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SF Rally Today - Press Release

SF Rally Today - Press Release


Friday September 6, 2013

Contact: Linda Jacobs (415) 424-7358

ATTN: Daybook/News Desk                                                   PHOTO OP

SF Rush Hour Protest Opposes U.S. Bombing Threat Against Syria

WHEN:        FRIDAY SEPT 6, 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM

LOCATION:  One Post Street (Market & Montgomery)

                  San Francisco

EVENT:        Protest Rally

Members of the national World Can’t Wait organization will rally today on Market Street, denouncing the ongoing threat of a U.S. military attack against Syria, on the eve of planned protest marches nationwide this weekend.

World Can’t Wait has stated that the Obama administration’s claims of use of nerve gas by the Assad regime are unverified, and that any U.S. attack – even if limited in scope to “surgical strikes” – would constitute an illegal war crime by the U.S., regardless of the congressional approval now sought by the president.

“Any U.S. military attack upon Syria would be the supreme international war crime of a war of aggression upon a country that has not attacked and does not threaten us,” stated Dennis Loo, a national leader of World Can’t Wait. “Any attacks would greatly increase the killing and destruction and likely provoke a wider regional conflict.”

Pointing to opinion polls showing widespread public opposition to Obama’s Syria plans, World Can’t Wait’s Stephanie Tang said: “People remember how overt lies about Weapons of Mass Destruction were the government’s pretext for launching an illegal, immoral aggressive war against Iraq. Obama, Kerry, Pelosi – now they’re seizing on the alleged use of nerve gas by Assad as an excuse to bomb Syria, trying to dictate the terms of a civil war that has already cost 100,000 lives.”

Rally speakers will reply to John Kerry’s pronouncement that the president has the right to take military action “no matter what Congress does.” They will discuss the facts of this unfolding international crisis, including the risk of a wider regional war, and they will announce further plans for protest that do not rely on congressional or other standard political avenues.


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