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"Where We Are in the Revolution"

Announcing an Important Talk:

"Where We Are in the Revolution"

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Editor's Note: We are helping to publicize this important talk that anyone who is burning with a desire for a radically different world should attend and wrangle with others with similar goals over these questions. Most people today think that the very idea of revolutionary change is outlandish, if they even dare to entertain the idea, even as some who think it impossible fervently wish that it wasn't. The people who rule this country, however, do not regard revolution as impossible. Indeed, as Dennis Loo has written at this website in many different articles, if those who rule thought that the masses of people were incapable of raising their heads up and becoming emancipators of humanity, then our rulers would not be trying systematically and relentlessly to prevent dissent and political upheaval through unprecedented laws and policies that annihilate core civil liberties. They would not dub people "terrorists!" for exercising their rights to free speech and assembly. They would not be spying on literally everyone and viciously going after whistleblowers who uncover the truth of what our government is actually doing and whose revelations prove authorities to be shameless liars committing grave crimes in our names. Our rulers would not be operating in the unsupervised, unaccountable, and authoritarian manner that they have been doing. The planet is being destroyed and the system and its leaders and authorities ask us to ignore the signs and go on as if nothing serious were happening. Nothing serious?! The very planet is being destroyed! These are times that demand that those who are the most aware of what's going on step up to answer the call. The world awaits. The future beckons. Who will answer the call?

The world needs a revolution. We need a radically new way of living, of relating to each other and the environment. People are needlessly suffering and dying every single day on account of this system. This must STOP—and it can stop.

But it can stop only if this capitalist-imperialist system is radically overturned and something new is brought into being. That requires a revolution. We need a whole new state power—one which will mobilize and back up masses of people in transforming society out of the madness of today and toward actual human emancipation. We need a new state power which could organize an economy to meet the people's material needs at the same time as it overcomes exploitation and inequality, and does so without plundering and warring on other nations or destroying the planet. We need a new state power which not only leads people to overcome and abolish the class divisions and inequalities that exist between groups of people, but to get rid of the oppressive institutions like white supremacy and male domination, and get beyond the ways of thinking that back up the rotten, backward order of today. The ultimate goal of this revolution and this new state power is communism: a world where people work and struggle together for the common good... where everyone contributes whatever they can to society and gets back what they need to live a life worthy of human beings... where there are no more divisions among the people in which some rule over and oppress others, robbing them not only of the means to a decent life but also of knowledge and a means for really understanding, and acting to change, the world.

This May an important talk will be given in several major cities addressing how this could be done. This talk will dig into the strategy for making that revolution—seizing power—right here in the U.S. as our share in and as the first step towards struggling for such a world. While it is not yet time to actually go for the all-out seizure of power—the conditions to do so, which require a deep crisis in society and people in their millions having been won to the goal of revolution, do not yet exist—the talk will lay out how things could be brought to that point, through a combination of developments in the world and the active work of the movement for revolution, with the Party as its leading core. The talk will specifically discuss the movement today in relation to getting to that goal—including what must be done right now to propel things further toward the day when such a struggle could be launched, and how to make everything we're doing now contribute to that. It will get into the need to strengthen the leading core for this revolution, the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, led by Bob Avakian.

"This is Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, with a New Year's message—

If you have ever hungered for a way out of this suffering and madness... if you care about justice... if you today or at any time have thought we need a better world but despaired that such a world could be achieved... come to this talk. As Bob Avakian has said:

Revolution is not an impossible dream. It is not "unrealistic." Changing all of society, changing the whole world, is not a crazy or dangerous idea. What is crazy, and dangerous, is going along with the way things are, and where things are heading, under this system. Revolution—a radical change in how society works, how we relate as human beings, what our values are, how we understand the world and act to affect it—this is what we, what people all over the world, desperately need. And it is a lot more realistic than trying to "fix" this system.

Come to this talk. Find out about this revolution, and where we are in the process of making this revolution. Learn how to become part of emancipating humanity.

"Where We Are in the Revolution"
An Important talk from the Revolutionary Communist Party sponsored by Revolution Books in these areas. It has been scheduled for the following dates:

New York: Saturday, May 10, 5-9 pm

West Park Presbyterian
Church 165 W 86 St (at Amsterdam Ave)
New York, NY 10024

Two-sided leaflet with NYC info:
Download: English | Spanish

Chicago: Monday, May 12, 7 pm

(Doors open at 6:30,
Program begins promptly at 7 pm)
Grace Place
637 S. Dearborn (just south of Harrison, 1 block west of Red Line Harrison stop)
$10 donation requested (no one will be turned away if you can't pay)

San Francisco Bay Area: Thursday, May 15

7 pm
Pacific Film Archive Center, 2575 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
(UC Berkeley campus, one block east of Telegraph on Bancroft Way.  Take Bart to downtown Berkeley station,  take AC Transit buses 51B or 49 on Shattuck to the corner of Durant and Bowditch, walk north one block on Bowditch one block to Bancroft Way. )

Los Angeles: Saturday, May 17, 6 pm

Immanuel Presbyterian Church,
3300 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles
Located 2 blocks West of Vermont
$10 (sliding scale)

Leaflet with Los Angelesinfo:
Download: English | Spanish

Leaflet template with space for local info:
Download: English | Spanish

We ARE Building a Movement for Revolution
and Building the Party as Its Leading Core.

Stay tuned for more information.

Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution


0 # LA305302 2014-05-10 18:12
I hear much about how we can create change, and how we can overturn racism, sexism, oppression etc. but am yet to wrap my mind around it. Loo said that people will be determined to what do is most important (bring change) and unite regardless of world views. I am still trying to wrap my head around this. I do not believe change or revolution is impossible by no means. People tend to become more political when there is more education behind the movement not just what is on tv. Our educational system is failing, and we are running on a McDonaldization of teaching students, so how do we being to even learn? Like Durkheim points out, if you give people and education they will be so unhappy with their current situation they will be forced to create change. Many people do not even have that opportunity based on traits they were born with. Being suppressed by the system to stay in low income neighborhoods with poor education. How do we speak out to those people?
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-05-10 18:45
To be clear, what I've said is that people CAN be united around a similar program without everyone all having to share the exact same views within that movement. It would be impossible anyway to have everyone have exactly the same views and quite a bit of room exists in views among those who can and do get together around a common program of action. For ex., religious folks and atheists can both get together to oppose racism.

It certainly helps a great deal for peo to have a higher education but even if you don't, revolutionary theory can be and is being brought to (altho in much too small numbers now, which is what this talk above is about in part) the oppressed. The oppressed understand in many ways that they're being oppressed. What they don't know and need help from revolutionaries to do, is understand the full dimensions of that, why it's a product of the system, and what can be done about it to eradicate this exploitation from the earth eventually.
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0 # Sadiez Moreno 2014-05-12 01:30
I had the same thoughts. I definitely don't think that revolution is impossible; I actually believe quite the opposite. A revolution and a shift toward communism would behoove everyone, and would thus be extremely beneficial. However, reaching the ones that are currently smothered by the people running things in this country, seems quite difficult. I somehow feel as though they will be the ones to fight the most. I say this only because I feel like they have lost so much faith in today's system that they will be hesitant and resistant to any other system presented to them. Especially once they hear that the revolution will result in communism (the word itself consists of negative connotations), I believe it will make the conversion all the more difficult.
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0 # LA305302 2014-05-12 23:58
Is this because think people do not have an accurate idea of what communism is, or because anything other than capitalism is difficult to even imagine being in place? I do not believe others in this county can even understand what life outside of capitalism is. It is so embedded in who we are, and what we do as people that even thinking of not living in a world with capitalism seems like loosing a left leg. This is the reason why I was questioning weather or not people with little education will want to rise up to challenge the current government in place, and if they do how hard are they willing to fight for it?
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-05-13 01:57
See this article first: In 9/2000 Business Week reported that 72-82% believe that "Business has gained too much power over too many aspects of American life." When asked how income and wealth should be distributed and then their answer is compared to the actual data, rank & file votes of both major parties are shocked by how unequal the US actually is. In other words, I think you are mistaken about how popular capitalism is. Again, you can't argue these things well based on impressions and what the mainstream media tell you. You have to deeply investigate this and when you do you find things very different from the official, dominant narrative.
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0 # LA305302 2014-05-17 06:22
Its not that I believe people favor capitalism in anyway. I do see how people are not happy with the way things currently are, specially in the last few years with the economy in turmoil. I see how people can want change based on their current situation even though they do not have an education, but I wonder to what extent. What I am trying to say is that even though I do believe people are unsatisfied and feel like they are being oppressed, I do not think they (the majority not everyone) is willing to try to create change. I don't think there is enough critical mass for yet for revolution, and people are not yet informed about what kind of change they want. they understand they are unhappy, but if they attempt for change, they don't even know in what direction. Before I even joined 305, I myself had never been exposed to other sides of government that can take place. Luckily for me I am in academia, but the others are not. They want change, but I believe they have no direction
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-05-17 13:56
It's true that AT THIS TIME there isn't a critical mass. People are not YET informed as they need to be about why these things are going on and what can and must be done about them. This is a situation in dynamic tension fraught with volatility, not only because of the class struggle, which goes on even when one side of that struggle isn't necessarily fully conscious that they are a class, but even more because the objective character and operations of this system are producing and will produce powerful reactions to what it's doing that COULD move into a revolution if the leadership and what's called the subjective element is also substantially present. You need to use dialectics, as static ways of analyzing it will make you miss the essence and the motion underneath the surface.
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0 # deltoro 2014-05-24 05:07
"I had the same thoughts. I definitely don't think that revolution is impossible; I actually believe quite the opposite.” I think revolution is possible it take time and courage to go against the system. In others words, if a person stands outside of any group of people. This person is going to be singled out but at the same time this person is going to show leadership. It takes one person to start changing the system.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-05-27 03:32
I think the false view that many American’s have about being middle class, when in fact they are not, is holding back some people in connecting to the communist ideology. I agree that the word communism has been taught to be a negative thing. I feel there needs be a clarification on exactly what it is. Educating the public on what communism really is. Explaining what went wrong in the past with it and why it would be a good thing now.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-09 04:52
The more the current system fails its citizens the clearer it will become to others that a change is necessary. I feel the same way that the word communism has a negative stigma for those of us who have grown up in a capitalist society. Educating the public on what communism is about is an important step in helping people understand and change their views.
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0 # aplopez 2014-05-12 02:53
I believe that change is great. When there is change, it makes a difference. If there could be a revolution, we will be able to live a better life, or so we think. There can also be consequences in the decisions we make as a society or even as an individual. Any type of change can impact our lives, whether it be good or bad. As Bob Avakian has said revolution is not "unrealistic" and it is possible, we just have to take a chance and go for it. The fact that Bob is having a meeting about this, is because it seems to me that he encourages change and would like many other people that would like change to fight for revolution if they desire.
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0 # marcam 2014-05-28 20:07
I think people do want a revolution and one day I believe it will occur but I don’t think it can sustain itself. I think a revolution is going to occur but people will go back to their capitalist ways in wanting more and more for themselves instead of wanting more for the greater good of society.
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0 # jatoxqui 2014-06-04 17:22
Quoting marcam:
I think a revolution is going to occur but people will go back to their capitalist ways in wanting more and more for themselves instead of wanting more for the greater good of society.

That is the current state that we are in, which is why we need the revolution. If people go back to the capitalist way, then it means that as an organization, the Revolution has failed. The purpose of the Revolution is to replace the system that is currently consuming people with fear towards the government (and people are unaware of their fear). Besides, as we have learned in Loo's class, the gov't has made people want more by achieving the "American Dream" while it keeps the 1% controlling the entire economy (practically) and maintaining the rest of us with the belief that we could one day be as rich as someone like Bill Gates if we work very hard (all lies). I refuse to believe that once the Revolution happens, that people will go back to the capitalist ways.
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-04 19:02
See this please on this question
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-04 19:05
Quoting marcam:
I think a revolution is going to occur but people will go back to their capitalist ways in wanting more and more for themselves instead of wanting more for the greater good of society.
Capitalism doesn't exist primarily because the people create capitalism. This is a core distinction between systems and the individuals in those systems. Systems don't exist primarily because the individuals create them. Systems exist primarily above the level of individual decision making. See my many articles on this question, for example,
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0 # SecretSeaBridges 2014-05-12 04:51
Even though revolution may seem impossible, it is something that can be done. People would live a better life if we change now. I believe that if we can all work together, then something good can happen
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-05-27 03:49
We live in an individualistic country and it is every person for them self. We don’t work together for the good of a group. In one of my classes the professor had the class get into 4 groups. Each group was given a pack of supplies. Each group was to make the exact thing. We had to measure but only 1 group had a ruler. Each group needed 4 or 5 different colors of paper and not all groups had all the colors they needed. We had to make a paper chain but not all groups had glue. The first thing that happened was one person went and stole from another group. This put everyone on the defense and changed how things could have been done. Each group stuck together, but we were still all part of the same class. Under communism if we are chunked more in groups is it going to work out or are groups still going to be against the next group? There needs to be a feeling of togetherness that lasts. After 9/11 the country pulled together, but I don’t see the bond like there was in the beginning.
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0 # Elizabeth arroyo 2014-05-12 05:03
The United States is known for the fact that the mainstream of people are consumers in products that are not necessary for survival. Sadly, it is hard to go away from over consuming in the fact that in the United States success is measured by material things. This is what creates class distinction and if a person doesn't have a nice house and car or the newest iPhone it is assumed by most that it is because they can not afford it. I feel as long as the United States has the mindset that materials measure success, it will be hard to change the mainstream of people's ways.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-05-27 04:23
The carbon footprint Americans consume is out of control. There are other countries that use far less and are further ahead in education, healthcare, etc. What is really important? Are material possessions really that import? Is it the only way we can indicate how great we are. What about putting value in a person. Finding the good in the person and not judging them by what they have or do not have. Some of the richest people I think are dirt poor. Being kind and having a giving heart should be more valued. If we put more effort into human relationships rather than material possessions maybe just maybe people would come together more and have more of a group mentality. We would see the worth and value in the person and take into account what they can offer. We are all gifted in our own ways. Some things come easy to some but hard for another.
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0 # jatoxqui 2014-06-04 17:28
Quoting Elizabeth arroyo:
I feel as long as the United States has the mindset that materials measure success, it will be hard to change the mainstream of people's ways.
I also agree with you and I do not think that in its early stages, that the United States developed with the idea of measuring success through material possessions. I think that the idea that you point out was gradually developed and misinterpreted from what the Protestants originally came for. They were escaping the system they also feared and were looking for a peaceful life, however, the "land of opportunities" has taken a different toll. I know that it can be difficult to change that perspective since many of us are accustomed that particular lifestyle but it is not too late to make a change.
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-04 18:45
Quoting Elizabeth arroyo:
Sadly, it is hard to go away from over consuming in the fact that in the United States success is measured by material things...This is what creates class distinction...

Classes aren't created by different consumption patterns. Capitalism isn't created thru consumption either. The public doesn't create capitalism. Capitalism is the overall system that PROMOTES behaviors that help to sustain it such as encouraging peo to buy, buy, buy, but if peo were on their own willing to buy as much as capitalism needed, then they wouldn't have to advertise to us constantly, we'd just do it on our own. Peo's alienation from the nature of capitalism the capitalists tell us can be resolved thru buying, but consumption doesn't make peo happy, does it? Otherwise, more peo would be happy and fulfilled.
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0 # Sherlock 2014-05-12 06:37
Is a revolution really the only way you believe that change will occur? Can we all truly agree to revolt for a change when we differ so vastly in religious and political beliefs? Won't we be back right where we started?
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-05-13 01:48
Quoting Sherlock:
Is a revolution really the only way you believe that change will occur?

Obama was supposed to be the one to bring about change. That was his campaign mantra and millions bought this line. What has happened to that change within the system? He's been further to the right in actual policy than Bush. He's only different in rhetoric and appearances. What other avenue then do you think is worthwhile? If the existing system is destroying the planet, which it is, and it won't stop despite what the scientific community and even an internal study of the DoD warned about, then what solution do you have to save the planet? Why would you believe that we'd go back to what we started? Have you read Capitalism, Socialism and Communism where I address those questions?
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0 # Sherlock 2014-05-26 06:25
I have read your previous post on the subject, I am just not that informed on the current presidency. Like you mentioned in a response in your new post, Willful Ignorance, the media often lies to us. Therefore, the stuff that does get on my radar doesn't register as there being a need for a revolution.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-05-27 04:10
I understand where you are coming from. I live in my little bubble. I don’t have time or want I guess to look at what is going on and what is not going on. I am not informed in part by choice. I am just trying to do what I need to so I can survive.
TV, movies, and other forms or entertainment are there to distract us from the reality of life. It gives us a false hope and a fantasy just like Walt Disney.
Politicians are liars. If anyone thinks when they vote for a candidate that the person is telling the truth they are only lying to themselves. I feel the candidate that tells the best story and can keep their dirty laundry hidden long enough to get elected is the winner. It really is a joke.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-05-27 04:11
Is communism going to solve all the problems? China is a communist country even though they allow capitalism. Like we have heard in class there are people committing suicide that work for Apple. Is suicide isolated to only Apple employees in china or is it more widespread across their country?
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-05-27 13:32
China still calls itself communist and the leadership still calls themselves the CCP, but if you look beneath the name you can see that it is not communist in any way at all anymore. They tell the people that this is the "first stage of communism" as a way to cover up the reality that they have restored capitalism and that socialism is no longer in existence and communism has been abandoned as a goal. The peo in charge are like the neoliberals in this country who say that "some must get rich first" as a way to justify jettisoning equity in favor of the ideology of commodities.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-05-27 17:22
I know very few people there identify as communist. thank you for clarifying china's views.
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0 # menava 2014-06-11 08:36
This is similar to the US calling the government a democracy but I know that it's not truly a democracy because the leaders aren't aligning with the wants/needs of the led. I don't think communism is going to solve all the worlds problems, but from what I've learned thus-far it seems to be a better alternative than what we have right now. It's hard to sift through all the BS stories in the media that attempt to perpetuate our ignorance, but we have a duty to inform ourselves and keep searching for the truth.
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0 # deltoro 2014-05-24 04:57
As Obama mentioned in his campaign, “change” got him elected. I do not see any change made in favor of the people who got him in office. Are all political parties liars? The system controls us or we control the system? We need a revolution in order to make changes in the system. The problem that we have here is not Obama alone, it is the system itself.
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0 # Christine Lopez 2014-05-25 23:03
On May 17,2014, Carl Dix, from "Where We are In The Revolution" brought up some interesting topics that were discussed in depth. These topics included Hurricane Katrina, Economic change, New Jim Crow, Women and rights. I would like to read your point of views, thoughts on the event and on these topics.
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0 # marcam 2014-05-28 20:02
I agree that change should occur in our society because of this thing of the rich getting richer and the poorer getting poorer is not right. I also think that the policies targeting minorities is also unfair. But the worst thing to me is how people are not being treated the same according to the law. The law is there so everyone to be treated equally but in reality some have more advantage than others. Thus, because of these things I believe that change should occur. The only problem is that I don’t see it happening and if it does occur I don’t think it will last. I believe that people are greedy and they want the most possible instead of sharing with others for the greater good of humanity. I believe people might give up some things for society but as long as they still have what they want. I would like a revolution to occur but I can’t imagine people giving up their things to give to others.
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-05-28 20:10
Quoting mar cam:
I would like a revolution to occur but I can’t imagine people giving up their things to give to others.
People give up things for the sake of others all of the time, even those people who are among the most self-consciousl y selfish among us. You simply could not have a society at all if people didn't MAINLY cooperate and share. Competition and material acquisition is touted as being the real nature of human beings by those who rule and by those who are influenced by those who rule, but this view of humanity runs directly counter to human history and the present day. Do you insist and do those around you insist that if they're going to hold the door open for you that you must pay them a quarter for the privilege? Why did your parents teach you to share and to say please and thank you when you were growing up? What happens to people who don't learn these lessons of basic social skills?
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-05-28 20:19
Marcam: Your belief that individual selfishness is the main characteristic of society is contrary to the fundamental premise of sociology. You're studying sociology but you don't yet understand what it is about sociology that makes it a science and why it even exists at all. If what you believe to be true about humanity were in fact true, then you'd be wasting your time studying a science that is based on the exact opposite conclusion based on scientific inquiry and experimentation . See for more on this, for ex., "What is the Relation Between Systems and Individuals."
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0 # menava 2014-06-08 03:48
I am sort of on the same boat as marcam regarding "I would like a revolution to occur but I can't imagine people giving up their things to give to others." Personally, I don't see all the rich people in power willing dividing up their goods for the sake of others. I do agree that most people in society share and cooperate with each-other, but from what I've experienced thus-far I don't see a lot of generosity going around for the sake of equality (otherwise we wouldn't need a revolution to make things better, right?).

I can see those in power being socially pressured to share because they are outnumbered--if enough of us cry out and make revolution perhaps they would be willing to share on a larger scale? I do see acts of kindness and generosity but not on a large enough scale to convince me that this notion of those in power are going to share without social pressure will occur.
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-08 03:56
Yes, that's why we need to have a revolution. Most of the very rich aren't going to share what they have with the rest of the world unless compelled to do so.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-09 05:04
I don’t believe they will share either. What they do give is it really out of the goodness of their hearts and kind acts of service or it is guilt? Maybe they do it for the tax write offs. Many of them give to their own select causes and not always for the good of all society. The elite philanthropy gives to their Ivy League schools and things like that. Their donations are only beneficial to other elites. Bottom line they are not helping anyone but themselves. the alternative is pay taxes on that money that could be used to help all of us.
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0 # menava 2014-06-11 08:07
It's hard for me to say because 1) I'm not rich 2) I'm not rich and 3) I'm not rich. But I do think the rich won't divide up their wealth for the sake of equality because it's not the norm of capitalism. Perhaps they only share when there's a nice tax-code that allows for those who donate millions to get a tax ride-off and can claim "Hey, I'm looking out for you poorer people!" The reason we need a revolution is to change and replace the norm: that way people will not only be compelled to share but will be expected to.
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0 # karla Garcia 2014-05-30 05:33
I agree that the government has been covering up a lot of what they do and do whatever they can to keep those who expose them quiet. the relationship between individuals and systems are that in a way the system tells the individual that they are to follow the rules because that is what is expect of them and that even though the individual knows its wrong they are just doing what the the system dictates. also the system has its own norms and people just follow the norms. and i do believe that there should be something done so that people are no longer a victim of the system
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0 # menava 2014-06-11 08:24
Hi Karla. Yes, I agree the system reinforces poor decision making because those in power only gain from it. The system functions in a way that are binary forces in opposition system/individu al. Overcoming the system forces seem almost impossible, but it is doable. We need a revolution to change the game!
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0 # Ch 2782 2014-06-01 06:39
I agree with your comment above Karla, but most often, people do not know the true intentions of the system, so we cannot hold those individuals responsible for being unknowledgeable . People cannot judge a person who does not know. Or who has never been taught of the things the system is doing to the nation. Some people do not have enough resources to look for the information they wish to seek because the system does not make it easy for individuals to know about these truths that are camouflaged.
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0 # Ch 2782 2014-06-01 06:42
I agree with your comment deltoro that Obama is just part of the jigsaw puzzle, part of the whole that comes along with the system. Obama was president long after the bureaucratic system was established; however, that still does not excuse his wrong doing from his part nor it is justified.
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0 # Ch 2782 2014-06-01 07:46
I never thought about a revolution or the impact it requires. Why does it have to come down to a revolution, although I know the system would not be able to “fix” itself nor can the public be able to fix it either. How long will this revolution take, and how many more lives will this act cause? Whether we take action or stand still, lives are still being taken, so the question is... which one is less destructive than the other?
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0 # menava 2014-06-11 08:29
I feel similarly: we are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils (the evil we know or the evil around the corner). I say evil around the corner because we are taught that communism is an evil. Overall who can say which is less destructive, perhaps we should view it from the perspective of "it's a matter of what's more important." We know that under the current system things are looking so good for those who are not in power, but we also know that "we" the majority/not-in -power can wield great power if we organize and make change, no matter what, a priority. It's hard concept for me to swallow because I don't want to change unless I know there will be results, but at what point do we take a gamble?
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0 # jatoxqui 2014-06-04 17:05
I had an idea of what the conference was going to be about but I was actually surprised even more when the speech began unraveling everything and how there is a need for us to stop and analyze how to reconstruct the world that is currently polluting our society and our Earth. I think that one of the biggest problems that people in America have about the idea of a Revolution is that because of the size of America, it is less likely for people to collectively agree on overturning the government. In comparison to other developed countries, the geographical size of the United States is well above the rest and therefore people might understand that other countries can possibly succeed in a Revolution because they are smaller countries than us but that is where we, as students who are becoming aware of the gov't's hidden agendas for everything, come in and explain to the public the need for this revolution in our country.
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0 # jatoxqui 2014-06-04 17:11
Continuing with my previous comment: Word will not be heard or understood, unless we spread it and also remove the negative connotations that the words Revolution and Communism have because unfortunately whenever people hear these words, they automatically get scared and don't want to be affiliated with such terms. This fear is a result of what the media portrays and the more they present negative connotations about the terms, the less likely that the public will come out and join the revolution. It is a matter of organizing like on May 6 to get people to understand what is really happening and how we can help achieve this goal. At first, I was skeptical about the entire idea, I thought, how can we, civilians, go against the most powerful government in the world? but then I came to realize that with the right information, organization, and action plans, it is possible for a much necessary change.
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0 # Daniel Gomezz 2014-06-04 19:08
In regards to the talk I feel that it did what it was supposed to. Stressing the fact that revolution actually is possible and must be worked toward now even though consciously we know that we are not amongst a revolutionary moment currently. If we build toward that now (work at the cracks of the giant wall as Carl Dix put it), we can transform the people for revolution in solidarity to primarily the same goal of communism. Referring to historical events regarding the past revolutionary breakthroughs shed light on the fact that even in practice, this has already been successfully done! Unbelievably good speech and targeted the right aspects to needed to unveil this truth.
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0 # menava 2014-06-08 03:39
I agree, the speech was riveting and for someone (myself) who knows little to nothing about starting a revolution, it got me off my feet and excited about the possibility of making the world a better place. I left re-thinking about my position in society and if I truly believe in what I just heard. I did leave with some questions and upon leaving they offered me a comment card to ask more questions/provi de feedback. I like the solidarity regarding ending racism, sexism, and overall all inequalities--i t just seems a lot harder than how nicely it was packaged in the speech. I could really benefit from doing more research regarding past historical events that were mentioned in the speech.
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0 # menava 2014-06-08 03:34
I came into the talk 10 minutes late and was unable to hear the beginning, so I am not sure if this question was already answered "who is the revolutionary that is going to lead this revolution?" I have gone to 3 speeches now and I don't get a sense of who is the main leader. I have heard of Bob Avakian, but I've never met him or heard anyone specifically refer to him as the leader of the revolution.

I ask this because all the ideas around this revolution sound 'spot on' regarding the ending of patriarchy, racism, and so on. But who do we have to look towards to get a sense of when to know "now's the right time to revolt?"
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-08 03:47
The leader of the RCP is Bob Avakian. You can learn more about him at
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0 # mitchell denerson 2014-06-08 23:34
Attending this talk raised many more questions for me than answers. All that was talked about, was the pro's to communism in this country, and a bunch of shit talking about our current government and its leaders (which was necessary). But they never explained HOW this could all be done, or HOW we will lead in a new era of communism. Sure revolution is great, and i do believe it can be done, although our countries elites would put up quite a fight, but they never explained how communism would be set up. What would the cons to communism be? How would the economy change? Would we still be able to choose what to do with our lives? Will the rich give up their wealth? How is the money going to be distributed with families of different sizes? There were just too many things they did not cover. I understood the reason behind it need for a revolution, but not enough coverage on the whole grand scheme of things
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-11 01:48
I have these same exact feelings and thoughts. I do know the rich will not give up their wealth. Would you? Like we read and have heard it will all wither away eventually. This is not a good enough answer. Are we trading one bad thing for another? Until there are clearer answers to the questions you asked I don't feel there will be as strong of a following or support. This is a major change. You are not going to go to the Dr.'s and tell them you hurt your leg. the dr says he is going to operate. you think he is going to set your leg and you wake up an amputee. What we have now is corrupt, but it is something we know. Is there going to be chaos and riots?
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-11 02:58
Quoting Lomonaco:
Like we read and have heard it will all wither away eventually. This is not a good enough answer.
If anyone said it that way - that all you have to understand is that the state and classes will wither away then you would be right to think it was not good enough of an answer, because if that's all that was said, it would indeed not be a good enough answer! In dealing with something as complicated as the existence of classes and the corresponding existence of states, it is not possible nor would it correct to say "presto" we're going to do this and it's all going to be simple. Consider what you have read in the theory class and how few those readings out of a huge literature there is and how the matter of eventually getting rid of classes over a protracted period of struggle is complex. Cont.
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-11 03:05
If someone who was sick went to the doctor and they ran tests and came back and told the person that they had a cancerous tumor and that it would have to be removed in an operation, would you say that answer was not good enough? Of course you would want to know more and the doctor and others would certainly want to tell you more, but as a brief statement of what needed to be done, wouldn't that answer as a start by proper? The process of uprooting inequality isn't something that a small group of peo have all of the answers to and can by themselves as a small group do all that needed to be done. Cont.
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-11 03:08
The existing system tells people all you have to do to fix things is elect me or elect my party and then you can sit back and it will all be taken care of. Do you buy that? That kind of simplistic answer is a sure sign that they're lying to you. The process of a genuine revolution involves the necessary extensive participation of large masses of people, engaged directly and putting their collective efforts under revolutionary guidance, to transforming society. I went into this at some length in various lectures regarding, for ex., the fact that you cannot just declare the end to classes and that it involves a huge undertaking. But it will not happen unless it's engaged because it can be simply legislated and you cannot rely on condescending saviors to make it happen...
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-11 01:52
The banks take our money and loan it to corporations which in turn make a fortune. Banks sit on the boards of these major companies along with the few competitors there are, insurance companies, and other elites. There are only a couple hundred people who control the vast majority of the stock market. Many times these people will end up serving under the president or in congress. How is this system fair? Interlocking should be eliminated. If this practice was disbanded there would not be the amount or extent of monopolies and oligopolies as we see today. Under a communist society this would not exist.
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-11 02:50
Quoting mitchell denerson:
But they never explained HOW this could all be done, or HOW we will lead in a new era of communism. Sure revolution is great, and i do believe it can be done, although our countries elites would put up quite a fight, but they never explained how communism would be set up. What would the cons to communism be? How would the economy change? Would we still be able to choose what to do with our lives? Will the rich give up their wealth? ...

You can't really have expected an answer to all of these questions in one event which addressed a whole lot of other questions as it was. If anyone tried to answer all of those questions in one session you and anybody else would be right to criticize them for trying to address too many matters in too short a time. If you're really interested in these questions then there are responses to them all in the extensive literature that has been written about it. Cont.
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-11 02:53
Cont: Go to Revolution Books in LA. Talk to the folks there. Go to and read up on it. There's extensive materials that are at your fingertips.
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0 # menava 2014-06-11 08:12
When I went to the bookstore earlier in the quarter the speaker (Ray Lotta) semi-addressed this concern regarding not being able to precisely say what will happen in our future given a revolution because there hasn't been an era of communism successful enough/long enough to say what can be predicted. The speaker said we can infer some potential things based on China and Russia, but they aren't good examples because they got steered in the wrong direction "the satellites went up and the communist flag went down."
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-11 01:38
Society is ready for a change Marx saw what was to come and so did Lenin. Monopolies are the last phase. We are there; Lenin saw it just about 100 years ago. Things have continued on the same path. There are only a handful of companies that control a certain part of the sector, and it continues to shrink. It is only a matter of time before a revolution will take place. I am still unclear exactly what it will look like, but I know that anything has got to be better than this web of lies and deceit we have going on now.
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0 # Ch 2782 2014-06-11 22:41
Attending these meetings are a good eye-opener. Makes me understand and be aware of the conflicts that are happening now in society. Yes, the future is a mystery and no one is capable of predicting the future, but we can make a change to have a better tomorrow. Attending these meetings also makes me question many things, which is not necessarily a bad thing, it means that we are thinking and processing the information that we have been given and told.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-11 23:16
Having the proletariat rise up and take over sounds great, but I can’t see it sticking. There are more proletariats than elites, but just like there are more minorities in society the white man still rules. Doing away with police and military will open up an opportunity for chaos. The United States will be open for attack from other nations. Would communism be worldwide or would it be a gradual thing?
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