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Kajieme Powell: Another Police Execution

Kajieme Powell: Another Police Execution

By Dennis Loo (8/21/14)

On Tuesday in Ferguson, MO, about four miles from where Michael Brown was executed by St. Louis' finest, another black man, Kajieme Powell, was similarly gunned down and killed by police fire.

In response to the attention and furor the Brown killing has sparked, police released a cell phone video of the Powell murder on Wednesday, in the name of "transparency."

The problem for the police is that even their own released cell phone video contradicts their official story of their "justifiable homicide." 

Instead of Powell supposedly moving towards the cops and "three to four feet away" with a knife raised "overhand" threatening the cops, thus justifying lethal force in self-defense, Powell was brandishing no knife, was further away than the "three or four feet," and had his hands at his sides. He was not, as anyone can see from the video(s), threatening to harm the police. Instead, he responded when the officers came out of their squad car with their guns already in hand with "Shoot me already."

It's extremely upsetting watching the videos. There are at least two cell phone videos available of this incident. The first one below begins with the official police spokesperson's account of the killing in which he falsely claims that Powell was coming at the police with a raised knife in his hand and that they called for him to stop before opening fire on him. Then the incident itself is shown, contradicting the police spokesman's version. The second video is a longer depiction of Powell standing on the sidewalk before the police arrive, their execution of him, and the aftermath. As the videographer exclaims incredulously and angrily during the scene, the cops handcuff Powell after they have already shot him to death. 

Powell obviously knew what had happened to Michael Brown, to so very many other blacks in America, and he therefore also knew what he could expect from the cops. Even though Powell was mentally impaired, he knew with keen insight that when the cops showed up with their guns already drawn, that even if he complied entirely with any cop commands, that he would in all likelihood not have survived the episode. 

His "shoot me already" can be understood in that context and as his own particular version of sarcastic protest against police murder. 

USA Today reported last week that on average twice a week in the USA a white police officer kills a black person.

Is it any wonder that black people are outraged?

Why aren't more white people outraged?

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