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Kavanaugh and Ford: Assuming, Hypothetically ...

Kavanaugh and Ford: Assuming, Hypothetically …

By Dennis Loo (9/30/18)

Let us consider, for a few moments, that Judge Kavanaugh is being unjustly charged by some crying rape, and he didn’t do it. What should he do? He could, to begin with, consider the situation and his options. We know that most rape victims are telling the truth, because they must run a gauntlet of objections and disbelievers, they are retraumatized in the process and most but not all are telling the truth. We know that Dr. Ford in this case says she is “terrified,” has a fear of flying and was reluctant to testify and she and her family had to move to an undisclosed location because of numerous death threats. Her life and that of rape victims in general, are forever disrupted and changed. Instead of outrage that he is being unjustly charged the judge might say something like this: I didn’t do it but I am sorry that you and other victims of alleged or actual rape, must experience such trauma, and there is far too much of it and it is very unbalanced where women continue to treated this way, and I will do what I can do to help.

He could say something like that. That way no one would question, as is now the case, his judicious temperament, and they would appreciate his at least acknowledging the pain, even though it is apparently needless in this case (again, hypothetically), and the years of trauma and disorientation, were unnecessary, but the imbalance between the genders is real nonetheless. He could have said something like that and instead of making it seem that he is the real victim here.

But we know what he did instead and we know that he is taking as his model Trump’s advice and model where the overlord is made somehow into the victim and he is often aggrieved by that.

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