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If You Thought by Voting for the "Lesser Evil"

If You Thought By Voting for the "Lesser Evil"

By Dennis Loo (7/16/16)

If you're like most people, you believe that this system gives you the right to choose "the lesser evi" and that your vote for that, if joined by 50% of others who also voted your way, then you will indeed get the "lesser evil" and avoid the greater evil. 

I am going to share as an example of what you're going to get from Clinton and compare that to Trump:

Ex-CIA analyst George McGovern attended a February, 2011, talk given by Hillary Clinton in which she was extolling those in Egypt and Iran who were standing up against their governments' attempts to repress them. These were examples, she said, of people exercising their precious right to freely speak out and to assemble, a right that is honored in the US but not by dictators. As she was saying these very words, George McGovern, who is an elderly pacifist, stood up in the audience a few rows from where Clinton was speaking, turned his back to her and took off his outer garment, revealing underneath his white t-shirt that said "Veterans for Peace" with a dove in it. In response to this silent act and in full view of Clinton, who continued talking throughout McGovern's quiet protest, security officers rushed in and manhandled McGovern, bloodying him in the process of hustling him away while Clinton spoke of the virtues of American's honoring free speech, not missing a beat and acting as though nothing awry was going on. Here is a video and a description of the full event.

Now herein lies the difference between a Democrat and a Republican: If McGovern had performed his silent protest during a Trump speech, Trump would have said from the podium how much he would like to "punch him in the face!" and would have encouraged his supporters to violently attack McGovern and remove him from the premises.

So there you have it: a Republican like Trump would have openly called for violence and ejection and a Democrat would have let her goons violently attack the protestor but say nothing outloud asking for this. Sen, John Kerry did the same thing in September 2007 when a University of Florida student asked him while taking his turn on an open mike why Kerry didn't contest the 2004 presidential election which Kerry actually won. As you can see from the video, Kerry stood by stopping none of the security guards rush this student and taze him. The incident became famous as the "Don't Taze Me Bro" episode. 


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