does the Devil Do God's Work?

Why Does the Devil Do God's Work for Him?

By Dennis Loo (1/2/15)

If the Devil is God's adversary - whom the Bible tells us he is, his polar opposite - why doesn't the Devil reward people instead of punishing them for sinning against God? If you are a sinner, according to the Christian faith, then why do you go to Hell and eternal fire and suffering, presided over by Satan with great delight? Why would Satan take delight in seeing those who follow his ways suffer for eternity? Wouldn't Satan, who supposedly opposes God, make Hell into a pleasurable afterlife, rewarding those who have followed the Devil's evil ways, rather than giving them everlasting damnation?

Why is the Devil doing God's work by punishing people for defying God and for following the Devil? If you do the Devil's bidding and do as he recommends, then why should the Devil then punish you for doing what he asks you to do, unless, of course, the Devil is a device invented in the Bible as an enforcer of God's will, and merely pretending to be an adversary of God?

What's Hell anyway but a cudgel for believers in God to use to warn people against sinning? In which case, the Devil would have nothing to do with such a Hell because he'd want people to take pleasure in crossing God and would make Hell a Heavenly place to be. 

In which case, the Devil is not God's opposite at all, but his helpmate. Does Satan not know how to think at all? If he's so damn crafty and cunning, which the Bible says he is and preachers never tire of saying over and over again that he is, then you would think that he would notice - I mean, the guy's got eternal time to figure this out - that he's punishing people for doing precisely what he wants them to do - defy God and sinning right and left - and is therefore contradicting himself all of the time. 

A very clear and consistent portrait of Satan is painted in the Old Testament: he is the enemy of God and the adversary of man. He seeks power and recognition for himself, arrogantly resisting and rebelling against God. He is rebellious, evil, cunning, and unteachable. He persists with his devious work. In his ambition and efforts to further his own position, he willingly sacrifices mankind and indeed all creation. He may approach us as an ally, but sooner or later he is unmasked as our adversary, a deadly foe. (Boldfacing added).[1]

If the Devil is cunning, he cannot be unteachable. To be cunning, to be clever, to be smart, means that you have to be able to learn. Now if what is meant here by "unteachable" is that Satan is incorrigible, than say that, don't say that he's unteachable, because he is obviously going to be teachable if he's cunning, otherwise he can't be cunning or clever or smart. He can't make adjustments. He can't learn from his mistakes. 

And if the Devil keeps rebelling against God, why doesn’t God who is supposed to be by definition, all-powerful and all knowing, punish the Devil for his evil ways? What’s keeping him from doing that? If God has a “perfect plan” then how come the Devil is part of that perfect plan? It can only be if that perfect plan also includes using the Devil as a device who doesn’t really exist to threaten people with for them to stay within the Church. Verily I say unto Thee, the Church exists but God does not.

If the Devil really existed, and God really existed, and if Heaven and Hell really existed, then Heaven and Hell would be indistinguishable from each other: they'd both be like staying at Four Seasons forever and ever for free.

Because in Heaven God would be rewarding you for being a righteous, moral follower of Him, and in Hell, Satan would also be rewarding you for being a sinner and defying God's will. For Satan to be consistent, and this is really a very simple matter folks, then Hell should be a pleasurable place forever and ever, not a place to punish people eternally for "defying God." Why would the Prince of Darkness who wants you to defy God, punish you for doing exactly what he wants you to do? Verily, I say under Thee, that Satan would heap Bounty upon Thee for being a Sinner, and He would grant Thee every wish Thee would have. 

So the Christian God and Devil are like professional wrestlers where they pretend to be adversaries of each other but really they're the best of buddies and making people side with one or the other when the fix is already in.

Or God and the Devil are like Good Cop/Bad Cop where the goal for both cops is to get the suspect to go along with what the cops both want. 

Or they are like the Democrats and the Republicans who fight each other and point fingers at each other, but really they're both trying to keep us in a game that is fixed against the public. 

It’s all about social control and keeping people in line. That is what the Bible is about.

And here is an admission of that by a preacher:

The New Testament Scriptures, as well as the Old, reveal that while Satan opposes God and man in an attempt to frustrate God’s plan, his efforts are used by God to further His plan.[2]

Damn right!

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