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When All is Said and Nothing's Done: Obama on Zimmerman Verdict

When All is Said and Nothing's Done: Obama on the Zimmerman Verdict

By Dennis Loo (7/20/13)

Yesterday Obama, without benefit of a teleprompter, spoke at some length about the Zimmerman verdict. In so doing he demonstrated how exceptionally skillful he is at weaving rhetorical emphathy to a program of reinforcing the chains that bind black people to violent subordination under this system.  There is finally a black president of the United States and he can feel the pain of Trayvon's family and black Americans because he's been followed too, and it is impossible to imagine such words coming from the mouth of George Bush.

But what are you left with after this virtuoso performance? When all is said, and he said a lot (although also leaving out a WHOLE lot, such as his continuing silence on the mass incarceration of blacks and Latinos), what can people hang their hats on? What justice has been done? Obama says the verdict has been arrived at, and he did not revise his earlier statement right after the outrageous verdict, calling for people to react with "calm reflection." "Calm reflection"?! This verdict paints a great big target on the back of every black person.

I am traveling today but will have further remarks on this speech and situation after I am done traveling.

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