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"Truth is not truth"

“Truth is not Truth”

By Dennis Loo (8/21/18)

By declaring this, Rudy Giuliani inadvertently revealed what their troops – Trump et al – have been up to all along and why they are going to go down. “He said, she said,” Giuliani says, by which he means: there’s his version of the truth, and there is her version of the truth, and who knows which is true? Humanity has never been ultimately agnostic on this question: it has always decided on this, and usually for the better. Even those who claim otherwise, those who say that we make up reality and reality doesn’t exist by itself to be discovered, live their day-to-day lives as if this is not so: they assume that where they parked their car is not just in their imagination and it is stable. They must live as if things and processes are real or else they would quickly get into trouble.

I recently asked a Trump supporter a question. I said, “When you step into an airplane, you assume that those who fly the plane and built it studied aerodynamics, the science of flight, right?” He would not answer me. He just kept repeating “the wall. Give me the wall.”

Today I asked him if he was going down with the ship. He said “No (discussion of) politics” at the meal table.

To be continued


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