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By Dennis Loo (7/28/13)

If you’re not ok with seeing your government persecute whistleblowers and truth-tellers like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden;

If you’re not ok with your government spying on the whole world;

If you’re not ok with your government demanding and expecting that U.S. soldiers and U.S. diplomats commit war crimes and crimes against humanity on a daily basis;

If you’re not ok with your president being judge, jury, and executioner and deciding who will live and die by assassinating people with drones, including hundreds of children;

If you're not ok with your government preventively and indefinitely detaining people without charges and torturing them;

If you’re not ok with racist sociopaths like George Zimmerman getting away with murder and blacks and browns being profiled, stopped and searched, mass incarcerated, tortured, and slain for being black and brown;

If you’re not ok with women having their bodies controlled by the church and state;

If you’re not ok with the planet’s very viability imperiled by a ruthless drive for profits at any cost and by wars for empire;

If you’re not ok with over a million Iraqis killed and tens of thousands of Americans dying, primarily by suicide, and their lives ruined as a result of invasions based on lies;

If you’re not ok with your government torturing people at Guantanamo and at secret sites, many of them to death;

If you’re not ok with a world where official lies are the rule and truth-tellers like investigative journalists and protesters are hounded, prosecuted, and destroyed;

If you're not ok with the Fourth Amendment being annihilated, the First Amendment undermined, and your right to challenge your detention obliterated;

Then you have the precious right and tremendous responsibility to act and to support those who are acting to change all of this with your voices, your bodies, and your donations;

Give to the organization that has been in the forefront of the fight to resist these terrible developments,

That has always sought to raise people’s understanding about the ways in which these things are inextricably inter-connected, and

That continues to call upon and organize people to contest and turn the tide against reaction in the only way that makes a real difference: the independent role and power of mass action.

Support, donate to, and join with World Can’t Wait.

Right now WCW needs $1,000 in monthly sustainers to carry out its work and support its national office and national director, Debra Sweet.

This fund-drive ends July 31. Please give generously. Become part of the solution...


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