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To Be Attacked By Your Enemies Means You're Doing Something Right

To Be Attacked By Your Enemies Means You're Doing Something Right

By Dennis Loo (1/10/14)

Yesterday the national speaking tour Close Guantanamo Now began in NYC. This is the 12th anniversary of this infamous prison's existence. Here is a link to a video of its launch.

In response to this tour and these efforts to shut this prison, set up by the Bush Regime in an attempt to escape national and international laws barring indefinite detention and torture, today Fox News published an attack on the anti-Guantanamo forces.

As you might expect, it contains the usual level of professionalism and truth that you can expect from Fox News - that is to say, none, other than getting the names right of some of the organizations and individuals that it libelously attacks. There is so much misinformation and so many outright lies in it that it would take pages and pages and pages to untangle it.

As Mao once put it, to be attacked by your enemies shows that you're been doing good work. And those who have been and are fighting to close down Gitmo and end similar torture sites such as Bagram and other CIA-funded secret sites can count ourselves proud to have enemies like Fox News. When Fox - which prides itself for its "fair and balanced" version of fascism, including its endorsement of waterboarding and other forms of torture - lauds what you're doing is when you should be alarmed. It is also a measure of our work that they feel impelled to come at us with both barrels blazing.

The other stops on this tour can be found here. In the final stop on the tour, Andy Worthington and myself will be speaking at Cal Poly Pomona on Friday, Jan. 17, 2014 in the Bronco Student Center from 7-9 pm.


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