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Ruling Class Fight Breaks Out Over Trump

Ruling Class Fight Breaks Out Over Trump

This is part two of "Media‘s Role and Trump/Pence‘s Prospects"

By Dennis Loo (3/21/18)

John Brennan, who was CIA Director under Obama and personally helped kill thousands (including hundreds of children) through Obama's drone kill list, tweeted Trump, in a war of words within the ruling class.

There is an opening by the unfolding Trump scandals that the Left could take advantage of if they recognize the opportunity and are not barking up the wrong tree. Left to itself, however, this increasingly bitter intra-ruling class fight, will only result in Trump’s replacement, and a settling down from this scandalous regime.

One mistake that some are making in this situation is to conclude that as long as the US domestic economy is doing fine, so too will Trump. This fails to take what even big corporations such as Apple and Google must take into consideration: the way the US tends to and maintains its empire. The ruling class has diligently and painstackingly built this empire for over one hundred years. As long as Trump stays in power, however, the US empire cannot lead the pack as it is used to, for Trump is far too incompetent to do that and has already wrecked so much through his stupidity, venality, and vanity. It is hard to imagine anyone more ill-suited for this role than he. 

Russia under Putin threatens through cyber-warfare to up-end this, with no viable rooting out of Russian penetration of the US as long as Trump (and Pence, who was head of the Transition Team, and is himself neck-deep in the Russian scandal) remain in power. Think about Russia alone penetrating and dictating things like who is the US president - as long as Trump stands in the way of ANY Russia investigation!


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