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North Korea and the "Talks"

North Korea and the "Talks"

By Dennis Loo (6/13/18)

Remember who took us to the brink of war by promising “fire and fury” to North Korea? Why the same person now claiming credit for lowering tensions, including denuclearization: Trump.

Who ripped up the Iranian nuclear deal, rendering the world more uncertain? Why once again it’s Trump.

Who promised the world, in one of his first statements, a fresh round of a breakneck arms race? It’s Trump again.

Here is what he said on MSNBC on December 23, 2017:

"Let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all.”

Now two other things bear saying.

First, as long as Trump (or Pence) remain POTUS, they will block any real inquiries into Russia’s cyberwar penetration into the US, and this goes far beyond elections, but has to do with our infrastructure; we will not know the degree we have been compromised. It qould take years, even wth a willing chief execitive! The US stops being the superpower it once was but a vassal state of Russia. Do you think Cold Warriors here will stand for this for long? Second, Trump is the worst possible combination of vainglory and stupidity possible. He fights with our closest allies (look at how treats Canada's leader Trudeau) and cozies up with dictators like Putin, his reign means this system can’t remove what is bad for it. According to Bill Gates, Trump doesn't even know the difference between HIV and HPV. And that spells trouble. And it rhymes with T.

The infighting between the Trump camp and other members of the ruling class can be an opening from below if we see what’s really happening.


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