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The Part of Trump’s Tweets That Is True

The Part of Trump’s Tweets That Is True

By Dennis Loo (3/9/17)

We all have heard by now Trump’s outlandish accusation that Obama ordered Trump Tower wiretapped during the election. There is, however, a grain of truth in these tweets, although Trump is probably unaware of what is true in his claims.

The NSA has been monitoring and recording millions (now billions and billions) of electronic communications, both foreign and domestic, since at least February 2001: in other words, shortly after Bush and Cheney took the White House illegitimately, well before the events of 9/11.

When they were caught red-handed doing this, Bush and Cheney and their surrogates such as AG Alberto Gonzalez (remember him?) said at the time that they were “merely” monitoring the calls where one end at least was a known suspect. By that public criterion, the Russian Ambassador certainly was a suspect.

Obama did not order a specific wiretap on Trump Tower; he did not have to. Democrats’ claims that he must go to a FISA court before the president places a wiretap on American citizens has been passé since the Congress retroactively approved of Bush and Cheney's wiretaps in the Telecom Bill of 2008.

Somehow, however, both the Republicans and the Democrats have had a case of collective amnesia, forgetting conveniently all that has been done to spy on all of us for the last several years through the present at least, and many other countries, including, of course, Russia.

What is likely to happen in the hearings in Congress on this matter in response to Trump’s scapegoating of Obama, is that this simple fact of the NSA’s ubiquitous spying on all of us will be overlooked and denied. The Intelligence Community (IC) has no interest in revealing their ubiquitous spying but does have an interest in the getting rid of Trump from the White House. Notorious Big Liar James Clapper has taken to denying any spying on the Trump Tower. 

Among other things that IC has no trust, for good reason, in Trump, nor do they agree with his heart-on for Putin. It's funny that the Russians are reading from the same script and using the same words and phrases as the Trump team such as calling this a "witch hunt." It is as if Trump’s people and the Russians both think we’re too stupid to notice them using the same words as each other in denying the truth.

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