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Kelly Thomas' Killers Walk

Kelly Thomas' Killers Walk

By Dennis Loo (1/14/14)

Kelly Thomas is the schizophrenic homeless young man who was brutally beaten to death by three officers for putting his hands on the ground instead of on his knees. A jury has just found two of his killers who were charged not guilty. The third uniformed murderer was not tried.

I will have more to say about this outrageous case of officially sanctioned murder and related matters, but for now I'm going to post three comments about this case from the LA Times' website. What these readers are pointing to about the worship of the US police state is very accurate. This incident and others like it are directly connected to the war on terror and its immoral logic: that authorities may do anything and everything to supposedly "protect" the people. This includes killing and torturing people, something that goes on every single day in our US prisons, here and abroad, and by men in uniform riding roughshod over the people, given licenses to kill.

ProtestCorruption at 12:40 PM January 14, 2014

I feel so sad. Our nation, once the bastion of freedom and liberty for individuals, has become a darker place where instant and total obedience to any command from a police officer is demanded, and any deviance from such, no matter how slight, can be summarily punished with death. Thomas failed to keep his hands on his knees, instead putting them on the ground. This so enraged that fat officer Ramos that he made a threat of illegal violence against Kelly, who tried to distance himself from the very real threat. That attempt at retreat - complete with apologies and pleas - resulted in a horrific, brutal beating that was ultimately fatal. The fact that a jury can also declare it legal is what frightens me. Our society is no longer the bastion of freedom. It is something like the USSR of old - totalitarian police state where instant and unquestioning obedience is mandatory. You risk your life if you fail to show a man such as Ramos complete subservience. It is truly a sad time in which we live. The NSA monitoring our communications without warrants, the police beating to death citizens without fear of legal consequences, the militarization of police causing an us versus them attitude where the taxpayers are the Enemy. How have we gone so wrong?

Deanna Brownen at 12:25 PM January 14, 2014 article forgot to mention that one of the jury members was a defense attorney, that jury selection proceeding were hidden from the public as they were discouraged not to show up to court that day because they wouldn't be allowed in for jury selection, to me that is when the entire case went down the tubes. There was a conflict of interest with this case from the start, I hope the verdict gets thrown out and they have to stand trial again, that would be real justice. The jury in this matter was hand picked by cops on both sides of the table, this was not real justice or due process. Appeal and Re-trial! No Justice No Peace, get out to Fullerton and protest for Kelly before its your family member next!!!! More people are getting killed by cops in this country than troops are dying in our fake wars, Wake up People!!!

SD1427 at 12:22 PM January 14, 2014

Disgusting animals. I am horrified they are allowed to walk after this. Shame on them, SHAME on the DA. Shame on anyone who employs them.

This was done on purpose. I lived in the area at the time it happened - the videos people were posting of it right after it happened (before they were taken down) were heart wrenching. This was a small, unarmed man screaming and crying for his life... against 3 armed officers. His screams can be heard clearly on cell phone videos taken from about a block away. This an example of the sickness and evil in men/group think that allows them to kill/march people off to gas chambers without a second thought. They were not doing their job, they were not protecting the public, they were killing someone and because they wore a uniform while they did it, and the young man was living on the street at the time - a perfect target no one would question. The only reason this went to trial is that his father worked with law enforcement for 25+ years and tried to fight for justice. 


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