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What Faked Outrage Looks Like

What Faked Outrage Looks Like

By Dennis Loo (9/27/18)

The best and the worst were on display.  A pattern emerges that is essentially independent of how you might feel about this case. I say “essentially” since we can never really start out with a blank slate in a highly charged case as this one and where the stakes are so high. But we can objectively note certain things. Before I state the ones I see, I will tell you an old lawyers’ jest: “If the law favors you, emphasize the law. If the facts favor you, then feature the facts. If neither favors you, then pound on the table and yell a lot.”

When those of us who have gone through high school reflect back on that time we almost invariably cringe at some of what we did – you can’t have gone through those years and feel at least some of that. For a highly privileged boy, who on top of being a jock (Bret was his high school basketball captain and a football defensive back), is also white, and joined a college fraternity that was best known for its heavy drinking and misogyny, there is no chance that he “always treated women with dignity and respect.” For someone like him it strains credulity that he engaged at least in sexual conquest battles, if only because he would otherwise be the butt of his teammates’ and other boy’s jokes. That Judge Kavanaugh avoided those things, especially when his current female clerks all “look like models,” is not believable. Coming of age for an entitled jock means that. 

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