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Sanders and Warren Capitulate; Open Door for Trump

Sanders and Warren Capitulate; Open Door for Trump

By Dennis Loo (7/26/16)

Last night the nation was treated to the spectacle of the Democratic Party's liberal "political revolution" leaders declare victory while cravenly surrendering to the centrist Hillary Clinton crowd. In preaching "togetherness," not only are they folding their tents into Clinton's but the Democrats are neglecting - fatally - to recognize that the nation is indeed divided. These divisions Trump understands very well and will likely beat them because of this myopia. 

Why indeed should anybody who recognizes that the gap between rich and poor, the 1% and the 99%, the bankers' dominance, the demise of privacy and civil liberties, women's reproductive rights, the rise of bigotry and nativism, just about every day another police murder of a black person, mass incarceration, the further destruction of Main Street, thousands killed by Obama's drones, his failure to end GTMO, the TPP, global warming!, multiple wars going on started by the US, et al, have occurred and/or continued and been made worse under a Democratic President? 

So Sanders talked about the widening gaps and tried to blame the 2008 economic crisis solely on the Bush Regime, conveniently overlooking Obama's siding with the bankers and bailing them out, and mentioned the Glass-Steagall Act but failed to say that its repeal occurred under Bill Clinton, removing the safeguards to prevent this 2008 debacle. Listen to his language last night as he waved the white flag: Hillary is "listening to the scientists," she "understands" and "hears" the cries of the dispossessed, but the DNC platform, which they say is the most progressive in their history, means absolutely nothing. The DNC platform could promise a socialist revolution and Hillary has to abide by none of it. This is just a gesture, symbolic only, to the party's left wing, while the liberal left's grand leaders are on the stage giving up and celebrating Clinton as somehow a liberal when she has never been anything but a war hawk and is going to be feted by Wall Street. Can you say "sell outs?" As quoted by an article in Huffington Post put it, citing a Politico article:

 A Politico article on Monday set the scene: 

Hordes of industry executives will descend on the city to celebrate Hillary Clinton’s nomination for president and renew close associations that vexed the Democratic standard-bearer throughout her primary battle with Bernie Sanders.

Goldman Sachs, which paid Clinton millions for private speeches, will be well represented in Philadelphia with executives Jake Siewert, a former Bill Clinton press secretary, making the trip along with Steven Barg, Michael Paese, Joyce Brayboy and Jennifer Scully, who was a major fundraiser for Bill Clinton in New York in 1992...

So while the Clinton camp won’t boast about it, given the continuing unpopularity of Wall Street and the populist tilt of the electorate, the City of Brotherly Love will be the City of Banker Love this week.

The GOP, for whatever faults that their fractious and fractured Cleveland RNC revealed and the vicious-spiritness that flowed from every pore, understands how deep and broad the divisions are in this country and world. Their party is riddled with it in their own way. Trump's triumph in their primaries against all odds demonstrates that. But Hillary is tone-deaf to this because the target of so much of people's ire is what she and this system are so deeply culpable for. The "rigged system" that Warren talked about? It isn't just individual leaders such as Trump - and Hillary - who benefit from that system. By its nature, a system a) operates the way its logic dictates or else it wouldn't be a system, b) benefits those it's supposed to benefit not because of particular individuals (whether Trump, or Obama, Sanders, or Warren etc.) in charge but because that's what makes them SYSTEMS, c) the problem is the system itself. By contrast to the RNC, the DNC is hewing to a far too Polyannish view of all-inclusiveness and acceptance of the awful changes that neoliberalism present the world. 

Warren was the liberals' standard-bearer and Sanders their "socialist." Yet "I'm with her," Warren kept saying yesterday about Hillary. This is a further demonstration of how "liberals" share more in common with centrists and right-wingers (even fascists) than they do with the real left, regardless of all  their hypocritical talk of "political revolution."

If Hillary sticks to her tack of being "tough" and "tested" through the campaign, and does nothing to appease the party's left-wing other than empty symbolism, Trump is going to win in November. The winds of change are here and the Dems' center can't or won't see it. They can no more stop being the establishment than a leopard - killed by the Trump sons - can change its spots. Trump, for his part, cannot deliver on his promises but at least he promises people something radically different. Few will like what Trump has in mind when he tries anything as POTUS. His pledges to restore "law and order" is "Guiliani time" writ large and is going to blow up in his heavily-made up face. You don't think the cops don't already have a license to kill with no restraint under a black president no less?! Is a President Trump going to dispense with even the figment of due process and issue machine guns to the cops and jackboots while he's at it? 

To quell the boos that came from his people when he gave in and endorsed Clinton, Sanders had to personally appeal to them before his speech last night to be silent when he surrendered. Nonetheless, the rift is there and the contradictions that caused his movement to gain momentum will not go away.

This system and its representatives have no answers. Only a real revolution - and how bastardized the term became under Sanders' use of it - can resolve this tangle.

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