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Stop the Crimes Against Our Planet; Humanity and the Planet Must Come First

Stop the Crimes Against Our Planet
Humanity and the Planet Must Come First
The World Can't Wait!


World leaders have called for yet another International Conference at the
UN in September. Their meeting will, however, do nothing to stop the
global environment's escalating destruction. Using the justifications of
“national security” and "business necessities," the US government itself
has consistently sabotaged climate talks, supported dangerous drilling,
fracking, plunder and exploitation of non-renewable energy resources here
and around the world. It has also ruthlessly prosecuted and jailed
environmental and animal rights activists explicitly as “terrorists.”

Only the direct action of thousands and eventually millions of people can
create a movement that will stem nature's systemic abuse and its dire
consequences for the planet. Politics as usual has not and will not
reverse this disastrous direction. As World Can't Wait's Mission Statement
warns: "That which we do not resist and mobilize to stop, we will learn -
or be forced - to accept."

We must act to protect and preserve the world's fast-vanishing natural
ecosystems and stem climate change catastrophe. If not, this planet could
very well become uninhabitable for billions of people, and possibly all of
humanity, as well as for much of the world's flora and fauna.

The United States government leads in crimes against the planet:

    *The Obama administration opposes any serious curbing of fossil fuel
use in this country. The new rules on power plant emissions will
reduce greenhouse gas emissions by only four percent below the levels
measured in 1990, although scientists and climate studies have shown
that massive cuts of 25 to 40 percent are needed by 2020 if there is
to be any hope of preventing the very worst impacts of climate change.

    *In fact, the Pentagon is the world's biggest single user of fossil
fuel, fueling illegitimate wars to maintain and expand the US empire.
Oil is a strategic resource and the US government acts to control it
at all costs, including the planet's very viability. Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton, for example, has been a cheerleader for US oil
companies exploiting melting polar ice caps to drill in the Arctic Sea
to pre-empt Russia.

    *Fossil fuels are only part of the engine of destruction. US
government policy subsidizes large factory “farming” to produce meat,
eggs and dairy resulting in 18 percent of all human-induced greenhouse
gas emissions. Animal waste leaches antibiotics and hormones into
ground and water; pesticides and fertilizers find their way into
streams, rivers and coastal water thereby adding to ocean

Truly, the WORLD CAN'T WAIT!

March with the Stop the Crimes on Our Planet Contingent on September 21,
2014 in NYC for the People's Climate March. We bring a vision of a society
built on sustainable resources and justice for all the world's peoples
from right here in the heart of one of the main countries responsible for
climate catastrophe.

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Elaine Brower of World Can't Wait speaking at the NYC Stop the War on Iran rally 2/4/12