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Trump Tweets Against Athletes: It Backfires

Trump Tweets Against Athletes: It Backfires

By Dennis Loo (9/24/17)

For eight months, Trump has been president. The longer he stays in office, the more he says what he really believes, the more people he alienates. It isn’t just when he shoots his mouth off; it’s also what he does.

Now he has pissed off not just NBA and NFL players and fans – even a MLB player - he has annoyed one of the most conservative groups in society: NFL owners! How clumsy do you have to be that in one speech, to alienate NFL owners? Said Trump on Friday in Alabama at a speech:

"Wouldn’t you love to see one of the NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say 'Get that son of a b---- off the field right now? He’s fired! Fired!’”

“I think you could see one of the biggest protests we’ve seen in professional sports,” said ABC’s Ryan Smith prior to the first NFL game in England. Trump has turned Colin Kaepernick’s gesture into something more than half the NFL is now doing, including some players with raised fists. Trump has succeeded in antagonizing multiple major sports franchises, spreading Kaepernick's protest extremely widely.

Trump even claimed that the NFL’s tardy concern about concussions causing CTE, which just took Aaron Hernandez’s life, should be rolled back; “they’re ruining the game” declares POTUS.  

One of the words I previously used to describe Trump was “antediluvian.” The man belongs in a different era: before women won the right to vote, before when blacks were enslaved, when white terror ruled, when white men could grab women’s pussy with impunity. Sorry Mr. President, you are in the wrong era. Even your wife, as cowed a woman she is and how much she defends you in public and shares a lot of your ideology, dares slap your hand away.

He, and his neck deep in the Russian scandal VP, a scandal that alone will sink this presidency, they are going to impose fascism in America by their efforts? Just because he says so, enough people are going to go along with it?! The response to POTUS by major sports figures is a signal that the disaffection to the Trump regime is wide and deep indeed. And just think, POTUS, you did it all by yourself!

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