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What We Know So Far

What We Know So Far

By Dennis Loo (7/12/17)

Despite all his best efforts to call it "fake news" and the Democrats' revenge for a lost election, the following items were confirmed by both sides in terms of occurring (not necessarily what they mean):

1) Donald Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort agreed, and Donald Jr., at least, was eager to meet, with someone he thought was a Russian lawyer with ties to Putin with dirt on Hillary Clinton's campaign. The fact that the Russian lawyer didn't after all have the promised dirt doesn't matter (if it's true) as a legal matter. You are breaking the law to solicit help from a foreign nation on your domestic opponent, regardless of whether your source provides an iota of evidence. 

2) Jared Kushner approached Russian Ambassador Kislyak with the idea of setting up  a secret channel of communications with the Russians and the Trump campaign. This was to be kept secret not from the Russians, who of course knew everything, but from western intelligence and the public. This was such a bizarre and naive idea that Kislyak didn't know what to make of it.

3) Paul Manafort was forced to resign as the second Trump campaign chair because of his ties to and huge payoffs from Ukraine.

4) Jeff Sessions (or anyone else in the Trump camp) failed to reveal his conversations with Russians, the heat getting so bad when this later came out that he recused himself from anything to do with Russia. Notably, however, he did not recuse himself from Comey's firing.

5) Donald Trump the POTUS has so far fired three people that were looking into Russian contacts and possbile collusion with Trump and his campaign. But Trump himself said in an NBC interview with Lester Holt that he fired Comey because of the Russian "thing."

6) Trump and Putin have never made a secret that they admire each other and have always stuck to their joint story, as if reading from a script. When prompted (or even unprompted) Putin denies cyber-attacks but is known to have done it elsewhere. Trump has tweeted out against Obama not taking Russia seriously as a threat as POTUS but sees no reason to even launch an investigation of Russian involvement in Trump's campaign or after it. 

People may wonder how why the Trump team all deny having connections to Russia. Indeed, if what they were and are doing was so innocent, then why hide it? 

The Trump team and Trump are so stupid they cannot even cover up their denials well. They are just as incompetent at cover-ups as they are spectacularly, unbelievably, stupendously dumb at nearly everything.

Trump and his camp have the same regard for the truth as the man Trump admires, Putin. Do you?


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