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Trump and That Pesky Russian Problem

Trump and That Pesky Russian Problem

By Dennis Loo (3/4/17)

Try as he might, Trump continues to be dogged by the connection between Russia and his camp. This is the one constant theme in all the breaking news that happens so rapidly it is difficult to keep up with it all.

The most recent news, of course, are Trump’s flurry of this morning's tweets accusing Obama of wiretapping. In one of these tweets, Trump misspells it as “TAPP,” the product of a low literacy individual: 

How low has President Obama gone to tapp [sic] my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!

In another tweet, this one at 3:35 am:

Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my 'wires tapped' in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!

It doesn't occur to a person who lacks basic reasoning skills that the tweet itself displays a contradiction - he admits in the tweet no evidence can be found to back up his thesis that he has been bugged. Evidence, smevidence! Who cares if you have evidence?

Contrary to various articles that have been written about the 35-page Russian dossier (here is an example), the news here is mainly not Russian attempts to intervene in the US presidential race and thus make it less than “legitimate” since it was already illegitimate to begin with. What media accounts overlook in the dossier are the significance of Russian – Trump camp ongoing contacts based on their communality of interests.

Trump is a very rich individual with business interests all over the world and Putin shares his worldview of the powerful against the rest. Bannon’s very public position to tear down all the existing institutions is part of a social Darwinian dystopian view where the strong person dominates over the weak. Trump is an oligarch wrapped in a populist's garb. 

Here is yet another instance where mainstream analysts miss the point. The WaPost which broke the story that Sen. Sessions lied about his contact with Russian spies in 2016 has an article today entitled "Russia is the slow burn of the Administration, and It's Not Going Away." Dan Balz, WaPo's Chief Correspondent says:

"There are several elements to the Russia investigation. The overarching issue is the attempt by a foreign government to disrupt an American election and thereby undermine confidence in the world’s leading democratic government. Just as important is answering the question of whether there was any collusion or cooperation between the Trump campaign and the Russians in attempting to undermine Clinton’s campaign."

The "overarching issue" is two-fold he says: Russian attempts to interfere with Clinton's candidacy. But while  Russia surely did do this, that is not the main point. Some other mainstream media accounts treat the Trump camp as "Jim Carrey-like" in their denials of Russian ties or else there is more smoke here than fire. But what these accounts miss is that Trump and his camp could not have admitted the truth of their extensive Russian contacts because a) Sessions and Flynn would have to admit felonious contacts with a foreign country promising they would roll-back Obama's sanctions if Trump were elected and b) the massive Trump-Russian financial ties. Neither truth dare be spoken of unless they are forced out.

It is possible that Trump’s latest flurry of tweets where he shows his paranoia for all the world to see is less hazardous for him then for him in advance to try to discredit any transcripts of those particular conversations emerging. However, the intelligence community can use other transcripts if it becomes necessary to show the extensive collusion between Russia and Trump's camp.

This is not a question of treason per se but rather a coinciding of interests - the leaders of both countries have an interest in helping each other against people in their own and other nations.

As I have pointed out previously in January, Trump cannot wiggle out of his relationship to Putin and it will be his undoing sooner or later likely within this year.

If you look at the importance of Sen. Jeff Sessions ideologically and as the first US Senator to endorse Trump, Sessions’ relationship to the PTB, and Sessions’ former staff which is now part of Trump's staff, including Steve Miller and Rick Dearborn, the delegitimation of this presidency stands out all the more clearly. The loss of Sessions through recusal and possibly outright resignation, damages Trump a lot. Trump’s days are numbered.

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