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The Dirty Little Secret of the "War on Terror"

The Dirty Little Secret of the "War on Terror"

By Dennis Loo (1/16/14)

Why has Obama not reversed the Bush Regime's "national security" policies, policies that he explicitly claimed to reject and would reverse if elected? The answer, put simply, is that the process of running for the White House is in part an exercise in getting voters to believe in you and follow you - and deceitfully promising them things they desire is vital to accomplishing that - and partly it is an exercise in getting the PTB to accept you and trust that you will actually do what they need and expect. This means that you must promise the public things that are directly contrary to what the PTB demand and you must find ways to explain away your failure to deliver on your public promises while still retaining your social base's allegiance.

When the dominant paradigm is the “War on Terror” and when the gains to be had from continuing this war are as extraordinary as they are—booty in the trillions of dollars overall and the reins of political power of an empire—then any strategically placed individual or group could take advantage of this condition by suppressing information about an upcoming terrorist incident, by allowing an incident to happen that could have been prevented, or by manufacturing a fall guy to carry out an attack, and get away with it. The GOP, Democrats, and the mass media, after all, have ruled raising questions about the wisdom or effectiveness of the “anti-terrorist” measures out of order. The traditional safeguards, such as the separation of powers that are supposed to prevent such a cynical ploy from being carried out, have been eliminated.

If this sounds hard to believe, consider the fact that Bush and Cheney were caught red-handed fabricating the WMD excuse to invade Iraq, and they were still not impeached. They were caught red-handed torturing people, at least one hundred of them to death, and they were still not impeached or prosecuted. They were caught red-handed spying on every single American in felonious violation of the law, including every senator, congressperson, prosecutor and judge, and they were still not impeached or prosecuted. If these transgressive acts were not punished but were retroactively approved with their underlying excuses endorsed by both major parties, then it should be no surprise that these policies would then continue. Is it any wonder, then, that Obama has been continuing their policies and in some very important respects going even further? The wonder would be if he actually attempted to put a stop to it all. 

Globalization and the Demolition of Society, pp. 152-153. 

Over time, those who stay faithful to officials who have reneged on their promises, making excuses for these officials' outrageous lies and crimes, and accepting that which they previously considered unacceptable, ensure that the other aim of those in power has been achieved: the progressive rape of the public's conscience, turning the people into colluders in war crimes.

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