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Trump and Playing the Victim Card

Trump and Playing the Victim Card

By Dennis Loo (5/18/17)

It’s the worst witch-hunt against a politician in history, Trump says.

What Trump says, no matter what, even though there may not be any evidence for it, even though it directly contradicts other things he has said, with equal surety at the time, it’s got to be right.

Authoritarians are like the Popes used to be, never wrong!

This witch-hunt is worse than what Nixon went through with Watergate! Or John McCain being tortured! Or the persecution with torture of heretics during the Spanish Inquisition. Or hundreds of thousands of women burned at the stake of the original witch-hunt.

America is great because anyone can grow up, even a know-nothing, incompetent nincompoop can be President! Trump is right at least about that!

Even the Russians have said that he is not their stooge.

Well, you should have said that in the first place!

That just proves it, doesn’t that? If Trump were their puppet, of course the Russians would admit it, right? The Russians would readily come clean to prove that they were dirty and that they had the Manchurian Candidate and were fooling us all this time! Why, Putin himself offered a Tass Agency written transcript to prove that no funny business occurred at the recent White House Trump-Russian meeting!

Wait, Putin is siding with Trump and Trump is citing the Russians to back up his statements. What’s wrong with this picture?

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