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Trump to Get Crazier and Crazier

Trump to Get Crazier and Crazier

By Dennis Loo (3/7/17)

As I wrote recently,

Objective reality has this funny thing about it: it doesn’t go away. Global warming, for example, does not stop because you deny it. The same is true of evolution: it still goes on (e.g., the flu) whether you are recognize it or not. Competence is based on taking objective reality into account. You cannot be competent if you consistently base yourself on lies. You can fool some people all of the time but not all the people all of the time. The clash between Trump and the truth is only in its early stages. Who do you think is going to win out in the end, Trump or objective reality?

Russia is the primary proximate reality that the Trump team keeps lying about and changing their stories about. There are a host of other issues that they aren't based in objective reality either, but the Russian issue is the most obvious.

Despite his efforts in the past and in the future regarding it, he will get crazier and crazier regarding this. It will be fun to see, sort of like the perverse pleasure one might get seeing an accident as it is happening, even though people are being hurt and one feels bad about that part of it. Nonetheless, no one can deserve it more than this gang of scumbags!

I further wrote earlier,

If material reality exists, then distinctions must be made between different interpretations or understandings of what exists or else material reality (e.g., the greenhouse effect caused by burning fossil fuels) will slap you in the face, regardless of whether you want to recognize it or not. The question of material reality may be understood to include importantly within it the question of what is necessity relative to freedom. If you act as if there are no necessities and refuse to take necessities into account (e.g., global warming and ice caps melting due to it), then you are less free, not more free.

At the end of that article, I reposted a link to a lengthy piece, entitled “Who are You to Say?” that bears reading closely.


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