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Six Points to Keep in Mind About the Evolving Syrian Situation

Six Points to Keep in Mind About the Evolving Syrian Situation

By Dennis Loo (9/13/13)

  1. Obama’s proposal to bomb Syria isn’t about humanitarianism and it isn’t about chemical weapons. It’s about the U.S. attempting to dictate who rules Syria.
  2. Contrary to John Kerry’s claims, bombing another country IS a war.
  3. Congress cannot make a war of aggression by the U.S. upon Syria - the “supreme international crime” – moral, just, or legal by voting on it. Even if Congress votes “no,” Obama has already declared that he will not be bound by a “no” vote.
  4. Just because Syrian President Assad has agreed to turn over control of his chemical weapons arsenal does not mean that Obama’s plans for war have been stopped: negotiations and “debates” are part of a continuum used by the U.S. government and other “Great Powers” to justify and accomplish #1 above: domination. To paraphrase Clausewitz’s famous dictum that “war is the continuation of politics by other, violent, means”: when one side is intent on dominating another, negotiations and talks are merely a prelude to and justification for war.
  5. The only way to prevent this war of aggression is for the people to build a movement of powerful resistance as an independent political force and thereby alter the terms on which the public sees the situation. In so doing they can dramatically alter the political balance of forces in the society and world. The President obviously won’t stop the war because he’s the one spearheading the idea in the first place. If you think that Congress can be relied upon to stop this rush to war, consider the fact that Congress has not stopped any of the wars under Bush or Obama, no matter which political party had the majority and who held the White House.
  6. #1-5 are symptomatic of systemic problems. They are not fixable by changing the faces of those in power. There is, nonetheless, a way to resolve these problems: see #5: hundreds who inspire thousands who influence and inspire tens and hundreds of thousands or more by directly speaking out in the streets and in other public ways can change the whole situation and provide the basis for a real solution to these systemic problems.


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