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On the Santa Barbara Mass Killings

On the Santa Barbara Mass Killings:

How Long Will Women Face Violence, Terror, Rape and Oppression?


by Sunsara Taylor | May 28, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |

The mass murder carried out on May 23 in Santa Barbara by a young man who professed profound hatred of women—and who released a manifesto which revealed years of cultivated resentment, score-keeping against women for living lives that did not reduce to sexually servicing him, “loving” him, and hanging on his arm in a way that elevated his “status” as a man—poses these questions:

How long must women live with the fear of violence at the hands of men who are trained by society to hate them, to feel entitled to their bodies, to view women not as human but as things who exist to sexually and emotionally service them or bear their children?

How long will young women in “the West” face the likelihood of rape while in college while girls in Nigeria, Afghanistan, and elsewhere face the terror of death, abduction, or acid-attacks simply for going to school?


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How much longer will we tolerate a society where every 15 seconds a woman is beaten, where every day three to four women are killed by their male partners, and where—on top of all this—the jails and prisons are then filled with the women who have dared to defend themselves against this abuse?

How long will we tolerate a culture which mainstreams violent and vicious pornography that trains millions and millions of men to see women's degradation, torture, and humiliation as “sexy”?

How many more girls and very young women will be kidnapped or tricked, sold by starving families or drugged and beaten into sexual slavery in every part of the world including here, where the average age of entry into prostitution is 12?

How long will women's lives be foreclosed by forced motherhood because they are unable to access safe, affordable, and unstigmatized birth control and abortion—rights which are under vicious and escalating assault in every part of this country right now as you read?

And how long will we be fed the bullshit LIE that women have “achieved their equality,” that all that is left is for individual women to “empower themselves” within this landscape of abuse and degradation?

The answer is simple: UNTIL WE MAKE REVOLUTION!

All this violence and terror against women is NOT “human nature.” It is the system that rules over the people. Today, this system is capitalism-imperialism, and in every part of the world the workings of this system are intensifying the vicious and cruel oppression and exploitation of women.

It is possible to end all this terror and oppression, but not without ending that system. NOT WITHOUT REVOLUTION—GENUINE, ALL-THE-WAY COMMUNIST REVOLUTION.

Through revolution, we can end once and for all the millennia of women being terrorized, abused, degraded and oppressed. Through revolution, we can get rid of the deep divisions in society that give rise to and require the oppression of women by men. Through revolution, when the time is right—and as a key part of what revolution actually means—the people can and must defeat and dismantle the state which rules over us and enforces all this oppression, and whose military and police forces actually concentrate this hatred of women. With a new revolutionary state power, a new form of rule that puts the needs of the people and the fight to dig up all forms of oppression and exploitation first, we can fully unleash and give backing to the pent-up fury of women at thousands of years of tradition's chains as a mighty force in achieving the full emancipation of all humanity.

This revolution is possible. This revolution is urgent. And the leadership and understanding for this revolution exists in Bob Avakian (BA) and the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. As concentrated in a just-released compendium, Break ALL the Chains! Bob Avakian on the Emancipation of Women and the Communist Revolution, and in A Declaration: For Women's Liberation and the Emancipation of All Humanity, the vision and strategy for this revolution have been forged, and movement for this revolution IS being built. Get into this deeply and with urgency, and be part of spreading it.

At the same time, as part of hastening the development of such a revolution and preparing people to seize on it and take it all the way—OR even if you are not yet convinced of the need for such a revolution—join in the fight today to stand up against and shake off the ways this system puts on us. Refuse to stay silent or go along. Link up with the movement to End Pornography and Patriarchy: the Enslavement and Degradation of Women, becoming part of the fight right now to defeat this war on women and forging a spreading culture and community of revolt and liberation up against all the woman-hating that is so prevalent.

Answer the call of the future by stepping to the front lines of the fight to #BreakALLtheChains.

As BA has said over many years:

You cannot break all the chains, except one. You cannot say you want to be free of exploitation and oppression, except you want to keep the oppression of women by men. You can’t say you want to liberate humanity yet keep one half of the people enslaved to the other half. The oppression of women is completely bound up with the division of society into masters and slaves, exploiters and exploited, and the ending of all such conditions is impossible without the complete liberation of women. All this is why women have a tremendous role to play not only in making revolution but in making sure there is all-the-way revolution. The fury of women can and must be fully unleashed as a mighty force for proletarian revolution.

BAsics 3:22

Volunteers Needed... for and Revolution

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0 # Dbug 2014-05-31 21:29
The incident in Santa Barbara is heart breaking. The media on the other hand, continues to focus on Rodger’s metal Illness. Personally I have always believed that mental illness is a major social problem, society has stigmatized individuals while overlooking proper medical care. However, this is an act of hate and the oppression of women has allowed violence against them. While our country claims that women have gained equality, our society has been trained to humiliate and degrade women as disposable sexual objects. Then they are shamed for deciding whether or not they want to become mothers? This is their right and the system is using this to create inequality and continue the suppression of women. Not only are prisons filled with Black and Latino young men, but the numbers of female prisoners are also increasing while social welfare is being denied. This is not accidental, women did not just wake up one day and decided to break the law. This is a source of creating inequality.
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0 # LA305302 2014-06-02 00:33
I do not believe that mental illness should be completely ruled out, but definitely viewed as a piece of the bigger issue. Our society has become too familiar with diagnosing people for anything, because they can't handle them at school. Kids are so easily diagnosed bipolar or ADD. The biggest problem like you said if misogny. If he was any other race this probably wouldn't have even made headlines, and if it did for the wrong reasons. If he was middle eastern he would be considered a terrorist (i.e boston marathon bombers), if he was black he would be considered a thug. Since he was a middle class white man, they blame it on something else other than the action. Our society does not want to admit that it is as patriarchal as it socializes.
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0 # Viceless 2014-06-02 06:54
I agree with what you said on the issue of mental health. The way that people with mental health issues are treated in this country is something that largely needs to change. Many times people with these disorders are released from hospitals because they have not displayed themselves to be dangerous to themselves or society until it is too late. That being said there are multiple issues with this whole scenario ranging from his mental health status to the fact that the police were called and told of threats and the proper precautions were not taken to avoid this tragedy.
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0 # LA305302 2014-06-02 17:41
It is very difficult to approach this kind of change within the institution of mental disabilities. After a patient is treated, there is only so much one can do to detain them, or declare them unstable for society. I think this is why it becomes so difficult. You can not keep someone within an institution just because they might be a threat to society. This is like keeping prisoners in GTMO because THEY MIGHT be terrorist. What makes this case different, was that his parents were involved calling the police, and if they would have checked his background they would have noticed he had purchased firearms. This in it self should have raised a red flag for the police to get a search warrant. Maybe have some type of psychologist (or something like) work with police officers when investigating these kind of problems. Police are not well trained to be thrown in into a situation of having to evaluate someone who is mentally unstable.
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0 # jatoxqui 2014-06-06 00:34
Keeping prisoners in GTMO is not because they might be terrorist but because these are stereotyped-if they look middle Eastern or have middle Eastern names, they are automatically suspicious to the American gov't-even if they are innocent. Going back to the Rodgers case, many people just claim insanity in court cases because that is the easiest route out of a crime. Media did the same with Rodgers, they stigmatized him with this mental illness and has overlooked the mayor problem. And this is common in many things, once society puts a label on something/someo ne, then that is what it becomes or he/she become. Rodgers internalized all the insults he received for many years and saw himself as an outcast. This hatred that was built up was overlooked by society and these were the results: the murder of innocent people and a suicide. Patriarchy, misogyny, and bullying are the issue here, and his mental state was the result of all this.
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0 # SOC 123 2014-06-10 19:30
I understand that the mental illness made bigger headlines. On the contrast I believe that what should have made a bigger issue is that they fact that the situation should have been taken care of when the police were shown the video and did not take action.
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0 # jnandez 2014-06-02 07:00
It is a sad thing to realize our nation pushes mainstream thought to be ignorant and to not think critically. Most are all too quick to blame it on a mental illness to not deal with a more complicated issue of patriarchy. And it is in part to the fact that the elite men on top do not want to change the oppression of women because it benefits them now. Or even worse, many on top may not even realize that they are oppressing women because they think that it is normal.
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0 # SOC 123 2014-06-10 19:25
I take this incident to heart and researched everything about the case and I didn't think about race making headlines. You do make a point. I mean if that person was a minority its most likely that person can't afford to get a psychological review so its easier to say the race.
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0 # Elizabeth arroyo 2014-06-02 05:58
On the discussion of being shamed for not wanting to get married is also a hugh problem that women face in society. If a women does not want to get married or have kids she is looked down upon. I feel like in the mainstream society pushes men to be independent and women to be dependent on men. Women are the ones who give up on their careers and dreams to stay at home with the kids and their is always constant pressure to get married. It saddens me to talk about issues in this article such as prostitution in the fact that in multiple of my classes my professors have taken votes to see how many students believe that prostitution should be legal and the majority says yes. Do we not want better opportunities for our women in society then to become prostitutions? It just makes me upset that that is the type of society I may have to raise my kids in one day
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0 # marcam 2014-06-02 19:03
I agree with you by the media keeps focusing on the mental illness instead of the situation itself. Rogers killed people he didn’t like, he killed people that he disliked because he thought they owed him something for being a male, he killed them because he wasn’t receiving the perks he thought he should’ve received. In my opinion this was a hate crime instead of something a mentally ill people did.
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0 # bobbybmartinez 2014-06-07 02:42
This was not just a hate crime, it was a crime that reflected what society pumps into our brian. Our social structure is built around making white, wealthy and middle to upperclass people, especially men feel like they are superior and deserve anything that they wish for. This is the biggest problem, and until we fix this flaw in out structure, we will continue to see tragedies like this over and over again.
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0 # Luvlife1 2014-06-09 03:06
I agree that society leads people to believe that if they have money and power they should be getting some type of special treatment, reason why Elliott had the idea that if he won the lottery he would have females at his feet. However, most people in their right mind would get outraged at not getting what they feel they deserve but would not act on it therefore I do believe it was a combination of mental illness and hate crime.
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0 # bobbybmartinez 2014-06-10 18:48

I know that there are many mental illnesses that are very real and that exist. With that being said, I feel as though there are several therapists that are coining illnesses as an excuse for irrational behavior. I find this the case more often if not solely with a case pertaining to white and middle to upperclass people, but when people of minority groups lash out and fight against their oppression, they are labeled as dangerous, violent, and a threat to our society, thus leading to their incarceration.
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0 # SOC 123 2014-06-10 21:38
Agreed. I don't see that he had a mental illness, but I see it as a rich kid that his "power" didn't get what he wanted.
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0 # Belinda Kil 2014-06-12 00:11
I strongly agree with the points made above. The media and society is heavily guilty of glamorizing the lives of people with money and power. Obviously, people with money and power have many material things but this does not mean they are subject to getting whatever they want, even from people or people in general. It is sad that Elliot felt victim to this kind and way of thinking. In more general settings just as Luvlife1 has written about, most people "would get outraged at not getting what they feel they deserve". If media and society didn't make these kinds of points natural to our thinking no one would fall victim to that kind of thinking.
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0 # draen 2014-06-03 23:55
I completely agree. The media is not focusing on the important role that misogyny has played in this incident. I too am a strong advocate for ending the stigmatization of mental illness, but I believe that mental illness is being used as a scapegoat in this situation. We can not write this mass shooting off as simply mental illness. Society needs to address the underlying problems in order to create change.
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0 # SOC 123 2014-06-10 19:35
I agree. If he didn't have a mental illness then what? What would they say about the case? He just didn't get what he wanted to he decided to get revenge.
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0 # bobbybmartinez 2014-06-07 02:24
Unfortunately that is the case for a lot of horrific things that happen these days, the media and "professionals" tend to blame mental illnesses, especially in the case when the perpetrator is a while males, middle to upper class. Instead of looking at the real issue at hand, which that society is built on a framework and idea that exploitation of women, lower classes and people abroad is okay. It is acceptable, and expected.
We first need to fix the structure of our society, in order to fix the problems happening within society.
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0 # Princess Peach 2014-05-31 21:37
Although the equality of women has come a long way, women are nowhere near equal to men, despite common wisdom of today’s society. It is impossible make it so men and women are equal due to the system that we are living in today. In order for change to occur, a revolution must take place. It is only then when women can stop living in fear. It says a lot about our society when teenagers are getting for college and women buy rape whistles and pepper spray, while men buy condoms. It saddens me that Elliott Rodgers grew up in a society that taught him that women are simply objects for men. He was taught that women are supposed to throw themselves at men. These thoughts and ideas did not arise from his mental illness, but rather from the views about women in society. Change is possible, but it is not possible in the way that our system is currently structured. We must take the next steps to Revolution if we really want to see change occur.
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0 # Dbug 2014-06-02 06:57
It is horrifying that women must live in fear. It does say a lot about our society when women by rape whistles while men buy condoms. Women's safety is not given much importance in college campuses. You would think, all that money that goes in to the college campus but they can't provide proper lighting or extra security at night. It's like women are being punished for wanting financial independence.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-01 16:46
It is an outrage that women are rotting away in prison for killing their abusive partners. I saw a documentary one time and some of these women had been in there 20 years for killing their abusive husbands. Some had documented and reported domestic violence for years. The laws have changed some from 20 years ago and if they would have been tried today they would not be convicted. This rulings need to be overturned. The burning bed, not without my daughter and enough are all movies that come to mind concerning the topic of domestic violence. Women stay for many different reasons including intimidation, threats, lack of financial independence, and the children. Being abused is a terrifying experience. Women can end up with PTSD rather quickly.
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0 # Dbug 2014-06-01 18:51
Lomonaco, your correct there are many reasons why many women stay in abusive relationships. Much of that has to do with lack financial dependence and children as you stated. We have a system that prevents women from becoming financially independent. The fact that you brought up women in prison is interesting. The prison system has not only increased the number of female inmates but it has also set them up for failure. When a woman is released back into the community the opportunity of receiving social welfare is denied. So how are women suppose to afford housing, obtain employment and care for their children? The system is setting women up for failure.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-01 23:46
I agree they are being set up to fail. Living in poverty increases the chances of being in an abusive situation. This includes child abuse. If we had jobs here in America that paid a living wage the abuse would decrease. Abuse is one of the side effects of poverty. People are stressed and are on edge. People living in poverty are punished by the system. It seems like the government wants to put all minorities away. This includes women as a minority group. The system locks up the most disenfranchised . The government should be helping these people out of poverty to begin with, but they allow the big business to run the country. This is why we need to destroy the system and rebuild it.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-05 23:00
Our job as a social worker is to bring about change and help the disenfranchised . It is more than helping an individual in need. We are forced to put a band-aide on an individual hen it is a macro problem. The politicians and the elites have the say in what gets approved and implemented in society. Taking the grass roots method to change is cost effective. Change the minds of people and spreading the word.
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0 # Luvlife1 2014-06-09 03:48
I absolutely agree with you on the system making the problem even bigger as if we had more equality then perhaps more women would not feel the need to stay in bad relationships and put up with abuse. The system continues make minorities poorer and the richer, it needs to change!
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0 # LA305302 2014-06-02 00:41
What you said is very true, but women also do not leave for fear of theirs and their children's lives. A huge percentage of domestic violence crime and death comes from when women try to leave their perpetrator. Then of course comes what you said. Many of these women have no where to go. Family is sometimes not around because the husband/boyfrie nd did not let them keep in contact.
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0 # bobbybmartinez 2014-06-07 02:46
I believe what you mean is lack of financial independence, I agree with that you are saying but i was a bit confused when I first read this I was a bit confused because of the wording, but you are right in the statement that you were trying to get across.
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0 # CamouflagedWife 2014-06-02 00:04
what you bring up in relation to this post is what i completely agree on! There are women who go to jail for killing their abusive husbands, but in my eyes that's defense. Ii have watched Not Without My Daughter and it is so sad to watch and realize that this is happening to women still because some mend still believe in the patriarchal society where they come first and are more important. In regards to the killings, it is sad that the reason was blamed on "women," when it was obviously his own issue. Change is definitely possible as Princess Peach recognizes above, but it definitely is something that will only happen if the entire system is changed. The current system we have will continue to allow these horrible things because it is fundamentally based on all these inequalities and problems. Revolution is necessary if REAL change is ever to be made for the future of our society!
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-05 22:01
Change needs to happen on a world scale. We need to stop exploiting people locally and abroad. They say people cannot change unless they have hit rock bottom. Well maybe the globe needs to fail as a whole. We are so interlocked that it is possible. Putting people in power that will represent the average person is what we need. One of the problems I see we have now. Big business and elites run the country. When it comes to money people are greedy. Even if the people of the United States could overturn the government. There will still be people in government. They are human and at some point are going to dishonest to the American people by taking bribes by those who have money.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-05 22:07
I feel the government should have people in office who actually represent the people in society. The average normal people we see around us daily is who needs to be in office. Dr. Narayan said India’s parliament has an equal representation of the different casts. Who do we have in politics that have come from an average person? Big business needs to stop influencing politicians. When money is involved people only care about what is going to benefit them. Politicians have their own agendas and causes. They are only going to approve enough programs to keep the people going.
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0 # minnie 2014-06-08 10:23
I also find it outrageous that women face prison sentences for killing their abusive husbands. They finally stand up for themselves in the end against their abuser and for what? These women face a life behind bars in order to be controlled by prison guards and in some cases, are abused yet again. The way our patriarchal society is, people ask why the women stays in an abusive relationship. However, the real question should be, “Why is he beating her?” The commonly held view is that rapists and batterers are psychologically disturbed. However, it is even more horrifying to know that most of these men are psychologically normal.
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0 # Dbug 2014-06-08 23:27
It is disturbing to learn that most of the men are psychotically normal. What does this tell us? It tells us that the problem is not individualistic rather the products of our patriarchal society. Although mental illness is an existing problem in our society, I believe it has been used too often to justify violent crimes against women. Using mental illness as an excuse also distracts the public from the harsh reality that many women are facing around the world including our own country.
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0 # Luvlife1 2014-06-09 03:51
It is more like a trap, the system ensures that minorities don't have many resources which makes it hard for them to get out of abusive relationships and when you finally decide to do something about it you will be punished. It's a catch 22!
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0 # mitchell denerson 2014-06-09 04:58
Their are other ways the women could have handled their abusive husbands than killing them. Sure they may be afraid to leave them in fear of further abuse, but they could try going to the police for starters, or just plain leaving them. In some cases yes maybe they had to kill their husbands in a spur of the moment self defense but if it is pre meditated, then its sad to say but they should be in prison even though they were led onto it because of the abuse. But i feel that in those cases instead of filling up prisons they should receive mental care instead of prison time.
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0 # Christine Lopez 2014-06-01 16:53
Women are not treated nearly as equal to men, Women are being discriminated aganist. If you look at the wage gap men are still making more money then women. In the hiring process companies prefer to hire men becuase they do not want to pay for materiniy leave and hirer a replacement. Even to this date some men still want there wife to stay home and raise the children and they want them to abonden ther careers.
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0 # shannon barkley 2014-06-02 05:08
I agree women are not treated as equals. Its been shown that men want control and believe they run a family/househol d, BUT a great and successful relationship only works wil both sides being equal and cohesive parts. Not only is this seperation in some families but also in the work force as you said. Men are treated as better at a job and that they deserve more money, but in reality women can work just as hard if not harder than some men.
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0 # SOC 123 2014-06-10 19:39
I completely agree with you. Its something that unfortunately will continue. The best thing would be that women stand up for being mistreated.
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0 # Jessica Ulloa 2014-06-01 18:12
It is truly upsetting that in 2014 we STILL live in a society where Men and Women are not even close to being treated as equal. I would consider myself to have strong feminist beliefs. Men and women are to be treated equally and it should not take as long as it has. I agree that all chains need to be broken. How can we change one aspect of our society without changing them all? Some say, racism doesn't exists, although it does very much so. It is not as apparent (from what i see) as it was pre-civil rights, although it still exists. Just as this issue of not having equal right between the sexes still exists. I am not and will not be okay with Women almost being equal to Men. We are all human and have the right to be treated equal and given equal right in all aspects of life.
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0 # LA305302 2014-06-02 00:38
All chains must be broken like you said. Saying that we need equal rights alone does not really mean we will be equal. Much of society is structured in a way that even if we tried to get "make it equal" capitalism would not allow that. Capitalism was built with the foundation that is wrapped around patriarchy. It was not built to serve women. This is why we are in such disarray.
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0 # SOC 123 2014-06-10 21:42
Good point.
I strongly believe that the situation won't go away. I wouldn't know either how make changes.
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0 # SOC 123 2014-06-10 21:45
Good point. I strongly believe that the situation won't change. Also, how women value themselves has to do with how you want a man to treat you.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-01 20:24
I have learned that not all countries have access to birth control, other countries do not believe in it even if it was a rape by a stranger. Women are at a disadvantage in society. Masculine domination in our society does not give women the same opportunities as a man to start. Women have more rights now than 70 years ago, but there is still a long way to go. Women hit the glass ceiling in the work place. We are the ones who are to take care of the children regardless if we are married and working or not. It is the woman’s duty to take off work to get a sick child from school or stay home with them. Women should be allowed to choose.
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0 # Dbug 2014-06-02 06:04
It is upsetting that a woman's body is still subject to regulation. The fact that women are being denied birth control even for those who have been victims of rape is unreasonable. In Peru, many indigenous women were forcibly sterilized by president Fujimori. Taking the right of a women to choose whether or not they want to become mothers is a serious violation of human rights. As you stated, women should be allowed to choose, but because of masculine domination our society does not give women the same opportunities as a man.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-05 22:13
The United States government sterilized people too up until 1981. The United States points their finger at how bad every other country is. How we are so civilized, but it needs to look at its own practices and traditions.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-05 22:14
Dbug The United States government sterilized people too up until 1981. The United States points their finger at how bad every other country is. How we are so civilized, but it needs to look at its own practices and traditions.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-01 23:20
Society is becoming more violent. Women are objectified everywhere we look. Even in women’s magazines they are objectified. Video games start children out at a young age how to degrade women. We see it in movies, television, cartoons; print, etc. women are looked down upon.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-01 23:22
. They are always the object to a man. The man is the doer. The man takes a woman as his wife. He takes her out to dinner or to the movies. It is always the man doing to the woman. Women are usually not in a power position. She is always the sidekick to a man. Being a secretary to the man higher up, yet she knows how to get things done better than he does most of the time. She could do the whole job his included without him, yet he would not even be able to keep up with phone calls. If a woman is in a power position she is a bitch. She has to work 3 times as hard to get there and watch everything she does.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-01 23:22
and watch everything she does. She has to take on male characteristics , but keep feminine ones as well. It is so frustrating. I was listening to a girl the other day that was older. She was crying because being older it is harder to get a job and she is in a male dominated field. She is having a hard time getting her foot in the door. Women do not grow up and marry a man who will support her and their children till death. People are staying single longer and both males and females need to work to support themselves. Even if you’re married the cost of living is so high and good paying jobs are hard to come by that both people work.
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0 # SOC 123 2014-06-10 19:43
Thats all true. But actually I work for a city and mainly in the office its all women including my position its all females and one man. But then again the supervisor of the building is a man. So, its kinda the same thing as you are saying; since its all women working a man.
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0 # Marisol Parra 2014-06-01 23:44
Marx describes the feminist theory as a women being oppressed in our systems. Just in general women find it hard compete in the corporate workforce. I happen to work for a large financial institution and most of our higher management are males. In 2014 there is still so much gender inequality which I find it hard to believe yet I still see it especially in the workforce. I came across this article for one of my research papers that I am working on “Side by Side” written by Melinda Machado depicts that how women find a barrier to reach the glass ceiling in the corporate workforce. Machado quotes, “As the only professional woman in her corporation, she describes a long process of working to be accepted, breaking new ground, and learning to deal with comments about her capabilities, clothing, and appearance…/ "I've learned to manage it, but at the beginning I almost quit."(Machado, Melinda).
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0 # Marisol Parra 2014-06-01 23:47
continued... In order to stop such gender inequality we must learn to change the way our systems treat a women.
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0 # LA305302 2014-06-02 00:26
The crime done on women's bodies is too serious to be ignored. Masculinity and misogyny is very much alive in our country even though we like to believe that others have it worst. This case of Elliot Rodger is not an isolated one, but one that is very existent in our society. This reflects how many men in our society do think this way, but they all have their own ways of expressing it weather it be privately or not. Elliot Rodger just happen to be one that took it out violently. At the event from the Revolutionary Communist Party last had, they said one way to approach change is when something is our society has happened that leaves people at awe. People are in a mixed array of feelings and in a state of vulnerability, so it would be convenient for someone to step in and change their perception of things. This is a great example of how we can create change. This event is reaching national media. Messages of misogny are getting spread everywhere.
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0 # Dbug 2014-06-02 06:47
Change cannot happen without a revolution. I'm glad this event has reached national media, but at the same time bothered that it took an atrocious act for the media to finally publicize misogyny. Violence against women has been evident in other countries as well as our own. When has the media emphasize that many women have been victims of rape in their own college campuses? or that in Pakistan, the most common way women are murdered is by an "accidental" oven explosion? The message that has been portrayed is that a woman's life is not valued. As you stated, this is something that has happened in our society that has left people in awe. This is the time influence people and spread the message of misogyny ourselves. This is not just an act of a troubled college student with a mental illness but a product of our society.
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0 # LA305302 2014-06-02 17:44
I understand your point about it taking this to happen, but events like this is what can put revolution on the plat form. it is very difficult as it is to reach out to people, so when things like this happen people are realizing what a messed up world we live in. Many people are not exposed to this type of material, so when this occurs they are in shock. This is when its time to step in and preach the truth to others because they are more inclined to believe.
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0 # LA305302 2014-06-02 00:27
Now would be the time to show people what kind of world we are living in and what we can do to change. This way, people realize that this is something that could be repeated if we fail to act.
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0 # shannon barkley 2014-06-02 04:57
I agree now is the time to jump on this opportunity. SInce this insident is still fresh in the public's mind, if the way we are living were brought to the public's eye, then a change could happen. If the world saw what was happening then there is less of a chance of history repeating itself.
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0 # thatdude 2014-06-02 01:59
Women are constantly being oppressed. Our society is shaped around the idea that men are alpha-males and somehow that gives them a power over women that some men feel entitled to. Gender inequality is just as much an issue as racial inequality. Violence against women is a huge problem in our society today given the facts that Dr. Loo gave us in lecture such as "1/4 women will be raped or experience an attempted rape on them in their lifetime". That is a ridiculous statistic that makes my stomach turn. How is it fair that everyday women have to live in fear and worry about things like pumping gas alone at night or even just taking a walk. I think it starts at a young age where its seen in movies, video games, TV shows, commercials etc that women are being portrayed as sexual objects. And in the case of Elliot Rodger when he didn't receive sex or acts of affection from women, which he felt entitled to as a male, he snapped and took it out on the innocent.
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0 # Sarah Heitz 2014-06-02 02:17
That is a great question? How long is it going to take for women to feel safe walking to their car at night by themselves? Men, were you taught by your mother to carry your keys in between your knuckles when you are alone at night? I can guarantee almost all women in our class were taught this by someone who has been in a situation that has had led them to think that the worst is always going to happen.
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0 # Guy 2014-06-02 02:39
It is disheartening to see that there are men that could shoot and kill others and get away with it while women are imprisoned for actually defending themselves from harm. It seems to give the impression that men can repeatedly beat a women and get away with it while when the women makes a move she is prosecuted for it. The road to women's equality has just begun and it is only the tip of the ice berg we are beginning to see. Some have said why should the women be the one that has to take care of the family quitting her job to do so. It seems that the blame is on men but I would have to disagree. Logically speaking if the household is able to survive with one income it should be the person with the least income to quit their job and watch over the family. It can be the men or women. But the system has made it where women only makes roughly 80% (high estimate) of the dollar a man makes resulting in the women making less than their counterpart.
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0 # tiffany 2014-06-02 02:57
Women are looked at today as people that are only good for a few things. Cooking, cleaning and reproducing. As long as women are objectified to be a certain way this is going to be a problem in society. Men like Elliot Rogers believe that women are supposed to be theirs and that they own them which brings the problem. It makes the men who objectify these women and get "rejected" become hateful towards women then these issues become larger. It makes men who objectify these women and only see them as sex objects making these issues larger. There needs to be a breakthrough in society, when women not only are equal in a political sense but also in every mans mindset.
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0 # Jane Doe 2014-06-02 06:04
I agree society view women as only good/capable for doing those things (cooking, cleaning, reproducing). If a woman cannot reproduce she is viewed as not a woman, if she cannot cook society says she is not a real woman. We are in 2014, people still have this idea that a woman should be a stay at home wife, taking care of the children, their husband, and the home. Society still has not been able to fully shed this perception of woman. Obviously this problem will not be shed from one day to another.
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0 # jnc 2014-06-02 03:59
It is a rather sickening thought that women are still not seen as equals to men, and some men are clueless enough to think this is true. In a world where opportunities are supposed to be endless, the door shuts on women who open their mouths and divert from what society thinks a woman should be. It needs to be known that women are strong and have thoughts of their own that need to be considered. Women are just as strong as men and instead of seeing them as sex symbols and baby makers, men need to view them as humans and equal partners. As women, they need to know that settling for less is not the option. To strive high to reach goals should always be what they reach for. Showing men that they can stand together and be better and stronger is the revolution that women need.
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0 # Princess Peach 2014-06-02 05:22
I completely agree with you. It's saddening that women and men are so unequal, contrary to the popular belief that women have the same amount of equality as men. In order for anything to change, we need to replace our existing system with a completely different one. We need to take the next steps to revolution if we truly want women and men to be equal.
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0 # marcos1 2014-06-04 16:58
It is sad that women even have to make men realize, "Hey, I'm a human being too!" A lot of the time women are seen as objects. Women are less appealing for the work force because their gift to humanity (giving birth) is seen as a loss of profit since they'll be missing work for months and companies have to pay them a pregnancy leave. A few months with a newborn child is not nearly enough. There are biological things that happen when a mother is next to her child and she should have the option to be there with her child. This is just one small example of how much harder women have it then men.

There is also a sickening double standard that a lot of people, not just men, use against women. Women are different than men, and that is a great thing, but women are just as valuable and our society needs to start realizing/actin g like they are
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0 # shannon barkley 2014-06-02 04:49
When I heard about the Elliot Rodger's incident I was appalled. What I got from his videos and the information I heard was that he liked the blonde white women and that he was the superior gentleman. From a young age women and men are gender separated, especially in the aspect of toys. There should be a revolution. To many ladies settle for men who may please them in sexual ways and give them some attention but they do not treat them with respect or value them as a person. The women and men need to realize if respect, loyalty, commitment, etc. were the focuses of a relationship then happiness is an end result. With the pornography industry and magazines portraying women in the way they do, then it gives a hint to men and women that this treatment is okay; but it is wrong and that is why a revolution needs to happen.
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0 # flr9d 2014-06-02 05:29
Women and many minorities have been oppressed by and treated unequally. I believe that is will always be a need for a targeted group. Even though women have come a long way there will always be differences and those difference are used against them and help lead to inequality. The only way changes can be made is by rewriting the system.
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0 # Jane Doe 2014-06-02 05:38
I find this story still shocking. I never thought a person could commit such a crime over a unreasonable reason. Killing women over hatred towards them because they didn't "hang on his arm in a way to elevate his status as a man." Women are not an object or trophies to have around as a display. I do not know why or where men got the idea that having women around gives them status yet if women have many men around it makes them a "whore." This double standard is an example of the inequality that is still going on in the year 2014. Women's equality has not gotten too far from where it was at before. Sure we can vote and have higher job positions but women are still paid less for the same job. An example showing we have not gotten far.
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0 # mdAngel 2014-06-02 05:41
It is sick to think we live in a country where we are brainwashed to believe equality is among us all when it is not. No man or woman should fight for equal opportunity it is a natural right. We are all human with responsibilitie s. There is no reason why one race or gender should be at the bottom of the totem pole.
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0 # mdAngel 2014-06-02 05:44
For the longest, the government persuades what a woman's role should be, and that is ridiculous. For instance, toy stores sell play kitchens, make-up kits, glitter etc., to portray a woman's role as nothing more than a stay home property of a man. Woman are just as capable of succeeding just as anyone else.
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0 # Elizabeth arroyo 2014-06-02 05:47
The topic of abuse and dehumanizing women is a topic that angers me greatly in the fact that we live in a society that caters only to men. We create places like strip clubs and create adult movies that belittle women for the pleasure of men. I have had this conversation so many times with guys justifying them going to strip clubs and watching porn but of course they can do it but they would never want their wife or children to be involved in such professions. The media constantly has commercials or ads that show men overpowering them. The media tells women how to look and act and it is something that has a negative impact on women. Women are breed to have kids and be a house wife to their husbands. There really isn't such a reality of equal rights for women.
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0 # Heng Chang 2014-06-02 06:03
In my opinion, there was more to why Elliot Rodger did what he did. I believe that yes, masculinity was a factor, but also mental health and family background. However, despite all that, this incident shows the way that Elliot viewed girls. He thinks that they are items that he cannot have. There is more to getting a woman, than materialistic things and he thinks that because he is well off, he is supposed to get a girl to sleep with him. Women are worth much more than just materialistic things. Even in this century, racism and sexism still exists and the problems never really went away. People just stop making a big deal out of it, but the issue is still there. Women are still not seen as worthy as men.
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0 # Michelle Ngo 2014-06-02 06:08
Women want the same rights and equality that men has. After fighting for those rights, it still does not mean that women are equal to men. It is society that made the mass murderer, Elliott Rodger, believe that women are there to serve men at all times. There are definitely different treatment between men and women when it comes to violence. When a man hits a women, it is because he is stress or other factors and he gets off with a couple of years in prison or therapy. When women kills a man by defense, she would receive a larger sentence. How is that eqaul? Women defending themselves compared to men abusing their partners.
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0 # FAVELA001 2014-06-12 03:49
When a man hits a woman it is not because he is stressed or overworked or whatever other excuse he wants to give. It is because he is exerting his power over her, his dominance, his “masculinity”. Elliot Rodger saw himself as the “ideal man” one who should be served and adored by women. His understanding of masculinity was construed, but it is the one distributed by our society. This viewpoint of masculinity is on constant display in our society as mentioned by Elizabeth Arroyo. In advertising men are seen dominating over a woman, tying her up, using her as a footstool, or getting her drunk so she’ll be more “fun”. If a woman is not involved in the advertisement then it is a man doing something “manly” such as drinking a beer, mowing the lawn, or chopping wood. None of these things are inherently “masculine” yet our society treats them as such, thereby perpetuating the cycle that there are things “men” do and things “not men” do.
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0 # Monique V. 2014-06-02 06:31
Women are among one of many groups in society that have been and continue to be oppressed. We are led to believe that equality between men and women has been achieved, but in reality those barriers still exist and are just invisible. I agree that a huge change needs to occur for people to realize how truly messed up this current system is.
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0 # soad 2014-06-02 06:40
Although women have gained many basic rights over the years, they are still not treated equally as men. Women are payed less than men in different fields. Also there is a greater percentage of women being abused rather than men. Women have been incarcerated for responding and acting against their abusers. However, when these women are released from jail/prison they don't get welfare which creates a bigger array of problems.
It's sad to see that in 2014, men still think that women should be stay at home moms that only should cook, clean and tend to the children and many still haven't evolved from this misogynistic mentality.
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0 # jnandez 2014-06-02 06:51
This article is talking about a need for an immense change. Women are oppressed and undermined every single day and do not even know it. Men do not even know that they do it. It is hard to do, but there needs to be an awareness spread of what is really going on here. The Santa Barbara shooting was an insanely tragic event, but there is also oppression that happens everyday and we need to fight that as well. Please look into the Revolution to do just that!
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0 # Sherlock 2014-06-02 06:57
What happened in Santa Barbara was terrible and I think we can all agree on that. For him to blame all of the deaths that he caused on not being appreciated by women is a disgusting and ultimately terrifying thing. Whether or not he was mentally sane, the role that he believed women should have played is a whole new level of "wow". Women have always been seen as less than men and this does in fact need to change. However, I do see that there has been change in the world and we are currently seeing more and more of it every day. Still, the more equal we can get, the better and the more stereotypical roles are crushed.
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0 # bobbybmartinez 2014-06-10 18:54
You are right, it is disgusting, mostly in part because behaviors are learned. From the time of birth we learn and mimic behaviors, we copy what we see and adopt ideas as we see fit. Humans are born into a world where everything is learned. The horrific part of this is the fact that Elliot's behaviors were learned here, his ideas did not come out of thin air, but rather saw them practiced in smaller more minute ways by others. There are a lot of people in the world who think this way, Elliot just decided to act on his ideas and feeling on a grander and more horrific scale.
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0 # marcam 2014-06-02 19:23
In response to the Santa Barbara incident I think that this could’ve been prevented and more attention should’ve gone to the warnings. Rogers had posted videos illustrating the hatred he had and he also stated what he had plan in doing. Also if a mother calls the police for help and nothing is done because he seems normal isn’t enough. At least he should’ve been arrested so he could be diagnosed by a physiatrist to see if he was a danger to himself or society, which he was. But nothing was done. Now that everything has happened the mentally ill comes up. I don’t think that mentally ill should be a defense because many people that kill in masses claim to be mentally ill. In my opinion it’s just a defense tactic to not go to prison and one that shouldn’t occur. If you kill for hate which in my opinion is what Rogers did then he should go to prison.
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0 # marcam 2014-06-02 21:27
In response to the Santa Barbara incident I think that this could’ve been prevented and more attention should’ve gone to the warnings. Rodgers’ had posted videos illustrating the hatred he had and he also stated what he had plan in doing. Also if a mother calls the police for help and nothing is done because he seems normal isn’t enough. At least he should’ve been arrested so he could be diagnosed by a physiatrist to see if he was a danger to himself or society, which he was. But nothing was done. Now that everything has happened the mentally ill comes up. I don’t think that mentally ill should be a defense because many people that kill in masses claim to be mentally ill. In my opinion it’s just a defense tactic to not go to prison and one that shouldn’t occur. If you kill for hate which in my opinion is what Rogers did then he should go to prison.
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0 # Slovebee 2014-06-03 07:25
This is why I think that the #Yesallwomen movement going around in social media, especially in Twitter, is so important. The hash-tag movement consists of situations that, if not all, the majority of women come across because of being a 'woman'. I think movements like these are always a stepping stone to raising awareness and changing things. Although one may not see it overnight what does end up happening is that people are talking about. And if people are talking about it then people are spreading the word and others are learning about it. And learning and training others to see what's actually going on is an awesome things. The Santa Barbara shootings were a tragedy. And it's horrible that this has to happen in order for some to finally get the picture, but at least people are getting it. And we can hope that the topic of misogyny and the role of men in society continues to be talked about.
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0 # Karen Cornejo 2014-06-03 18:51
How are women supposed to be empowered and have the courage to stick up for themselves if just like he article said several women are behind bars for doing exactly that. There is also such a double standard when it comes to men and women in every case. One of my sociology teachers gave us an example: If a man has a picture of his family on his desk he is dedicated but if a woman has a picture of her family she is unfocused.
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-03 19:50
Quoting Karen Cornejo:
How are women supposed to be empowered and have the courage to stick up for themselves if just like he article said several women are behind bars for doing exactly that.

So long as the system that oppresses females continues, this will be true. What is needed then is a revolution. One of the differences between those women who are imprisoned and a revolutionary movement designed to break all the chains is that who is seen as the problem is expanded beyond one individual male to patriarchy...
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0 # Michael Oktay 2014-06-03 21:20
The incident in Santa Barbara is a prime example of how the system effects the thoughts, values, and behaviors of individuals in it. Watching the video of him expressing his hate for women and his jealousy for other men left me deeply disturbed. From the sheer amount of hate that radiated off of him, of course, but also by the expectation he had for women. In his eyes, he was the perfect man and deserved the sex and "love" that women are supposed to give to men. Because he never got what he wanted (probably because, based on the video, his psychotic nature shined through to anyone who was interested) he built up profound resentment and took it out on them. Why did he have these expectations to begin with? Why did he view women this way? As I continue on in this course I see more and more just how strong systems are to us. I would definitely agree that pornography, which is so easily accessible to users on the internet and which depicts the behavior of taking advantage of wom(continued)
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0 # Michael Oktay 2014-06-03 21:24
--- women, as well as the music, movies, and television prevalent in pop culture are to blame for infecting into the minds of men (and even women)this kind of role women are to have that Elliot believed. Yes, we have made progress in creating more equality in regards to men and women, but as BA said: "You cannot break all the chains, except one"
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0 # draen 2014-06-04 00:07
Such strong hatred of women and the perpetuation of rape culture are clear indications that women are still not on the same level as men in regards to equality. Situations like this are terrifying, because they show the degree to which men believe they are entitled to women and sexual favors. Another example is the recent incident that occurred where a female was stabbed for turning down her classmates prom proposal. Tragedies like this are not uncommon, and it's hard to believe that a majority of America cannot see this pattern. The fact that women have to fear rejecting a man clearly shows that we as a culture have a problem with male entitlement. I agree that we need a revolution, and I look forward to the day that it begins.
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0 # AJ 2014-06-04 04:04
I agree that woman must fight to obtain equality in this society and to not let themselves be fooled by the supposed equality we have achieved according to some men. Men shouldn't have complete power over the laws that prevents women to decide for themselves. As mentioned in the article, women should have the freedom to abort. With women being the primary victims of rape, they should have the right to decide to abort if conception occurs due to the rape.
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0 # marcos1 2014-06-04 16:48
I was in high school, hanging out with my friends, talking about life and "guy stuff" and as a response to a remark I heard I responded with, "women are people too."

It's sad that I even had to say that, but a lot of males really do see women as sexual objects. People arre people. Whether they are male or female, this color or that color. The most alarming part is that it seems like in 2014 women are starting to accepting the role our society had blueprinted out for them or adopting the behavior of men. There's a song on YouTube that says "I'm a boss ass bitch" and it's a perfect example of women adopting the behavior of men. Some females even call them self "bitches" like it's a good thing.
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0 # AJ 2014-06-05 16:39
I like that fact that you brought that up. I feel that in today's society, that fact that women are internalizing terms such as "bitches," diminshes the perception of what it is to be a highly imaged woman. Women might be internalizing such terms in order to decrease the power of the insult, however i feel that by doing so, women are encouraging the men to see women as nothing more than sexual objects. I think that fighting against the labels women are given can be a step to gaining a some respect from men.
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0 # jatoxqui 2014-06-06 00:20
I think in the last 20 years or so, there has been a gradual acceptance from women to be sexually objectified. It is as if women, including myself, are perpetuating the situation even more by choosing to call ourselves "bitches". It has come to become a joke among both men and women, when in reality, that's not even funny. We are putting ourselves down and accepting the perspective that our culture has of us. That needs to change and that is what Loo is referring to when he says Revolution is necessary. People need to change their current mindset and it starts with us-the students who are no longer asleep to the government's deceptions, and we need to spread that awareness to our families and friends so people can see the reality.
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0 # Manuel Arias 2014-06-11 18:27
i agree with your point, women are being so oppressed/marke d as object that it seems like they are starting to believe it too. i also had the curiosity about women calling each other "bitches", if they hate it so much why use it? but then i started thinking about other words that people use to discriminate other such as the "N" word, "beaners" and so on, it's ok when they use those terms/words but when other use them is not. so why use them at all in the first place? i think that is a problem within a problem and we need to start within ourselves to change that.
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0 # Sinnerman 2014-06-04 17:00
There aren't too many issues that Revolution can't fix, but how is that supposed to happen? A vast majority of Americans are gullible idiotic sheep who don't even know that there is a problem. Starting a revolution without the support of the majority almost ensures failure. So how do you not only inform the people that there is a problem but also motivate them to actually get up and do something about it?
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-04 17:20
Quoting Sinnerman:
A vast majority of Americans are gullible idiotic sheep who don't even know that there is a problem. Starting a revolution without the support of the majority almost ensures failure.
While gullibility, stupidity and sheeplike behavior is abundant in America, the main problem isn't those characteristics . The main problem is ignorance and that's not mainly the peo's fault. Despite the lies media and gov't tell peo daily, a majority of people told pollsters that they supported the goals of Occupy Wall Street. OWS was anti-capitalist in its thrust. Does that sound like gullible, idiotic sheep to you? A revolution needs certain things but at this point and until a major crisis occurs, it doesn't and can't win a majority to its ranks. But what it can do is win thousands to its ranks now and in the period prior to conditions in which millions can be and are open to taking up the revolution. For more see
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0 # Sinnerman 2014-06-07 23:15
To be honest I lump gullibility and sheep-like behavior as symptoms of ignorance, but I almost feel like ignorance isn't strong enough of a word to completely cover the entirety of the problem. Its not just not knowing the details of an issue, its not knowing that there ever was an issue to being with. This is due to a deliberate effort to keep people uninformed and ignorant.
Perhaps the cynic in me is coming out more, but hearing people claim to be on the side of OWS sounds exactly like sheep behavior to me. They are only willing to vocalize their beliefs once the movement has already started and gotten some public support even then they aren't really doing anything to show their support or contribute.
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-07 23:58
People responding to pollsters asking about their opinions about OWS gained nothing by expressing support for its goals. Given that OWS was an insurgent movement, I disagree that voicing support for them was sheeplike behavior.
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0 # katgrl 2014-06-04 22:18
I think women trying to defend themselves sometimes is not taken seriously and can sometimes be difficult. When a women responds with a simple no to man that is trying to pursue them can easily turn men to resentment. In Elliot's case this exact matter happened. He was rejected by a particular type of women and responded by killing and injuring people. So yes I feel that in order to end this violence prone and masculine superior society is a revolution. If a revolution takes place, then perhaps the ideals and beliefs that women are to be inferior to men can be reformed and changed. It would be nice to know that I can say no or speak up without having a fear that a man will retaliate in a violent way. Just recently in one of my classes mentioned how rape can be underreported because women are looked as sexual objects and they are the sole persuaders for and reason for being raped. That is absurd and yes revolution is necessary for change.
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0 # giovanna serrano 2014-06-05 01:22
The masacre done at Santa Barbara is rather a horrific scene of what our culture has cultivated. For many centuries now the society we live in seems to prioritize sex culture. It encourages young adults to participate in sexual activity and therefore, this creates pressure on young adults both the male and female. This boy seemed to carry out anger because he had not yet society's expectation as to what society had expected him to do. This just shows how our culture values affect the mentality of young adults who feel the need and pressure to fit in in order to relate to others.
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0 # jatoxqui 2014-06-05 23:58
The article raises many questions that I have been having in my head. It was as if Loo was reading my thoughts! I've always wondered and questioned the patriarchal culture I grew up in and how it is so unfair for many women, including my mom, to be submissive to their husbands. We even hear it at church when the priest acknowledges and perpetuates such a system where women have to be submissive. What happened in SB got me very upset because Rodgers is the perfect example of how society views women-as objects serving men. Mass media also helps to sustain this concept in people's minds when they advertise products with a sexy woman. Although we live in the most powerful country in the world, women are still suffering from inequality in the home and labor field. Yet, we pride ourselves in telling other countries that both men and women are equal.
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0 # jatoxqui 2014-06-06 00:03
continuing on my previous comment: If that were true, Rodger's manifesto would not have been created. He blames women for his state when he should be blaming our patriarchal culture for engraving such persistent concept within our homes. It's unfortunate that women have to face time when all they do is defend themselves because most of the time, authorities do not provide the necessary help for domestic violence victims. The revolutionary change is necessary and it is coming.
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0 # Luvlife1 2014-06-06 00:13
Me as a women, it saddens me to know that men out there still believe that we are meant to be for one thing only. I know society has not changed much, but how is it that women can now work and at the same time have a family and be expected to do both? Society expects some changes for females but men are still expecting much of the same as they always have. I too believe that the expectations that Elliott Rodgers had about women have nothing to do with a mental illness and instead is what he was taught in among society. A revolution is in deed necessary, but a women standing up for herself can be difficult, my idea of a change would need to come from both sexes in order to be taken more serious.
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0 # Jason Kubanis 2014-06-07 07:08
I believe that Rogers’s violence toward women comes directly from the core of his father’s employment. His father an assistant director, is in the middle of Hollywood, Elliot’s exposure to this may have had a profound affect on how he sought and how he was raised to treat women. Women are continuously objectified in magazines movies and all other parts of the Hollywood scene.
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0 # tiamari 2014-06-10 00:15
The media plays a major role is how men and women are perceived. Misogynistic messages have a negative impact in how women are perceive.
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0 # Karla Garcia 2014-06-08 13:02
what happened in Santa Barbara was tragedy and its true many women are at some point in their life a victim of a violent crime against them and they are still not equal. i believe a woman can do what she pleases to do with her body if that's what she wants. women have to stop being looked at as property and as less than anybody else. but we also know that even if people are successful of stopping End Pornography and Patriarchy, Enslavement and Degradation of Women that does not mean the violence against women will stop.
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0 # mitchell denerson 2014-06-09 01:37
I don't think a revolution will solve issues like this. A revolution is not going to stop mental illnesses. If you watch Elliot's last video, he was pissed off at women. He feels as though he is a great guy, which he stated. His parents probably embedded in his head, that nothing was wrong with him, he's better than a lot of other guys in a response to him not getting any women. That's my hypothesis. He felt as though he was entitled to women, but he was just too socially awkward to talk to any women and his jealousy of others fueled his anger. I don't think this case is an issue of men feeling entitled to women, i think its more of a sexually frustrated, mentally ill kid who snapped. Yes its sad that our society does feel as though we are entitled to women and they don't have a choice. Elliot failed to realize it was him, being socially awkward that led women to not want him.
Maybe he should of just bought a hooker if he wanted a girl so bad...
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0 # bobbybmartinez 2014-06-10 19:04
The problem here is not simply mental illness. Like I stated in a a previous comment. Behaviors are learned, lets hypothetically say that the only reason Elliot lashed out was because of a mental illness he was diagnosed with. Now lets take the framework and messages of his manifesto. The ideals and messages that he was trying to relay was overwhelmingly the oppression of women and women's body's. Elliot thought that he was in titled to sex, women and popularity because of his social class and status. Now going back to my previous statement about behaviors being learn; Elliot learned these ideals from somewhere, ideals or wealth, oppression of women, patriarchy, entitlement, social classes and most importantly, POWER, from somewhere. Theses are ideals that are built into our structure of society. They are abstract, but are extremely real. This is the problem. despite a mental illness or not, there are people who live by these ideals and social norms.
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0 # Dennis Loo 2014-06-10 19:07
Quoting bobbybmartinez:
The problem here is not simply mental illness... Elliot learned these ideals from somewhere, ideals or wealth, oppression of women, patriarchy, entitlement, social classes and most importantly, POWER, from somewhere. These are ideals that are built into our structure of society. They are abstract, but are extremely real. This is the problem. despite a mental illness or not, there are people who live by these ideals and social norms.

Yes, exactly.
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0 # Manuel Arias 2014-06-11 18:37
i agree with you 100%, the problem was not his illness, yes it affected the outcome of his actions but it was not the main purpose of why he acted the way he did. we all walk, speak, dress, eat, etc. a certain way, why? because we learn it from someone else, we are human beings we need our parents, teachers, friends, social media to learn all these things. that's where we get how we act or decide to act in society. we learn to think a certain way and act a certain way because of the thing we see or hear.
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0 # bobbybmartinez 2014-06-10 19:09
A revolution is a step and a movement to eliminate social classes, structures and place power evenly among the people. If we have a revolution, these dangerous ideals would not be the ideals that are LEARNED in our society. We would revolutionize for an equal playing field, where people are not working to be better than others , but working together to better the whole of society. If a revolution eventually eliminated this was of thinking, acting, and doing, then perhaps Elliot (with his mental illness) would not have felt like he was entitled to women, or that he was better than them.
That is how a revolution would help this particular case and all other oppression related acts of violence.
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0 # Lomonaco 2014-06-09 03:17
[quote name="Jessica Ulloa"] Some say, racism doesn't exists, although it does very much so.

Racism does not exist in the eyes of a dominate white man. They have male privilege that keeps them out of the loop of reality. White men don’t have to worry about being pulled over for the color of their skin. They can walk down the street without a man staring, whistling, or calling out something. The white man does not have to worry about negative stereotypes. Here in southern California the white man is not the majority, but he is still the dominate race.
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0 # karen cornejo 2014-06-09 06:10
Although it is true that more women die in the first 48 hours of leaving an abusive relationship, it is also true that several come back after they have survived those 48 hours. A lot of women claim to xome back because they cant live in fear their whole lives. A lot of these women seek help and get relocated and still they find a way back. So I think the women's life is ruined either way.
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0 # jnc 2014-06-10 19:58
It's true that many women leave their abusing partners and then come back to them. However outside of fear of their abuser I think that women also come back to them because they rely so heavily on their partner. In cases that I have seen, abused women are in relationships where it is impossible to leave. The abuser tends to the the bread winner in the house hold and leaving would cause for the women and the children, if any, to be completely on their own. It's under these circumstances that women will not leave their abuser as much as many of them wish they could.
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0 # Manuel Arias 2014-06-11 18:09
the article is correct, women have/are and will be treated the way they are if we don't do anything about it. when we see shows on tv or commercials almost 90% of the time women are looked upon as objects and not people. we see on movies that women are most likely going to get naked, they never have a role where she keeps her clothes on. i do believe that revolution is what will make the change that needs to happen. we need equality for all people, either women, men, gay, transsexual, we all deserve the same rights and opportunities. we need to boycott those movies or shows, that's a start.
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0 # Manuel Arias 2014-06-11 18:16
as for Elliot, i know he is at fault, but he is not to blame for it 100%. society itself is one to blame for that as well. depending on the social class you grow up depends a lot of how you see things/people. in his case he learn that that was for him to sexualized women and treat them as objects. and i do believe that revolution can bring the change we need for society to see/treat women like human beings.
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0 # Belinda Kil 2014-06-12 00:08
I felt that an article like this is so important to be aware of, especially when such an event like the one in Santa Barbara has occurred. More than feeling bad for Elliot and the situation, knowing and wanting to progress society and it's people so that such an event doesn't occur is again is of even more importance.
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