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Trump Can't Help It

Trump Can’t Help It

Part 3 of a series

By Dennis Loo (8/24/18)

Despite all kinds of advice from within and from without the White House, despite good or not so good intentions, from the solicited to the non-solicited, Trump is convinced as he has always been that he is right, no matter what. He is utterly incapable of any insight into his soul since he has no soul and has zero insight. What a conundrum!

The man acts like what he is: a grade-C reality TV star and he is capable of learning nothing or living up to his office since he is deluded into thinking he already knows everything there is to know. He is, according to his own words, a “stable genius.” Real geniuses generally know that what they know compared to what there is to know, there is a huge gap, that one should learn from others, and that “stable” and “genius” tend to not occur together in the same person, in fact, a pretty good case could be made that genius and depression tend to co-occur.

We know this, too, that the man does not surround himself with talented people. The opposite occurs, with Cohen, Manafort, Flynn, and Giuliani as evidence of that! He sooner or later gets rid of anyone who disagrees with him, should they ever dare to, and he is left with what he has, and what he spectacularly lacks, as his best counsel.

So, he will likely try to pardon Manafort and in the process light a political firestorm the likes of which he has dim appreciation, as surely as he performs to anyone who has seen it before, like the guiltiest person with regard to Putin possible, but he does not see this. He really does think that all of his temper tantrums on Twitter will produce what he wants: that it will all just go away, that all these investigations will stop because he says so and protests his innocence to the world.

This is consistent with his worldview after all: that due process and being exonerated doesn’t mean anything. That the act is all. How, after all, does he see immigration and due process? He doesn’t. How does he see civil rights, the police, and due process? He doesn’t. How does he see people like Attorney General Sessions or the FBI and Comey? That they should be loyal to him, damn it, and any talk or action to show even a modicum of autonomy, even if it’s only for show, is unacceptable! This goes to his view of the Bill of Rights and for that matter, the Constitution, that he swore an oath to uphold – remember that Donald?

The meeting during the campaign with the Russian lawyer that promised dirt on Hillary is enough by itself no matter what came of it to prove obstruction, but Donald is too dumb to see this, and he helped Junior draft several contradictory versions of that meeting. He should have known better and stayed as far from that one as he could. What has he said about that meeting? For the record, he says all politicians do it. No, they don’t. Most know better than to conspire with a foreign rival government. Not Trump! No, he will go so far as to openly call for the Russians to get Hillary! One wonders who is more stupid, Donald Sr. or Jr.?

The Democrats may be forced to start impeachment, but my guess is that it will not come to that. My guess at this point is that Donald’s pardoning of Manafort will start us down a road that Donald Trump will not survive and he will eventually be forced out of office and escorted out under duress. Anything less, that relies on POTUS feeling any shame won't work.

To be continued

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