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Kavanaugh: A Pyrric Victory

Kavanaugh: A Pyrrhic Victory

By Dennis Loo (10/6/18)

So the Rapist-in-Chief and the GOP got their way, and the Supreme Court stands revealed as more partisan than ever, shedding and shredding the mockery of impartiality in favor of ramrodding through their anti-choice ‘jurist” by all means necessary. And to do so, they had to further employ the fiction of a disinterested FBI and of course the Supreme Court, where the “rule of law” supposedly reigns supreme, as a vituperative and unapologetic drunkard and assaulter of women squeaked in.

Kavanaugh the victim? We all saw how the attempted rape of Christine Blassey continued in their attacks on now Dr. Christine Blassey Ford continued, during and after her testimony. Some people felt moved by her unshakable witness but then found Kavanaugh credible too, now channeling his inner Trump, angrily denying it all, as if all males and all of any gender, as if the only true way to measure how pervasive males raping females was somehow all done with and over with, the truest measure of it now, the drinking jock taken advantage by women. It’s laughable how distorted that is, not tbat false cries of rape do happen at times, but she had what to gain by her reluctantly overcoming her fear of flying, and appearing before the men and the Klieg lights, and then the vengeance of Judge Kavanaugh and the POTUS before Mississippians’ adoring crowds!?

Yes, they now have their secure majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, but as for looking non-partisan now? Forget about it! Kavsnaugh showed his true colors when one of his many accusers stepped forward, and many more will come forward in the next days, weeks and months.

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