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Oscar Pistorius Covers His Ears

Oscar Pistorius Covers His Ears

By Dennis Loo (3/21/14)

Those of us following Pistorius' trial for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp have all seen photographs of, and heard reports about, him covering his ears frequently, bowing his head down so that he cannot see, and vomiting while details of Reeva's devastating physical condition are revealed. Yesterday, ballistics expert Capt. Chris Mangena testified that the physical evidence shows that Reeva was standing facing the door of the toilet room that she locked herself in when Pistorius first opened fire, shattering her hip bone and causing her to fall backward against the magazine rack in the room. His second shot missed, richocheting off the wall and sending fragments into her back. His third shot hit her right arm and his fourth shot went through her hand in front of her face and penetrated her brain, instantly killing her.

Besides allegedly "screaming like a woman" while he was murdering Reeva - his defense team's hilarious attempt to account for witnesses' hearing Reeva's screams while she was being shot - Pistorius seems unable to face the reality of what he did while enraged, rather like the locked toilet room door that concealed from him the tragic visual of Reeva unsuccessfully trying to escape from Pistorius' murderous rage. Her screams while being shot, however, I'm sure Oscar did not cover his ears for while systematically executing her.

Oscar Pistorius covers his ears, but he can't cover his bloody tracks.

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0 # ch2782 2014-04-14 02:54
How did Pistorius not notice Reeva was missing in bed? On the other hand, if he wanted to kill her badly, why did he not wait until Reeva got out of the bathroom to do so? This case is interesting, and he might have vomit or acted “like a girl” because he is ashamed and gross out of what he did to his girlfriend. The weird thing about this case is why would he carry Reeva’s dead body downstairs and why would Pistorius have a gun in bed, not even in the closet or a drawer, in bed!
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0 # jnandez 2014-04-20 10:39
He's constantly adding lies upon lies to make himself seem innocent. He even said that after discovering he had "accidentally" shot Reeva, he saw that she was still alive and he tried to save her by taking her to a doctor but she sadly "died in his arms". He is trying to make his lies portray him as some kind of hero or caring boyfriend. For someone to "die in your arms", seems as if it's noteworthy and almost bonds the two. Too bad ballistics showed she died instantly with the fourth gunshot. Her tragic death was Pistorius's pathetic and monstrous kill, not his accident.
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0 # julia 2014-04-25 17:53
I am posting this article about Narcissistic behavior and Pistorious, on all these articles.
This is for all those who don't know or simply can't begin to grasp what this imbalance entails.
Reeva had no chance...RIP
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0 # Germaine Fraser 2014-08-08 20:41
If it not make sense it is not true Oscar does not make sense.
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