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Trump and His Inner Circle Crumbling

Trump and His Inner Circle Crumbling

By Dennis Loo  (3/2/17)

Sen. Jeff Sessions, in keeping with his other Trump team members, believes that truth is what you say it is, not actual independently verifiable events. When he swears on a Bible that he won't lie, wouldn't possibly, or else the Bible would catch on fire, we can believe him, right?  I mean lying to the House and Senate in confirmation hearings doesn't mean you committed perjury, correct?

And when Trump himself declares that he has “full confidence” in so-and-so, such as Michael Flynn or Jeff Sessions, that is a sign that so-and-so is in trouble and about to resign.

This must also mean that trouble for his cabinet doesn't mean trouble in his administration or for the country or the world. Disorder in the White House does not translate into disorder from their policies.

Consistently praising Putin doesn't mean Trump likes and wants to be like Putin. Russian denials of interference with the US, of course, can be believed whole hog. Why would the Russians lie about such things after all?

Constant denials from the Trump camp that they have had contact for the last year or more with the Russians means, of course, that they can be believed. After all, Manafort, then Flynn, then Sessions, and others, including Putin-fan boy#1 Donald J. Trump couldn't possibly all be lying about that, right?

This must be a plot by _____________. It can't be true! Trump wouldn't just make up stuff, would he? No, this can't be!

You have to get with this new program by Trump at al, where whatever he or they say, we swallow it wholeheartedly and believe it all, no matter what.

Enlightenment be damned! Let’s go back to the days when we burned people at the stake and stoned disbelievers! 

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