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"Kicking and Screaming" Part 3

“Kicking and Screaming” Part 3

By Dennis Loo (3/4/18)

I am subject as anyone to wondering why there are people who continue to stick with Trump, despite the evidence (or because of) his overt racism, extreme sexism, and incompetence, but the reason I have stressed that in the last analysis he will be forced to resign (probably this year), and Pence should follow not long after, is because the Russia thing will not and cannot be overlooked.

The RCP is barking up the wrong tree on this, I am afraid, as I have written, but the triumph of facts over manufactured reality will ultimately win out on this, if only because the US and Russia are rivals, and regardless of what Trump does, he cannot alter reality and what has happened.

Having said that, the RCP is missing an opportunity to expose the scandalous nature of this. Do people look further than they usually do - i.e., the two parties - because so many of Trump's missteps backfire, revealing explicilty what is usually more coded, not just among the GOP but extending to the Democrats? Do those who have buyer's remorse with Trump go beyond thinking that Hillary either would have been better, or still think she would have been worse, in either instance thinking in two party terms and therefore, missing the lesson they might learn here? 

Hope Hicks was a Trump loyalist from way back and her resignation can onlly spell more trouble for Trump and suggests that the Mueller and other Russia ties is hitting paydirt and some rats are fleeing a ship that is going down.

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